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    Camp Carnival on Glory - dinner for kids

    Our 8 year old did this last year on the Elation. We brought her to the buffet area and signed her in at a table there. They had a little area roped off for the kids. I think they were all together but not positive about this. There was even an area just for the kids to choose their food from. Kid friendly things like pizza, hot dogs and chicken nuggets. She liked to do this rather than sit with us through a formal dinner. They would also keep her for the next activity so we did not have to rush back to get her and could finish our longer meal.:)
  2. luvs2croose

    SunSet Beach Resort Montego Bay

    Do you have to be careful about the Ice in the drinks like you do in Mexico? I have not seen anyone ask this question?
  3. luvs2croose

    Carnival gift card???

    We are traveling On the Conquest soon with my inlaws. Their birthdays fall right before we leave. I thought a nice birthday gift would be to treat them to a night at the supper club. What would be the best way to go about this? Does Carnival have some sort of coupon or gift card I can buy ahead of time? Or should we just give them the cash and tell them what it is for?
  4. luvs2croose

    Conquest trip report - 5/28/06 somewhat long

    Do you remember if they offered karaoke time to the 9-12 year olds?
  5. luvs2croose

    Sunset Beach

    Thanks for the tips. I think we will wait until Cozumel.:)
  6. luvs2croose

    Conquest Rocks!!!!!

    Can you tell me, or ask your son all the activities that they offered him? (The 9 year old) Did they have karaoke for that age group? I also have a 9 year old and we leave in July.:)
  7. We are taking a family Conquest cruise with my inlaws this summer. "July" My mother in law is on a medication that makes her overheat easily. She thinks she may stay on the boat while in the ports. Does anyone know of a good excursion she should go on while we are in Jamaica, GrandCayman or Cozumel that would give her heat relief?
  8. luvs2croose

    First day room service?

    [B]How soon will they take orders for room service on the first day? (Conquest)[/B]
  9. luvs2croose

    Sunset Beach

    Anyone know if I can get my daughters hairbraided at Sunset beach? Also do you know the price for hairbraiding there? Should we wait until Cozumel? Also, are tips expected at this resort for food and drinks?
  10. luvs2croose

    Sunset Beach or Rose Hall Resort

    We have never been to an all inclusive. Do you tip the waiters? :confused:
  11. Carnival capers for 9-12 yr olds would be awesome!:D
  12. I heard you should choose Starboard side on the Conquest to see land on port days. How do you know what side you are on? Our room # is even numbers. Anyone know?
  13. luvs2croose

    Slumber party for Kids

    I noticed that there is at least one late night party for the younger kids that last until 3 A.M. I know they have counselors that will take your kids to the room after that. I just think 3 A.M. is too late for my child. I would prefer to pick her up as I was going to bed. Probably between 12- 1. My question is , Does anyone know if on that night you can pay by the hour or do you have to pay the $26 dollar fee if she participates?:confused:
  14. luvs2croose

    Anyone back from Conquest 4/16 - 4/23

    Any of ya'll save the kids capers for the Conquest? Would love to read them. I have a nine year old and we are going in 3 months.:)
  15. luvs2croose

    No luggage tags anymore?

    Actually, after I started this thread I talked to my husband and he said that all of our documents will be picked up at the pier. Very confusing, I know. The suggestions about how to simplify the luggage tags once we get there are great! :)