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  1. We sail both HAL and Celebrity and have been offered discounts for Specialty dining on both! Last January on Koningsdam there was a special for Sel De Mar advertised in our newsletter one morning for 20% off. I am so glad we took that since it turned out to be the best food on the ship and we ate there 3 times during our 10 day cruise! We have also been offered special deals from our waiters before without even asking. Celebrity as you know always sends pre cruise specials and then offer discounts while onboard. Guess they want to make up for bugging you to death when you embark! LOL seriously though, I wish they wouldn't push their drink and dining packages at every turn. On my last Celebrity cruise I politely told them each time I had already purchased both and that only prompted some of them to try and upsell me.... one even asked to see my card as if they didn't believe me when I told them I already had the premium drink package Too bad Celebrity isn't like HAL in terms of discrete offerings...
  2. Did the whole bay out to point. Left side was best but nothing exciting. All the boats anchored made it hard to get around but we were all over regardless. Let me know if you find a good beach when you go. I'm open to suggestion so long as hubby has bar and shade!
  3. I believe it is the same provider that HAL used when I went. I would highly recommend as they took us to a beautifl location to snorkel, the cat was smooth, and the crew friendly!
  4. Was just there in January and snorkling was just ok.... Lots of bleached coral and boats filled the bay. We did see an octopus eating a conch which was the best part of the day! Other than than a few little fish were really all we saw. I was really disappointed with the lack of space you could occupy (chairs/umbrellas) if you were not a guest of the resort. Plus the restaurant/bar was way overpriced for the quality of food and service you received. I would appreciate your feedback on Sapphire since we are going back in June and are looking for a better beach. Were also into snorkling and want a place where we can have something to eat and a few drinks while we chill for the day.
  5. We went to the Baths with HAL at the beginning of the month and loved it! This is something you really must experience in my opinion. Having said that I completely agree it is best to avoid the crowds if a lot of ships are in port. However, some ships don't even offer this excursion I have found. Were sailing Celebrity with our kids in June and wanted to take them but they don't offer this trip for some reason... I am now looking for a way to get us there and back when were in port from 7-4 on Wednesday. Blue water do you recommend using the ferry or booking with one of the private charters you mentioned?
  6. Very nice! Just wondering if it was a bar at a resort nearby or a vendor on site? Also, were the drinks / food good and how were the prices? Thanks for sharing!
  7. Did you end up at a different beach on St Thomas and if so what were your thoughts? Going back in June and was thinking of Saphire until I read your post. We did Secret Harbor and was disappointed with the limited space allowed for non resort people plus the restaurant/bar staff were very rude and average food was very expensive for what you got.
  8. Hi there we didn't get to meet but were on Koningsdam with you guys. Were going back to Tortola and St. Thomas on our next cruise so I wanted to touch base and see what beach you ended up at and if you would recommend. We did Virgin Gorda and the Baths with HAL but its not offered on this trip. We wanted to take our kids there since there coming with us this time. Also in St Thomas we went to Secret Harbor for the day but was disappointed... Any suggestion you have or info to share is appreciated.
  9. Curious to see if anyone has done the Baths on their own recently. We were there on Holland in January with a shore excursion but are sailing Celebrity in June and they don't offer this excursion. We want to take our kids this time and would love some feedback from a recent traveler who may have done this on their own. Or, if someone who lives there could offer advise that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  10. They had a special package when I called we paid with taxes $243 for a king room, parking, and shuttle one way.
  11. Thanks everyone for the great information we just got back and had a great trip. CM1984 here's what we did... Stayed in Savannah exit 104 Courtyard by Marriott both ways since it was nice and only a few months old. Lots of food choices and plenty of hotel options at this exit. We stayed at Homewood Suites Dania Beach on Griffin Road near the port on our second night. Great choice with evening social, breakfast, shuttle, and parking while we were on the cruise. Will definitely do this next time we cruise as well!
  12. Boo now I am back to square one... I am looking for a nice not overly crowded beach that has a bar, food, and chairs/umbrellas or shade at least. Any recommendations?
  13. We were considering Water Island Honeymoon Beach but just found out will be docking at Havensight. Is there still a water taxi from there that takes you to Water Island?
  14. Hello, We are driving from Virginia to Port Everglades in early January for a cruise and are looking for people who have done this that can offer advice on SAFE areas with CLEAN hotels along 95 or close by to stay. Any advice on a half way point along 95 for the first night? Also is it better to stay about 45 min outside of Ft Lauderdale to save money, or is it worth it to spend more and get close the port the night before? I have had recommendations for both... the best argument is for hotels with free parking rather than using port or park and go parking. Finally is there anything we must stop and see since we have 2 days of lesiure driving? I hear historical areas in Georgia are lovely, and some of the beaches are worth getting off 95 to see and stay at. Any help is greatly appreciated!
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