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  1. That is frustrating. We're fortunate that we were able to wait it out since our cruise wasn't until May, though it's pretty absurd that it took them this long to cancel our Alaska cruise when the Canadian government announced their port closures a month ago. Little by little we've been canceling without penalty - first Air Canada canceled our flights (though they're refusing refunds and haven't given me any confirmation of how much my voucher is, which is rotten), and then Delta extended its waiver through the end of June, so we canceled the return flights. I'm holding out for AirBnB to extend
  2. Yep, I didn't either until I got the email offer with the terms and conditions. Can't be used for port taxes and fees, shore excursions, or any onboard extras either... So you're basically forced into booking a much higher fare in order to use it all... I'm a little disappointed but I'm still saving a few hundred bucks vs. taking the cash refund and rebooking.
  3. Oh, thanks for the clarification... That's kind of a bummer but should still be workable.
  4. Not only that, but it can't be used for deposits, so you could potentially be putting down new money and still losing some of your FCC.
  5. FWIW, the equivalent cruise for me next year (Alaska Glacier Discovery Northbound on 5/30) was already $300 more per person than this year even before the Have It All sale was announced.
  6. This is what I got yesterday as well, for our Alaska cruise departing 5/24.
  7. Oh, from the pictures it just looked like frosted glass. Either way, as long as it's removable, we'd just leave it out and share the balconies. Sounds like 2 rooms might be the way to go then, despite the extra cost. I've seen the threads about refunds but I was referring to the FCCs, and how to even use them since I don't see credits mentioned anywhere on the account summary.
  8. Thanks for the quick reply! That might be just a little too much togetherness for us then, lol. But I did find that the glass partition between adjoining balconies can be removed, so that'd be a nice option if we go with two verandah rooms.
  9. My understanding on question 2 is yes, the taxes and port fees get refunded, and your 125% FCC is from the base fare. As for insurance, I don't have experience with the big box travel agent, but I bought trip insurance from an insurance company (through insuremytrip.com), and they provided the option of canceling the policy for a credit to be applied to your rescheduled trip, provided a claim hadn't been made on the policy already. You might check if your policy has a similar offer. Good luck!
  10. I had the Alaska Glacier Discovery Northbound on Noordam booked for 5/24 for myself, my wife, and her mother, which is now canceled. We had a verandah cabin for my wife and myself and the inside across the hall for her mom. Now she's concerned about her being claustrophobic and would like the balcony room next to us. The 125% FCC makes up for the price increase on our room, but the single supplement for my MIL to have a verandah room stings a bit, so I was considering getting a Neptune suite for the 3 of us. I'd save over $1000 over two verandah cabins and gain free WiFi (through the Have It A
  11. I checked my policy, and while it will cover trip cancellation due to me becoming ill, it won't cover the trip being canceled due to a pandemic. It's expected that the airlines, cruise lines, etc. will provide refunds if they have to cancel (and my insurance will reimburse me in the event the service providers can't refund due to insolvency). My policy also allowed me to cancel it for a credit (for use on a future trip) in the event that the trip was canceled in advance and the insurance wasn't used, which I have applied for. We'll see how it works out but I'd say this is a reasonable level of
  12. Yep, I'm definitely not paying a cancellation fee when the airline canceled. That'd be a pretty bad precedent, IMHO.
  13. Agreed, there's never been passwords leaked from a password manager. (LastPass got hacked at one point but it was just customer data, not passwords.) I'd definitely still recommend a password manager since the alternative is using the same password everywhere (and having to change all of them when one gets compromised). LastPass and 1Password (in addition to Roboform mentioned above) are the major ones; if you're leery of cloud services, there's a free and open source one called Keepass that stores its data locally (ideal if you just have one computer, but be sure to save a backup!
  14. Their email said only refundable fares would be refunded, and non-refundable fares would get the two-year credit. I imagine you'll have to call and push since I haven't seen any official response from them on this DOT guideline.
  15. Same here - I have no repeated passwords, so if one gets stolen, it's just a simple matter of changing that one. You'd think passwords would be stored encrypted though so the hackers don't get anything useful. Now, if our saved credit card numbers aren't encrypted, that'd be criminally negligent...
  16. Also, does anyone know if the FCC can be used for shore excursions or other addons, or just the base fare? Considering a cash deposit is still required, I'd have to book a considerably more expensive cruise than the one this year to use all of the FCC if it's limited to base fare.
  17. It would be hilarious if I got this considering I don't have a webcam. Is this from the breach that occurred in April of last year? If so, I should be good since I didn't have a HAL account then.
  18. I wasn't planning to cancel; I was waiting for them to cancel so I'd get the 125% FCC. 🙂
  19. Any recent experience with this? We'd like to go ahead and rebook for next year but we have no idea when HAL will cancel our existing cruise (Vancouver to Alaska on 5/24, so it will be canceled even though it hasn't been yet). Can we book now and apply the FCC to the new cruise once we receive it?
  20. That's cool. I was bummed to see the 737-400 combis have been retired - I was on a combi once (back when it was a -200) from Anchorage to Fairbanks to Barrow (now Utqiagvik, the northernmost town in Alaska). Staying on board and watching from my seat as they unloaded the pallets and reconfigured the bulkhead was about the most uniquely Alaska flying experience you could still have as a passenger.
  21. Same situation I'm in. My cruise is 5/24, and my Air Canada outbound flight was canceled by them (service to DTW suspended until July), but my Delta return flight is still scheduled and unfortunately is in June. I'm continuing to wait and see if the flexible policy gets extended past May 31.
  22. I recall reading about the CCL shareholder benefit when I booked my HAL cruise last summer, and upon seeing the price, thinking "no way I'm spending 5 grand for a $100 OBC". This morning I bought 110 shares at $9.36 each (my cruise is canceled, but I'll still go another time), along with similar amounts of Delta and Hilton. I know many are saying the industry won't come back from this, but we've been through downturns before, including some that disproportionately affected travel (9/11, SARS, swine flu, etc.), and they've always recovered because people want to travel.
  23. Thanks! That's kind of what I suspected, but since we're looking to reschedule for the same cruise for next year, the credit with a 2 year expiration is OK with me.
  24. That's great news! I wonder if it applies to an Air Canada flight originating in the U.S.? (Their governing body has determined that a credit is acceptable in lieu of a refund so long as it isn't unduly restricted, which has been interpreted as good for at least two years.)
  25. I understand refunds will take time to process given the volume, but I don't think it's entitled for the OP to expect some (automated) acknowledgement that the request was received, and for the rest of us to receive some acknowledgement on the Alaska/Canada cruises that are de facto canceled by Canada's port closures. We understand there's a queue, but the OP hasn't even received confirmation that he's in it.
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