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  1. Thank you for your responses and for the great information. We have obtained some euros and pounds sterling notes but we didn't know anything about the coins and Scottish differences. You have been very helpful. I (and my husband, who I am traveling with) have never been to the British Isles, except for a layover in Heathrow Airport; we really plan on focusing on site-seeing. This is tongue in cheek, but for the shopping, it sounds like I should easily find sea monsters but my friend may have to take her own trip for a cashmere throw! I may not have anywhere to pack it any how - I
  2. Thank you so much for all this info. I'm on this itinerary on the Viking Sun, leaving my home here in Buffalo, NY on Friday, August 2. I have a just a couple of maybe odd questions about availability of items to purchase to bring home. Last year when I was on the Viking Homelands cruise (coincidentally also on the Viking Sun), there was very little time to purchase items and few items to purchase. That was absolutely fine for me. This trip, I have been asked to purchase a couple of items for others. I have a 45 year old friend and two toddler boys who would like "so
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