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  1. We just booked unlimited passes today on the Gem out of Boston for end of April for $139 per person.
  2. Will they serve you drinks in the spa? Can you bring in food?
  3. No. They do have laser tag. FYI You only get to play laser tag 10 minutes though. Guest Services told my husband that laser tag was an hour so he signed up himself and our 2 adult sons to play. They were quite surprised to find out play only lasted 10 minutes. Felt it was definitely not worth the cost.
  4. Sorry I do not. I scanned through all the pictures posted over on the Everything...Norwegian Joy Westernization 2019! board topic. These are the menus I found there. Only the Local is complimentary. American Diner page 15 Ocean Blue p 20 Q p 20 District Brewhouse p 20 Starbucks p 22 Cellars p 24 The Local p 24 (they also had a "special of the day" each day in addition to this menu) La Cucina concierge lunch menu p 30
  5. The menus shared here by Coloradocruiselovers88 that I posted on another thread are the full menus served in the La Cucina at breakfast and lunch for Concierge guests. They were the exact same menu choices each day. Menus were one page for breakfast and 2 pages for lunch. If you read close under Morning Specials, they did have pancakes and french toast, just had fancy names! At breakfast, they also had a small self serve buffet with tons of excellent fresh fruit, cheese, yogurt parfaits, pastries, etc and they brought a basket of pastries to your table as well. The food and service in the La Cucina was excellent. We ate at each of the complimentary dining options throughout our week hands down La Cucina served the best steaks of all. FYI They do change the hours of breakfast each morning based on the port and sea days. Be sure to watch your Freestyle Daily as to the times because we missed the hours one morning even though we had eaten there the same time the day before. Quite a bummer!
  6. The fare was about $35 each way. That covered four of us riding in the cab. The park only allows certain taxi companies actual access all the way into the park and up to the parking lot by the Visitor Center. If you take one of those companies, the cab will collect a visitor fee per person on top of that (I can't remember exactly how much....around $12 I think). If you take a cab company that does not go all the way into the park, you do not have to pay that visitor fee. The park did not collect it themselves. The cab will drop you off about a 10 minute walk from the visitor center. We did not know this part when we pre arranged a cab ride with a company that did not take you all the way to the visitor center. (We have National Park passes so we would have not had to pay a fee if the park was collecting it but if you take a cab inside, the cab companies are required to collect the fee even if you have a pass). While we were waiting at the dock for our taxi to show up, other taxi companies were there waiting at the dock for anyone to hire them. One of the drivers explained how his company would be able to enter the park and pick us up at the Visitor Center after we finished our hike. He gave me his card and said to just call him when we were done and he would be there within 20 min. The company we prearranged a ride with to take us to Mendenhall was Glacier Taxi and Tours (907) 796-2300. They were about 15 minutes late picking us up. They do not have entrance privileges (apparently the taxi companies pay for this priviledge) so she dropped us off at the top of the drive and we walked the 10 min to the Visitor Center. It was an easy walk and we felt it was worth it to save the per person entrance fee we would have had to pay otherwise. We stayed about 2 1/2 to 3 hours then called the other company to pick us up at the Visitor Center. We only took a few of the trails and were tired of walking by then so we were glad to be able to have this company pick us up without the additional hike back up the drive and out of the park. If you like to hike and have the time, you could easily stay there longer. The company that picked us up in the park was Juneau Taxi and Tours (907) 723-6323. It was about a 25-30 minute drive. One tip, if you take the path to the waterfall and glacier, there is a path that veers off to the left and you can walk along the "beach". We took that path back to the Visitor Center after visiting the waterfall and glacier. It has spectacular views of the waterfall and glacier. We wish we had taken that path when walking TOWARDS the glacier instead of staying on the path that went through the dense trees. The beach path was packed hard dirt and an easy walk. It had rained on our walk to the glacier and the beach was not any wetter/muddier than the gravel path through the trees. Taxis were readily available at the pier. We had no problem using a cab. We would do it again. There is also a shuttle bus company that charges $40 per person to ride to and from the pier to Mendenhall Visitor Center. They had several buses running. You can get on and off at each end as you please. You may have to pay the additional entrance fee with that as well though.
  7. This is the map they gave us as we exited the ship. I really didn't pay attention as we grabbed a cab to Mendenhall Glacier right as we got off the ship and then another drove us straight back.
  8. Who knew? Thanks for the tip! (That could be helpful if I was smart enough to know what time zone we were in, lol. They never told us that part).
  9. We just sailed last week on the Joy. There were people wearing sandals and shorts throughout the cruise both inside and into port some days. At the same time others were in sweatshirts and jeans. It just depends on how hot/cold you run normally. Inside is always comfortable, just wear what you would as if you went to a restaurant at home if it was in the 50's outside. The staff and servers wore long sleeves and long pants inside. Outside on deck the staff wear jackets. On the Joy, there are places outside on the decks that have clear plexiglass shields to block the wind and heaters in the ceiling. You could be "outside" but still have some protection. Other deck areas are open and exposed. Depending on the day's weather, you may need warm layers. I brought more clothes than I needed. We had sunny, dry days every day but one morning. The staff said that was unusual tho. On a few days it was warm enough that the pool was busy and active. Other days, people hung out there in the sunshine but wrapped up in the plush blue blankets they have at the towel exchange bar. I wore jeans, tshirt and zippered sweatshirt inside almost all the time and my Columbia winter jacket over my sweatshirt in ports but my husband and adult sons dressed much lighter. There were times I took off my winter jacket and wrapped it around my waist but still had on my sweatshirt. I wore tennis shoes everywhere. I brought an old pair of tennis shoes for shore excursions but we only did mild shore activities (salmon fishing, whale watching, walk throughout Mendenhall Glacier park on the paved paths). Shore excursion wear depends on what you do. If you dress in layers and have waterproof rain jacket, you will be ready for whatever the day brings.
  10. They were the exact same menus every day. In addition, at breakfast they had a small self serve buffet set up with fresh fruit choices, yogurt parfaits, etc that you could help yourself to while they cooked your order and they would bring a variety of pastries in a basket to the table. My family ordered the steak often. Said it was the best place to get steak on the ship. I finally listened and ordered the steak and eggs on the last day and wow the steak just melted in my mouth.
  11. For our cruise last Sept, I emailed the address given on the FAQ part of NCL website to request distilled water and recieved a confirmation email within a couple of days. The water was in our stateroom when we boarded. For our Alaska cruise last week, I emailed again. Did not hear anything for two weeks. Called them to follow up on it and spoke with a representative who said they didn't do it by email anymore but she assured me she put a notice on my account to have distilled water in the room. About two weeks before sailing, I received a confirmation email saying they received my request and water would be in my room. When we boarded early afternoon, there was no water in my room. We called guest services right away and requested the water. By 8:30 pm we still didn't have the water. I was exhausted and wanted to go to bed. We asked our room steward to please get the water. We were told they were still waiting for it to be unpacked. I finally got the water about an hour later. So your mileage may vary even if you prearrange it. Just check when you arrive and alert them if they don't have any in your room when you get there. And in our room, a 6 foot cord would not have reached for me. There was only one single outlet in the master bedroom and far from my side of the bed. I stretched a 15 ft cord I brought along the top of the bed (behind our pillows) over to my side.
  12. We also had clock issues last week on the Joy. Somehow my husband's phone got pinged in Seattle while still in port and located him in Singapore. He had Singapore time on his phone for 2 days until it pinged again in Ketchikan and finally reset itself. We were advised in the Freestyle Daily to turn our clocks ahead or back an hour the night before arriving in certain ports. Since our phones did not get signals at sea this didn't work automatically. We set a phone timer instead of alarms to wake us in the mornings just to be sure we got up when we hoped to. I did have on an old fashioned watch with hands, no other tech to it, so I was able to set the actual time on my watch. There were days we only could use my watch to really know what time it was on the ship. The Internet connection didn't reset the time on our phones.
  13. The master bedroom mattress in our concierge family suite this past week was very comfortable. My husnband and I had no complaints on the comfort. May not have been a pillow top exactly like a Haven as I haven't been in one to compare but certainly not a rock hard mattress. While I did not lie on one of the bunk mattresses in the second bedroom, my sons say it was "not stellar but fine" (coming from previous college campus experiences, I'm taking that as better than a dorm, lol)
  14. Here is a picture of the second bedroom in a Concierge Family suite. The top bunk is hidden in the ceiling until the room steward lowers it for you. My 5ft 10 inch 24 yr old sons shared this room and were perfectly comfortable in the bunks. The room steward put the bunk back into the ceiling the second day when making up the room. If you don't want it put back up each day you have to tell them or it gets locked back into the ceiling. We had to ask to leave it down at all times so it could be relaxed on anytime throughout the day.
  15. There is a glassed off part of the casino that is smoking. I believe there may also be an area somewhere near the big hot tub in Spice H2O because my son mentioned it smelled like smoke while he and his brother were in that hot tub one evening.
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