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  1. We are on the 10-day Marina Baltic cruise departing from Copenhagen on August 29, 2021 and ending in Stockholm on September 8. We had booked directly with Oceania last summer and, when I saw the price for their Deluxe Ocean View stateroom had gone down from $3999/person to $3399/person, I emailed them to ask for the lower price. They quickly sent me a new invoice with the new price.
  2. Yesterday, I cancelled an August 2020 cruise with Viking Ocean just within the cancellation window. I received a full refund, minus the $200 cancellation fee and the money spent on TripMate insurance. The cancellation fee and the insurance money are being combined in a future cruise credit. I felt that was fair. This was to be our first Viking cruise and we are beyond disappointed, but I’ve been pleased with their responsiveness over the phone each time I’ve called. Hoping to take this same cruise sometime in the future!
  3. Thank you, everyone! This board certainly provides a wealth of information! We are sailing on the Sky to Norway and Iceland this August and I was beginning to worry that perhaps there was something wrong with the ship.
  4. Getting concerned about Sky again. I follow her on Cruisemapper and it looks like she may have skipped Progreso, Mexico and is headed back early to Miami. I’m hoping it’s weather related and not a recurrence of the engine problems.
  5. We were in 334 on the AmaLea from Budapest to Vilshofen last summer. Because the water levels were low and the distance was great, the captain had to really gun the engine on our first night as we travelled from Budapest to Bratislava. The noise and vibration in this room from the engine was incredible and we barely slept. After the first night it was fine - water levels were controlled by locks and the distances covered were much shorter - but that first night was awful and I would never book this room again. Even one room up like 332 would be an improvement. Also be aware that these are the
  6. We were on this cruise with AMA last September. IIRC, the included tour was a bus tour around the Ringstrasse, with a walking tour that went by the Hofburg and the Spanish Riding School and ended at St. Stephen’s. We went inside on our own and then circled back and toured the Hofburg, had some Sacher Torte at the Hotel Sacher, and then walked around the city. AMA has a shuttle bus that takes you from the city center back to the dock - Vienna was the one place where you couldn’t just walk off the boat and into the city or town center. Dinner lasts about an hour and a half and we did split the c
  7. On our Danube cruise, one of the bike tours did fill up. Go to the cruise director’s desk when you board and ask to sign up.
  8. This is a small thing, but I noticed that juice is one of the beverages listed on the bar menu. Is orange juice free at breakfast? Or do you have to pay $3.75 a glass? I know coffee and tea are free but we like juice first thing in the morning. Thanks!
  9. Some people dressed up a little more for the concert, but some did not. I wore a casual dress and my husband wore khakis and a collared shirt and we were dressed appropriately.
  10. We took this same cruise on the AmaLea last year and IIRC we just signed up for the musical evening in Vienna on board.
  11. Thanks - that’s good to know. Hope you get your chance in Norway,
  12. Following this. We are booked for August 2020 on this cruise and would love to hear more about favorite excursions - Viking or non-Viking - especially those for active travelers.
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