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  1. Absolutely agreed... FWIW, I can afford to not have my refund right away, but that doesn't mean I don't still want it, or want to know when it's coming. I do need it if I'm going to rebook for next year - I sure don't want to pay for the same trip twice. 🙂
  2. Glad it worked out! I'm not too worried about HAL since my travel insurance will reimburse me if the provider fails due to insolvency, but I am concerned about AC since they'll claim I was "made whole" already with the voucher in lieu of a refund.
  3. According to several posts on Flyertalk, even some EU airlines (Air France/KLM and Lufthansa in particular) aren't refunding either, and in the case of AF/KLM, AmEx France has actually cut a deal with them to deny chargebacks. In Canada, CTA has sided with the airlines as mentioned here, but their guidelines are non-binding. It turns out, perhaps contrary to expectations, the U.S. has been the one to side with the passengers on this - U.S. DOT sent a reminder on April 3 that airlines that have canceled flights still owe full refunds, and that includes flights to/from the U.S. by fo
  4. No problem... Yeah I'm not sure what's going on there. Your FCC is much more than 125% of the base fare ($513.56 x 1.25 = $641.95) and even more than the fare with the upgrade ($612.56 x 1.25 = $765.70), and they definitely shouldn't have counted the taxes since those will be refunded. I can't find any combination of those numbers with or without the 25% bonus that equals $847.50. That's weird. Hopefully it's just a little behind then, thanks!
  5. Are those fares per person? Mine was exactly 125% of the base fare without taxes and port fees. I don't know how the upgrade would have been counted.
  6. Yeah, nothing in her email, just mine. 😞
  7. Same, I got a confirmation page but no email, and I also got my FCC today but no cash refunds yet.
  8. Got mine too, but only for 125% of one passenger's fare, not both... Anyone else experienced this?
  9. I just got notification of my FCC from my canceled 5/24 cruise, but only for one passenger's fare rather than both. Anyone else have the same experience? I guess I'll give them a call and inquire tomorrow.
  10. I just got mine for my May 24 Noordam cruise, but only for one passenger's fare rather than both...
  11. Thanks for that! So I guess it's possible my FCC has been processed (even though my refund of the shore excursions hasn't) but I'd have to just keep calling them to find out... that's kind of what I was hoping to avoid, lol.
  12. Yep. We get that there are a lot of them and they have to be processed manually, but we'd all feel better if there were at least some reports that refunds have been received. When there are none, then it feels like refunds aren't actually being processed at all because the company doesn't have the money.
  13. Same here. I've actually never been on one, but it seems like the best way to see the panhandle of Alaska considering the lack of road access, and the more I read CruiseCritic, the more I've become intrigued by cruising to other destinations. I like road trips too but being able to travel while sleeping (as on cruises or long distance trains) is a real time-saver. So I'm still holding out hope for Alaska for next year and will keep cruising if that experience is to my liking.
  14. I'm looking at the same itinerary, and the days of the week are the same (both depart/arrive on Sunday with the ports of call in the same order, just alternating weeks, so Noordam is northbound while NA is southbound, and vice versa). We chose the Noordam departure on 5/30 purely for scheduling reasons (priced lower than the June/July sailings but late enough that we can get to Eielson Visitor in Denali afterwards, and also not conflicting with Memorial Day weekend).
  15. Did you get a notification that your FCC was posted or did you happen to call in and find out? (I haven't heard anything yet and I don't want to harass them about it if I don't have to.)
  16. HAL is under the umbrella of Carnival, so I assume HAL couldn't just pack up and leave us hanging as long as CCL is solvent? (I'll be the first to admit I know very little about bankruptcy law.) FWIW, I don't have Cancel for Any Reason insurance, but my policy does cover travel providers unable to deliver due to insolvency, so I think I'm set as long as my insurance company doesn't go bankrupt.
  17. That's weird... I've gotten nothing since the email that my request for a voucher was approved on 4/14 (13 business days ago) which didn't have the voucher number in it. I didn't even notice it says you need a voucher number until you replied to this thread. Looks like this is going to be a hassle for me too...
  18. I got a voucher but haven't tried to use it yet. The confirmation that I submitted the request has a Voucher Request Number, but the email that I had been approved didn't have any sort of Voucher Number, only the amount. It says to call them directly so I assume it can't be done online.
  19. My insurance company (Generali, booked through insuremytrip.com) offered a voucher for the premium I paid to be applied to the rescheduled trip. I'm pleased with that.
  20. Awesome, thanks. I figured I'd have to put down a deposit since the FCC terms say it can't be used for deposits, port taxes and fees, or shore excursions. I'll book it next week when my next credit card billing cycle starts 🙂
  21. Anyone know if we can rebook now and apply the FCC when we get it, or can you only apply it to a new booking? I'd like to get my reservation for next year before they jack up the prices any more...
  22. I guess that means the 60-day countdown restarts every time you inquire. 😉
  23. If they were serious about eliminating waste and "going green", why not display the daily newsletter on the TV? Just put up a (permanent) placard that says what channel to turn to. That way those that want to read it will see it, and those that don't won't have to waste their time throwing it out.
  24. If $10,000 is your FCC, then your fare would have been $8000, right? (8000 x 1.25 = 10k) As I understand it, you can't use the FCC for your deposit, but if you're considering a $20,000 cruise, you certainly won't have any trouble using all of your $10,000 FCC. You'll still owe the deposit, port taxes and fees, and the remaining difference in fare, but you'll get your canceled cruise's port taxes and fees refunded.
  25. That is frustrating. We're fortunate that we were able to wait it out since our cruise wasn't until May, though it's pretty absurd that it took them this long to cancel our Alaska cruise when the Canadian government announced their port closures a month ago. Little by little we've been canceling without penalty - first Air Canada canceled our flights (though they're refusing refunds and haven't given me any confirmation of how much my voucher is, which is rotten), and then Delta extended its waiver through the end of June, so we canceled the return flights. I'm holding out for AirBnB to extend
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