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  1. Just received upgrade from balcony to spa mini-suite for Jan 13th Getaway sailing. I had already paid for the spa passes so I am going to have those refunded. I bid $205 per person. So $10 out of pocket more than I had already paid. Super excited!
  2. I sent the NCL FB page a message and this was their response: "thanks for reaching out to us. We understand your concern and would like to help! In order to provide the best assistance possible, please give our guest relations team a call at 1.800.327.7030 or submit through https://*****/2uK5yoG. Let us know if you have any questions or need additional information." I used the link to submit a request and the next day someone called me back and helped me switch the package to onboard credit!
  3. 13 days out from sailing on the Getaway and impatiently waiting on my upgrade offers... eek! 😬
  4. Thank you everyone! I definitely do not plan to be going right at 10 when a place closes, however, I knew that a lot times dinner takes 2 hours and I wasn't sure if that meant we had to be there around 8 or so. As a former server as well, I want to be very respectful of the waitstaff's time.
  5. I am cruising out of Miami on the Getaway Jan 13-20. What number of kids is considered to be a lot of kids on a sailing? For those who are experience cruisers, how safe do you think that week in January is from having a ship overrun with kids? I have 3 kids (not going) and I love kids but this is our adult only vacation. I am just trying to prepare myself mentally if this is a prime kid's week. Also, is there anyway to tell how many kids and the total number of cruisers that are on board once you get there? Thanks!
  6. If the dining room says that it is open until 10pm, does that mean you can be seated up until 10pm or that you have to be finished eating by 10pm? I don't plan on doing this often but one of the nights that I booked Burn the Floor for 7:30pm, I would want to be able to eat dinner afterward without cutting it too close. Thanks!
  7. It actually worked out well. I submitted an inquiry and a NCL rec called me back. She switched the romance package value ($169) to $170 onboard credit and charged my credit card the $1 difference.
  8. My hubby and I received a romance package as a Christmas gift for our cruise on Jan 13th on the Getaway. If we contact NCL ahead of time, could we switch it to something else like a shore excursion? Or are they non refundable? Thanks!
  9. Bwahaha, yeah, I think my internet explorer wasn't showing the hint correctly. I got it now. Thanks!
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