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  1. Park Lane is alongside Hyde Park, a long section of the street near the northern (Marble Arch) end is set aside for coaches. Quite right JB. Brain fog! Hyde park, not green park!
  2. This is really helpful - thank you. I love your writing style and the comparison of the lines. And I loved your description of the chemically tenderized steak - spot on! I hope your S class experience goes better - they are my favorite of the classes. (Although the steak gets the same treatment...)
  3. If they are not sure what time you will be in the room they are (understandably) not keen to leave perishable items to go rancid waiting on your return. If you are in the room they will bring a selection to you. Or if you just say you want it then they will leave it for you. You can tell your butler what time you would like items delivered - and what specifically you would like. As far as I am aware you can more or less choose -although I think if you asked for a shrimp plate every day they might balk. We are quite specific about which sandwiches / nibbles / cookies we would prefer. They are not always available - and that is not a problem. But I don't want them leaving food which will go to waste(even if this is a small amount in the general ocean of cruise ship food waste...) We cruise RS too... the afternoon tea choice is better in Michael's and I would be very happy for the butler to make that observation so that I could have that choice. I would not consider that being encouraged to go to Michael's.
  4. I would echo that. the menus get a touch repetitive on long cruises (or for that matter on repeated short cruises!) IME (and this can be line specific) all ingredients are sourced internationally so there are no "mistakes" etc. to correct. Everything is produced in exactly the same way from exactly the same ingredients on more or less every ship in the line. There are exceptions with some smaller lines who source some ingredients locally, and possibly river cruises in Europe are also slightly different. But for the larger sea going lines - no difference.
  5. US passport holders no longer need to see a Border Force Official in the UK. (Neither do Canada, Australia, NZ, Japan, Singapore or South Korean nationals). The rules changed last last week. You do not need to fill in landing cards (which have also been scrapped) or get your passport stamped. Although there may possibly be some vague interest from a goods import point of view (UK may not be in the EU by them - but you never know!) from an immigration point of view you almost certainly won't see anybody.
  6. I've always found them perfectly adequate - but I have very long fairly fine hair so it dries easily and I'm not trying to style it. I just dry straight and then put it up. DD is the same. I use a Velcro wrap to keep the button pressed.
  7. Ah the dessert "flight". Forgot about that! Thank you for the Photos!
  8. Celebrity do Lobster in the MDR at least once per sailing (In Europe anyway). They also do a midnight buffet - although restricted.
  9. I wouldn't personally bother with the lobster. For all the reasons on the "Lobster controversy" thread. Its warm water not cold so inherently not as tasty. I love lobster and can do better myself at home. I'm also not a fan of the table side service. I will confess to not being overly keen on the Murano's menu at all but if going because the group wants to (which happens at least once a cruise) I always hope for someone to share the Chateaubriand with. Failing that the Duck Breast. To me the highlight for Murano's is the cheese. If you are able to access Luminae and are very nice to the Matire D they will sometimes sneak you a plate!
  10. Park Lane has a large car park just off Green Park which I suspect is where you will drop off. Its not that close to Buckingham palace - I walk it personally. (It will take about 30 mins if you do) But if you grab a passing black cab you can get there in about 5 minutes. If you want to visit the Palace do book tickets in advance. You can get to quite a range of things on foot from Park Lane if you want to. The nearest Tube is Marble Arch. There are some wonderful hotels nearby if you fancy Afternoon tea (or lunch!) you can reach the large museums, or Harrods. Wander Green park. The world - or London at least - is your oyster!! If you google W1K 7AN the map will show you exactly where it is....
  11. We always have unlimited too - but it is far more fun to find a non tech answer to communicating. When DD was younger it was useful to be able to message "Get back to the cabin NOW" when she was out too late. But she is now 20 so I think that would go down like a lead balloon! We write notes to one another saying where we are or are planning to be. If you want to find someone, drop by the cabin and look at the notes. When we travel with others we left notes in Michael's for each other - or on suite doors. I think (I hope!) the staff found it amusing rather than annoying!
  12. This had me intrigued so I did some digging in the dreaded terms and conditions. It is surprisingly hard to find - hopefully it is easier if you actually book the cruise! I won't bore anyone by typing the whole thing out but basically where arrangements are made on shore, even if made by or through Celebrity, and even if Celebrity makes a profit from it, they hold no liability for or control over the third party element. (Its s5 of the main contract if you want to look) So assuming this general exemption arises Celebrity may take your experience to refuse to deal with that supplier again, or they may even use the weight of their custom to try to bring he supplier back in line. But they are not (legally at least) responsible. But do look at the small print on your own contract as there area so many different versions applicable in different jurisdictions etc.
  13. When we got extra keys for my mother's room (She was in the annex suite behind the penthouse and could not hear the doorbell!) They printed it onto a different class card so we could see the difference.
  14. Also possibly as a bit of a deterrent. If they offered over the counter prices people would treat them as a mobile chemist and not take care to bring their own. There needs to be a levy to encourage people to be as responsible as possible in bringing their own medications.
  15. Providers are so very aware of potentially fatal allergens now. The Booking T&Cs don't seem to reference specific allergens - but a range of meals are available in MDR. They do say you should contact X at least 90 days before the cruise. The relevant section reads: Celebrity Cruises® can accommodate the following special diets on board: vegetarian, diabetic, low-fat, low-sodium, low-cholesterol diets. Other special diets such as kosher meals, gluten-free and lactose-free may be available upon advanced request. Note: Kosher meals are pre-packed and are only available for dinner in the Main Dining Room. Please note that Kosher food and other special meal requests may not be the same standard and offer the same range as the food provided under the general menu. Standard kosher meals must have been requested on the guests booking in advance. Please submit your dietary request in writing at least 90 days prior to your sail date giving as much detail as possible as to your particular requirements. Please email specialistservicesuk@celebritycruises.com. We will endeavour to accommodate reasonable requests, although we cannot guarantee we will be able to meet requirements. Please ask your travel agent for further information. Please note that whilst we are able to take requests for specific dietary requirements and take note of food intolerances, this is confined to the Main Dining Room on each ship. We are unable to guarantee or accept responsibility that the food served in any other food establishment on board ship will be able to cater for specific dietary requirements and food intolerances
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