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  1. Yes and so did everyone else we all gave up. It was a disaster. It was supposed to be reported to the home office in Florida or la. I asked for a credit for my next cruise. No clue what will happen.
  2. on the bliss the internent basically didn't work at all when I went in april.
  3. I did solo on the bliss but never botherd to go meet anyone . im going again in October maybe ill check it out next time thanks for the information
  4. correct I was posting it because some one else I belive is on my ship and is waiting on upgrades by bidding I don't want or need an upgrade
  5. I did a search thru Costco and found that only inside cabs left for my sail dates
  6. I belive ur on my ship, out of Miami saturaday if correct ,I belive they only had inside cabins left
  7. going on the bliss for the first time this weekend and tip suggestion im sure other would love to know ps im a solo man traveler just vegging out on the boat so please add any tips thanks pool , how to stay clear of kids ,shows getting in ,anything else with out upcharges also would be help and what slot machine will pay the million dollars that would be very kind
  8. just 20$ at the end to the same guy who did my room when ever I asked him too. got the schelude for the next day early for me. just little things so I could nap in the afternoon if I wanted too. they all ready were getting the prepaid gratuities so it was a thank you handshake. I was a solo traveler and very easy to deal with. but he was happy and I come from tipping towns nyc and vegas so it wasn't a problem for me to say thanks
  9. I didn't stay in suite and had no butler or fluffer but I tip 20$ to my cabin guy who took care of me and I was solo but he helped what ever I needed.just my 2 cents
  10. interesting side note took my first cruise didnt know what to expect for my room wasn't feeling the best went to front desk asked if they had any extra larger rooms maybe with a window or balcony or any other rooms . they said come after fire drill test. I did they pulled up my reservation and said sorry we are all sold out I belived at the time it had to do I was on a casino certificate. so a few days into the cruise around midnight im sleeping I start hearing loud hammering and pounding above my room it doesn't stop so I call down. they say they will check on it doesn't stop .get out of bed go to front desk find out there doin repairs to the kitchen above my room. after I bitched it stopped they started again at 7 am. woken up again went to front desk and said they will long be making repairs till they get into shore they offers to switch my room out out if I wanted to. I guess they weren't really sold out
  11. thanks all .I got it right the first time , I tipped 20$ to guy who took good care of me at the end of my first cruise as a thank u. ill see how it goes for cruise number 2.
  12. yes im paying the auto gratity . I was trying to get a feel if people grease the guy who takes care of ur stuff personly for the week , this does help some .its my second cruise heading out on the nliss
  13. how much if you do tip the guy/ gal who cleans your room daily at the end of the trip 7 day cruise extra thanks .ps just a regular room solo travler
  14. t mobile free in mexico for calls and internet and they told me bekie and bahams free internet and texts .no calls so im all set
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