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  1. CruiserBruce, Thanks for the info!
  2. If our April 10th Hawaii cruise gets canceled, which seems very likely, I'm considering the Jan. 9th Miracle 15 day Hawaii cruise out of San Diego. It looks like January is a bit more rainy than other months. What's your past experience, if any, with the weather in January?
  3. I booked my excursions for my upcoming Hawaiian cruise with Carnival. I booked them on Black Friday at a 10% discount and booked them with a Carnival credit card which gave me another 10% discount. It save me $180 and made the price better than I could have gotten from local tour groups.
  4. In your first posting on this forum. you listed a carnival address in blue. I clicked it on and on the very bottom of the page is a listing that will take you to future journeys cruises for the next couple of years.I've looked it over and am hoping I can find one that the wife and I will enjoy.
  5. Oh, Ok... When I factor in my $325 obc it brings down my per day to $257 & that's for a cat. 8D. Still sounds like I need to be talking to "your" TA.
  6. Is that per person a day? Reason I ask, my upcoming 10 day HI Journeys cruise comes out to $144.75 per person per day ($289.50 per day) for a balcony, which I feel is pretty darn good.
  7. We are taking a City Highlights tour with Land/Sea Tours and they will drop you off at the airport when the tour concludes. You might look in to it to see if it fit your itinerary.
  8. Thanks to all for your valuable info. I think I'll go the route of Joe817 and load it to our S&S as soon as we get on board.
  9. Sorry if this has been asked and answered. But, if I have gift cards that I want to use for onboard credit, can I do it on line pre cruise or should I wait and do it onboard at guest services?
  10. Sorry, I should have included that we are flying on to Honolulu.I can fly direct DFW to HNL but by changing plane at LAX I save a couple hundred bucks...might not be worth the risk.
  11. Is 55 minutes enough time between planes at LAX? I'll be flying A.A. from DFW.
  12. Thanks for the valuable info. We are taking this same itinerary next April on the Spirit. Hopefully things will be a bit more organized for us. Glad to hear about the early luggage drop off. My plan is to drop off luggage early, see some sights, then check in later at our leisure. Was the early drop off area clearly marked or was that too chaotic? Enjoying your review...keep the good times coming!
  13. I always seem to have a life time of pens at home...I just take a few with me when I travel. I don't see the issue here. Just take one from the hotel you're staying in pre cruise.
  14. Wow, I see on the deck plan that 7258 is indeed an extra long balcony...lucky you! We're just down the hall, but sadly, only a regular size balcony. When I check hotels it seems to still be a bit early for booking.
  15. We too are on the April 2020 cruise, so I'll be anxious to see your review. We currently have a port side balcony so I'd like to know which side would be better for island viewing in case I'd want to switch.
  16. 390 + (not really counting) I just booked a Hawaii cruise for April 2020. Gives me plenty of time for planning.
  17. We're staying at the Sheraton Four Points in the Westshore area.We are getting our rental car from Enterprise on Spruce Street and will be returning it to the Kennedy Blvd. location who will then shuttle us to the cruise port.Doesn't get any easier than that!
  18. I have booked through Enterprise on W.Kennedy Blvd. for my January cruise. They are going to pick me up at my hotel the morning I want my rental then, the morning I drop it off, they will shuttle me to the cruise port.
  19. I'm sailing on the Rhapsody out of Tampa on the January 19th cruise. I made all my MTD reservations a month ago.You should have no problems doing it now.
  20. Thanks for the info and encouragement. I booked the Southwest flight and much to my surprise, when we land in ATL we don't get off the plane. It's just a layover to pick up more passengers and possibly let some off.So, my concern was all for naught. I saved a lot of money by flying with them and when you factor in the free luggage, it pays for my extra night hotel as well as a one day car rental.I AM a happy cruiser!
  21. Thanks for the quick reply. We are actually flying in 2 days prior to our cruise. My only concern is missing my connecting flight.Having never flown Southwest before, I don't know if all flights use the same terminal or if I may have to change terminals.
  22. Flying Southwest GSP to TPA in January. Is 42 minute layover in ATL enough time to change planes? I've flown through Atl before so I know it's a zoo. But, I've never flown Southwest so I don't know if all flights originate in the same terminal or if I may have to go from one terminal to another. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.
  23. Priceline Tampa Westshore 3 star. It was offered for $75. I had a 10% off coupon. I got Courtyard by Marriott for $69 + tax.
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