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  1. On our Danube cruise, one of the bike tours did fill up. Go to the cruise director’s desk when you board and ask to sign up.
  2. This is a small thing, but I noticed that juice is one of the beverages listed on the bar menu. Is orange juice free at breakfast? Or do you have to pay $3.75 a glass? I know coffee and tea are free but we like juice first thing in the morning. Thanks!
  3. Thank you, bobolz - that is hugely helpful!
  4. Some people dressed up a little more for the concert, but some did not. I wore a casual dress and my husband wore khakis and a collared shirt and we were dressed appropriately.
  5. We took this same cruise on the AmaLea last year and IIRC we just signed up for the musical evening in Vienna on board.
  6. Thanks - that’s good to know. Hope you get your chance in Norway,
  7. Following this. We are booked for August 2020 on this cruise and would love to hear more about favorite excursions - Viking or non-Viking - especially those for active travelers.
  8. My husband and I are considering the Iceland’s Majestic Landscapes cruise for August 2020. We took an AmaWaterways river cruise on the Danube last year, but have only taken one ocean cruise - an Alaskan cruise on HAL when our children were in middle school. We are active hikers and enjoy biking — he will be 70 and I will be 63 when we take this cruise. My questions are — will this cruise be a good fit for us? If we book at the Deluxe Veranda (DV 6) level, will we have trouble booking some of the more active excursions like biking, hiking, RIB boating and kayaking? (I know we could book them on our own with local vendors if need be but it just seems easier to go through Viking and I have heard they are reasonably priced) Do you dock at the ports or tender and are there any issues with tendering? Also, are Viking Ocean cruisers mainly American or is there more of a mix? Thanks so much for any information!
  9. Thanks to all who responded for the information. I’m especially happy to hear that the Douro cruise is not just bus rides!
  10. We took the AMAWaterways Melodies of the Danube trip in late August/early September of last year - and one of the things we loved about it was that - except in Vienna - we could walk off the ship and be right in town. But I’ve read that, for instance, on Douro River cruises, you have to take a bus into the nearest town at each port. Are there any other European river cruises where you can walk right off the ship and into town at most ports? Thinking particularly, but not exclusively, about AMA. Thank you!
  11. Yes, it was night #2. IIRC, the Chef’s Table wasn’t open on the first night. We did the Czesky Krumlov trip from Linz so I have no information on Salzburg - but you will love CK! The food on board was great, but we did get a little tired of shipboard dining. The night we spent in Grein, we went for a walk to see if we could find a restaurant - and met another other couple that we had become friendly with doing the same thing. So we all had pizza at an outdoor cafe!
  12. We did the Chef’s Table on the night we sailed from Budapest to Bratislava. I would say to try to dine there on a night that the ship is sailing - just in case you want to eat quickly and go into town (or eat in town) on a night that you are docked.
  13. We took the same cruise on the AmaLea in late August of 2018. As I recall, the ship’s walking tour began in the Market Hall. We then got on a bus that took us to Heroes’ Square, where we got out and walked around. We then got back on the bus, drove by the Jewish Quarter but did not stop, and then went over the Chain Bridge to the Buda side. We got out of the bus and went on a walking tour of Buda Hill, with stops at Fisherman’s Bastion and Matthias Church, where we got a tour of the interior. So, lots to see and do on your own! Parliament, Shoes on the Danube, St. Stephen’s Basilica, the thermal baths, Gellert Hill. On our embarkation day, we were docked right near Margaret Island and we took a lovely walk there. Buda Hill is also well worth walking through at night - the lighting is beautiful. Enjoy your cruise - we certainly did!
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