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  1. Thank you all for your wonderful ideas and replies. We all 3 LOVE the ones about the wedding gift card! In the end yes she has cost all 3 of us much pain , suffering, not to mention money in losses for my payments on the cruise, but also on the out fits she insisted we order. Yes we know it was a bit cheezy. The three of us has thought of what we are going to do with those outfits now. One thought was to do a burning ceremony and video it and some how get it to her. We do have her mailing address. We have thought about super extending our stay in Florida, just to maybe,, Um, go look her up ya know. I'm sure she will be gone on her honeymoon tho . Poor guy, we all now see why she has been married so many times. Since we started planning this, in last October, she has been ,married, divorced, and getting married again! We used to think it was the men that she was choosing, now not so sure.
  2. I know this is an old post, but any tips on where you actually got the silver at?
  3. Yes, without a doubt we will be less stressed! That was the purpose of this cruise. To get away. Wasnt feeling like I was getting away from anything with the stress she was causing us.
  4. Yes, Thank God! You just never know anymore 8 Days, 4 hours and 7 minutes till Cruising!
  5. YES, Said the money was hers that she lost, Yes. We have all tried to contact her. It seems she doesn't want any contact with any of us. Will not take our calls, texts, nothing. Has blocked us from all contact! I posted an update that explains what we think has happened.
  6. The car just may need a tuneup. ;) I hear Florida is nice in October, glad we decided to do some sightseeing on our return from the cruise ;)
  7. I have done just that. The other room that had 2 in it has put me in theirs. With adding me to their room, I am the 3rd person so I am cheaper to add. They know that I have already paid $400. so they are not expecting me to split their room 3 ways, only paying the cost of adding the 3rd person rate. There is now only 3 of us going. Thank you
  8. Correct. She claims she lost $400. Well I know how much I paid to her for my cruise, it was $400. So she didn't lose a thing, She lost my money, not hers.
  9. No Mam, just a busy mom, grandmother, also caretaker of my mother whom I just had a smashing 80 th. birthday party for that 40 people came in from 4 different states to my home to celebrate it. Thank you for your reply:halo:
  10. YES, she got a refund! My money! No, I didn't get any of it
  11. I am so sorry for not getting back to ya'll. Here is "The Rest of the Story" Our plans to go on this cruise started a year ago. All was great for months! Then this spring, she met a MAN. She then started mentioning canceling for every little thing! Like, we wanted different color shirts, what we thought we wanted to do when we got to a port, she wanted us to dress alike on certain days, even had us buy 3 different outfits for this cruise to match each other, so when to wear what was an issue with her! It got to be beyond FUN any more. She picked the cruise, she picked the dates, she picked our clothes, she was trying to pick what we did while in ports, so when we didn't want to do the same things, she got mad! All We, the other 3 left still going on the cruise, say she was all along wanting to make us mad, and just looking for a reason to cancel so she can stay home with her new man! She has removed us from her friend's list on Facebook and blocked us. We have been able to look at her Facebook threw another friend to see what it looks like she isn't going to waste her vacation time that she had for our cruise Oct 13 th. She is getting married. Now, if she had just came out and told us all of this, that she would rather just stayed home with him and got married, we all could have still been friends. But NO, she had to be a drama queen and act like a teenager. The other 3 of us are 53 years old and have moved me into their room. One other sided with our FRIEND and has also ended our friendship. Thank you all for your advice. Yes, I am just out the $400. and Yes, I had to pay again to be added to the other room. Yes, I paid THIS time myself online!
  12. There were five of us booked in two separate rooms. I was in a room that the person that did the booking got mad and canceled our entire cabin. I still want to go with the others. Problem is, since I was in her cabin, I made my payments to her to pay for me, ( Like a fool I now see) Carnival shows, No payments from me! Therefore refunded ALL monies to her. Now, since yes, like a fool, I paid in in cash $400. But, I do have every text message between us showing the money being received from me. In order for me to go on with the remaining friends I would have to re pay for my cruise. Goes to show you, Never trust a friend, Even one of 40 years! Please if any of you seasoned cruiser's can give me helpful info, I'd really appreciate it. Wounded in Ohio
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