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  1. 22 hours ago, TCBinaFlash said:


    LOL!!  That's sounds Glorious! That's our people!



    Thanks for the honesty. No family in the PNW. 


     As much as I'd like to check off this bucket list trip for our 10th...  it's sounds like we should really do Alaska right and wait.  I'm starting to think we should plan it for next year or hold off till our 15th.


    Thanks to everyone for the help!  

    Sounds like you guys are a lot like us... We're both 36 and like it quiet and laid back. (I was never the party type, even in college.) We're booked on a HAL one-way northbound next May. And our 10th anniversary is next year, but not until November, and that wasn't the purpose of our booking anyway - we've already postponed for 2 years.

  2. I'm not familiar with the others, but Princess and Holland America offer "cruisetours" with 2 to 4 days on land in Alaska before/after your cruise (depending on direction). I looked into them and found them not to my liking - it seemed way too much time was spent in transit for the time you actually get at each destination. I'd want a week on land in Alaska, and for that you'll need to plan on your own. (If you want to see Denali, I figure I'd need to spend 3 or 4 days there just to get one day of decent weather, and even then it's a gamble.)

  3. 11 hours ago, EnClair said:

    I do not understand the gratuities and service charge concept. Just give me a price for the cruise. It is false marketing to promote a price, and the add all kind of charges, that originally are hidden to the consumer. I just want to know the full price of the cruise?

    Agreed, it's like the BS resort fees prevalent in Vegas and spreading elsewhere... It's to game the hotel search engines to appear to have a lower price. If airlines can be mandated to show you the full price inclusive of taxes and mandatory fees, why not hotels, car rentals, and cruise lines too?


    Any idea if those of us with included gratuities for a booked cruise will get hit with a fee, or would it cover future increases? (It should, but then again, perhaps changing the name of the surcharge is their way of weaseling out - "Oh, gratuities are still included; it's just now there's also a 'Crew Incentive' charge.")

  4. From what I can see, both include Endicott Arm / Dawes Glacier, Juneau, and Sitka. Order is different (which means time in port may be different), and also Serenade goes to Ketchikan while Ovation goes to Skagway.


    I don't have an opinion; just thought I'd point out the differences to make it easier to follow.

  5. 6 hours ago, rkacruiser said:


    The 5 Glacier Flight with a stop at Taku Glacier Lodge for a salmon lunch or dinner would be a worthy alternative to get your family in a small plane to just try the experience.  They will get a "reward" half way through the flight by enjoying Taku Lodge, a good meal, and the frequent appearance of a bear to dine on the leftover salmon bits on the grill.  

    Yeah... I wanted to do that one but the Mrs. doesn't like seafood. 😞  Might be doable if they have other options though.

  6. 5 minutes ago, rkacruiser said:


    That's what I thought about me.  I'll admit that I had to screw up my courage when I made the booking for the floatplane trip to Misty Fjords.  And, then, to land on a lake and step out onto the plane's floats!  That tour was an unforgettable experience for me!

    I'll see if I can convince them. 🙂 My mother-in-law has actually been on a small plane - she grew up in farm country and a neighbor had a cropduster. My wife had never flown (even commercially) when we met.

    I was thinking, as an alternative, I could book the 5 glacier flight in Juneau - weather seems to be marginally better there, and we have longer in port there so its cancellation won't ruin the entire visit.

  7. 17 hours ago, rsldonk said:

    Loved mendenhal glacier in Juneau and especially loved the state museum. We just walked to the museum on my own and we were some of the first people there for day. One of the docents gave us a tour because we were there way before the ship excursions. 

    Skagway, we did a walking tour with a ranger. You get free tickets at the visitor center which is in the middle of town. By far one of my favorite things we did there. 

    We did the boat tour to misty fjords in Ketchikan and that was great. We quite enjoyed it. We had absolutely gorgeous weather and got super lucky with that. 

    I was thinking we'd do the boat tour to Misty Fjords from Ketchikan too. I'm interested in the seaplane flight but I hear Ketchikan is the most likely port to be foggy, and I wouldn't want to end up not seeing it at all because the flight was cancelled. Plus, my family won't get on a small plane. (I'm a private pilot so I'd enjoy it.)

  8. 3 hours ago, mcrcruiser said:

    Why can;t they be B2B cruises   with  the Alaska leg originating from Seattle ?  Is there a law that says the ship can't cruise before Alaska ? Just seems to me there is a way around it . We prefer not to fly  ,so driving to a LA port would be easier 

    That would make the California to Seattle segment domestic, which remains prohibited by PVSA, correct?


    FWIW, I'm in agreement that the PVSA shouldn't be repealed as it would effectively end the domestic maritime industry. This doesn't just apply to cruise ships but also tour boats, ferries, etc. I'm not aware of any other industry where foreign companies are allowed to employ non-U.S.-authorized labor for services entirely within the U.S., and our cabotage laws (in both maritime and aviation) are mostly consistent with the rest of the world.

  9. 1 minute ago, DaveOKC said:

    When we have a port intensive cruise, we just skip getting the wifi package, as our phone plan (Google Fi) makes getting access so easy and inexpensive.  Plus, I can normally get access right from our verandah, so no need to wait until we go onshore.

    I recently switched carriers so I'm not sure how well it'll work internationally, but we'll be able to find out in Cancun later this year. If you've been on an Alaska cruise lately, have you found there's cell service along the coast of BC and the AK panhandle? I was expecting there wouldn't be.


    Might still go for WiFi next year anyway to use the OBC. I like the idea of waiting til we need it, but we're cruising northbound from Vancouver, so the first day is a sea day.

  10. 1 hour ago, meeann said:

    **update** just been onto our booking page on the HAL website and checked the Itinerary, and all the excursions we had booked for 2021 have all been transferred onto our 2022 cruise. Very pleased, roll on 2022 ( 3rd time lucky)  

    That's great! I wonder if this is a change in policy or if the agent when I rebooked last fall was just mistaken?

  11. Just now, kazu said:

    You can absolutely use your OBC to buy wifi on board.

    The OBC is a credit - anything you charge (except casino & a couple of other minor things like HMC) is applied against it.  No problem at all 🙂 

    Awesome, I wasn't sure if you could still buy the WiFi plan once on board or it had to be reserved in advance. Thanks!

  12. I was confused by the nomenclature at first too. My "Have it All" fare that I booked last year included Signature Beverage and Signature Dining packages, plus prepaid gratuities, but not shore excursions or free WiFi (free WiFi was only for suites, and we're in a Verandah). So, that would appear to be a better deal than the new promo even though we're planning to use the cruise line's shore excursions. I assume we can use our OBC to buy the WiFi packages once on board if we so desire? (We've got $300 pp in OBC that I doubt we'd fully utilize otherwise.)

  13. 2 hours ago, Diver2014 said:

    OMG, when I was in college, you get get a degree in 'Library Science'.  Do they even have librarians any more?  We had to learn how to find a book using the card catalog when I was in elementary school.  A what?  Yes I said a 'book'!  You know, with paper pages and cardboard covers?  LOL!

    Definitely... My wife and I are both 36, and she has a Master's Degree in Library and Information Systems. Even with digital media, there's still a need for proper archiving and curating.

  14. On 12/16/2020 at 9:05 AM, Ichiban Nekko said:



    We changed our May 23, 2021 sailing/cruisetour last week to May 22, 2022 with our PCC just last week. And we got an even more appealing (to us) package and our FCCs will roll over in due course.


    We chose to do this because we just didn't want to be disappointed/let down again if we had to deal with another cancellation. This will give us time for the vaccine to get to us and into our arms. Although we are seniors, there are so many who need it before us. 


    If you are uncomfortable, it might be worth a call to your TA/PCC/HAL.

    Thanks, we went ahead and did this. Rebooked for Glacier Discovery Northbound on Noordam departing 2022/05/29.

  15. I just checked mine, and the email I received on 5/7 for my canceled Noordam Alaska cruise (that was scheduled to depart on 5/24) said the FCC was valid for 12 months for cruises to depart by 12/31/2022. So it looks as though they extended it early on but perhaps that didn't get applied retroactively to existing FCCs (at least without manual intervention)?

  16. 11 hours ago, KAKcruiser said:

    If you change the date, you would lose your fare and perks and have to start over with whatever promotion is in effect when you book.  

    Thanks, I was afraid of that... The current fare and promo are the same (free prepaid gratuities, signature dining, and signature beverage packages) but I also have $250 pp OBC from my 2020 cancellation.

  17. I'm booked on Noordam Vancouver to Whittier on 5/30, but considering delaying it another year - this is a bucket list trip for us (and especially for my mother in law who will be joining us), so we don't want to go if the experience will be diminished. Anyone have experience with doing this? Can we call in and "shift" our booking a year out (keeping our perks, OBC, etc.)? The itinerary I'd be interested in for 2022 is the same price we paid for our 2021 sailing. 2021 is already paid for using FCC from 2020.

  18. 7 minutes ago, rkacruiser said:


    I am one of those who have recommended this repeatedly on CC.  Wildlife does not care on which side of the ship you are located when they decide to make an appearance.  A PA announcement of "whales off the starboard side" will not be of much interest to you if you are sitting on your veranda on the ship's port side.  

    That's true; I usually plan based on what's interesting on land since the wildlife is unpredictable.

  19. Many will say it doesn't matter since you'll be out on deck much of the time, but if you want to sightsee from your room, I think you'll want to be on the east side (starboard northbound, port southbound). If you're doing a roundtrip, I wouldn't think it matters, though I might go with starboard so you get the land side in the first half.

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