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  1. Could just be a scheduling conflict with other vessels - I'm seeing cruises to Glacier Bay as early as May 1 for next year.
  2. I'm booked on Noordam from Vancouver to Seward on 5/24, with my wife and her mother (2 staterooms). I'm a bit frustrated by the lack of a decision on the Alaska cruises after 5/14 bit before 7/1, as we'd like to rebook for the same cruise a year later but it's $300 more per person and includes none of the extras we had for this year (OBC, dining, and internet packages). I'm holding out for the full refund or 125% FCC offer, along with hopefully a few waiver from the airlines. Oh, and go Dawgs!
  3. A nonrefundable fare has always meant that you couldn't get a cash refund in the event that you canceled, not that the airline, cruise line, hotel, etc. could refuse to refund you if they canceled. I think most of us would prefer that be a line they didn't cross, especially considering they're expecting to be compensated by the involved governments for their respective port closures.
  4. I was hoping for the announcement to cover Alaska/Northeast cruises into/out of Canada through July 1, since it's pretty clear these are de facto canceled.
  5. Agreed, I'd rather have the cash back, but at this point I'm not sure I can since my cruise isn't on HAL's list of eligible ones.
  6. I agree... my cruise is now de facto canceled through no fault of my own. (It isn't canceled by HAL yet, but it has to be since I don't see Canada reopening its ports before July 1.) I realize it isn't their fault either, but if they have to cancel rather than me, I expect to be made whole, which would either be a full cash refund (which hasn't been offered yet, only FCC) or the same cruise next year (which at this point is $300 more per person and comes with none of OBC/dining/internet perks that my current reservation has). I realize this has been a significant hardship for the trave
  7. Yes, this should apply to you. I didn't receive the email either but after reading about it here, I logged in and saw the OBC had been added to my reservation.
  8. I understand where the OP is coming from here... I've got a HAL cruise to Alaska booked for May. They've had my deposit since August of last year and full payment for a month. They've now known for nearly 3 weeks that Alaska is canceled until July 1 at the earliest, but at this point I can't get a refund, only FCC (and the same cruise a year from now is $300 more per person and comes with none of the OBC or dining perks of my currently booked cruise). The airline and AirBnB's compassion policies don't extend into May/June, so while the travel industry is about to get a bailout for their troubl
  9. I don't suppose there's any insurance available to businesses that would cover this sort of thing? I haven't started canceling my shore excursions and other arrangements since I haven't received an official cancellation from HAL yet, but this is a good thing to think about - thanks for sharing!
  10. Same here... I booked a cabin for myself and my wife and one her mother (with a different confirmation number). So far I have only received the original cancellation or OBC email (on March 6) which only referenced her reservation, not ours (up to this point we have received two copies of each communication from HAL - one for each reservation). I haven't seen anything since then, and there's nothing in my spam folder. It looks like the emails are going out selectively rather than every announcement to every reservation. Obviously I'm not calling in at this point but I'm hoping to know soon so I
  11. I booked a stateroom for myself and my wife and another stateroom (with a different confirmation number) for my mother in law. We got the email with her confirmation number but not ours (up to this point we have received 2 copies of every communication from HAL - one for our booking and one for hers). So, I logged in to check, and we did get $100 added each for my wife and myself ($200 for our room), but only $100 for my mother in law (not $200 as she is traveling solo). We'll see how it works out but honestly she already probably had more OBC than she could use since shore excursi
  12. I'm glad it worked out for you, but I think some of your fears may have been unfounded - the cruise line is assessed the fines for PVSA violations, so at worst you would have been denied boarding had they flagged your itinerary. You wouldn't have been personally fined and you certainly wouldn't have been arrested for it. 🙂
  13. It was the Explore4 promo back in August - just checked the booking and it says for guests 1 and 2. So I guess we'll see... it isn't too big a deal since I plan to be enjoying the scenery, though my wife gets bored when I'm around. 🙂
  14. My Galaxy S10 supports WiFi sharing, so I'll try that once I'm on board. Thanks!
  15. Ah, bummer, I was hoping the plan would allow each person in the room to be on at a time rather than just one connection at a time for the entire room.
  16. Did they say one device for the entire room? I got the premium plan as part of a promotion, but I was under the impression both guests in the room could use it at the same time?
  17. Thanks, that's what I figured. We're staying in Anchorage so I figured we'd take a taxi from the train station to the hotel, and then the hotel's shuttle to the airport the next morning. I assume there will be taxis when the train arrives, despite the late hour?
  18. If you book independently though, you can't board at the airport, only the downtown station, correct? I'm curious about this since I'm on the same train northbound at the end of May after arriving in Seward. The train gets in at 22:30, and our hotel in Anchorage has a shuttle to/from the airport but not downtown. I wasn't aware there was an airport stop.
  19. Mine applied after the charge cleared, which took 2 days IIRC.
  20. Looks like the dock has an Avis (https://goo.gl/maps/tW7xksPouy3Zdc8FA) and a place called Juneau Car Rental (https://goo.gl/maps/zcYydTBpuNoF7xaP9). Everything else is at the airport which is almost to Mendenhall Glacier.
  21. strickerj


    Following... I've got the 4 hour Misty Fjord excursion booked, but it's also not until May. 🙂
  22. Can we blame HAL for promising something that isn't within their control then? It seems to me if it's advertised, they should have a way to provide it.
  23. I just came across this more detailed description of the issue on NPS's website: https://www.nps.gov/dena/learn/nature/pretty-rocks.htm. It shows the alternatives to the current routing along with the next steps for right now.
  24. This is kind of like the airlines' complimentary upgrades for elites. It used to be an upgrade to first class, but now it's usually premium economy (coach with about 3" more legroom). So imagine you've already selected a desirable seat in coach (say, the exit row, which has extra pitch to aid evacuation), and on check-in, you find yourself "upgraded" to a middle seat with less room. To the OP, sorry to hear CO wasn't as expected, and I agree "upgrade" in this context is a bit dubious, but it sounds as though HAL did you right by canceling and refunding the upgrade against their nor
  25. Oh, for 8 people, that's enough of a price difference that I'd consider it, especially if you think you might have opportunity to go back at some point.
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