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  1. I purchased the package online - I’m talking about waitress service. 18% included?
  2. I just printed my pass for check in and it says 1-1:30. Can I arrive earlier than that? If I get there at like 1030-11, I have to wait until 1?
  3. Hi guys, I enjoy reading all these LIVE reviews! I’ve been searching for Anthem of the Seas reviews but can’t seem to find many. can any of you share some good ones? With links? Ty!
  4. Hi guys, is there any type of convience type store on board the Anthem?
  5. Thank you, haha. i find it easier to manage that way. Always sets a (sort of) limit hah
  6. It won’t be an issue if they check the bags and see the wine?
  7. Hi, are we able to to go to customer service and load X amount of money once we board instead of paying at the end?
  8. Hi guys, boarding in a month, was wondering if we would be able to bring a bottle or two on board with us?
  9. So it looks like they lowered price again for cyber Monday! if I plan on eating at speciality restaurants 5-6 times over the course of 7 days this makes a ton of sense? Right? Haha
  10. Thanks for the reply. this ultimate dining package involves just two restaurants? chops and jaimes? I thought there were more?
  11. Thanks so much for the reply. am I nuts or is this just a crazy good deal? $192 per person for 8 nights.... we would be able to eat at Chops every night at (usually $50 per person) with this package?
  12. Lunch would be included in that price? so if we wanted to eat at a specialty restaurant every night - it would be included in this package?
  13. Hi guys, just noticed in my cruise planner Royal is offering a $192 PP ultimate dining package. does anyone know how it works? each night we can eat in a specialty restaurant if we pay the $192 PP ?
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