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  1. Omg I rebooked our June med to next year a few weeks ago .... same everything except ship... was Allure now will be Harmony. The price was a substantial increase...I will see if I can get this Lift and Shift to get my orig price!! Brilliant!!
  2. We did Exactly the same! Rebooked our Med June Allure to next year on Harmony and moved our deposit. It was an easy decision for us given the stats that we are all seeing now. I did experience the increase in price as well however being from US I hope it will drop. I would not go on a cruise this year and although my deposit is out there for next year now, if for some reason we don’t have a cure/vaccine by then and it is still a high threat, I’ll be canceling that too with no hesitation.
  3. We had a Med planned out of Spain on the Allure in June and when the full payment was due a week ago, I simply had my TA move my $1k deposit to the same cruise for next year (Harmony). We are a family of 4 and staying in a suite and I was not willing to pay balance now for a future credit. I’ll take my chances and hopefully all is well next year and I’ll pay my balance next March. Now I’m waiting to see my options for Iberia which is paid in full 😢. I can get a voucher + 10% I think it said....I’m watching that closely. Would prefer that as a full refund now but if not, I’ll do
  4. This is what I’m hoping and watching for the next 13 months before final payment is due!! Moved my deposit from End of June 2020 to Beginning of July 2021... Had to move out a week to the July date because the same cruise in June did not have availability in the same style room. FYI for those that are booking specific room types. And as some have said .... my price is much higher for next year vs this years and not due to the change to July.
  5. Canceled this years Med June cruise on Allure and rebooked next years except it is on Harmony. It is 4K more! I’m still getting a great TA credit but lost a bogo discount. I’m hoping over the year I can get a better deal but I just had to rebook because my 2 boys are counting on it!
  6. I just canc. my June cruise and rebooked for next June with no penalty.
  7. Thank you @Ourusualbeach ! My med cruise final pmt is Mon. I’ve been holding out but time to make the tough decision for the family! I am rebooking for next year ( price is Much higher 😡) and I hoped that I could just move my deposit to that booking without penalties. Based on you posting looks like I can. good luck to all with your rebookings and cancellations... so sad!
  8. Thank you for the laugh! My husband and I just both had a great ‘much needed’ belly laugh!
  9. My DH and 2 boys are scheduled for a med cruise at the end of June. We’ve waited for years so the boys would be teens and appreciate more vs our annual tropical cruises. The timing of this virus is really stressing me out. Pmt due in March. Already got our flights thru Iberia. Boston to Barcelona / France / Italy 😱. Haven’t booked hotel in Barcelona yet. I’m really torn!
  10. If it is Rio Secreto I can confirm it was one of the best excursions we have done. We did it in 2015 on a Disney Cruise excursion. We have 3 boys (now 12, 16, 19) so they were young then, but it was truly amazing. I wear the patch and did fine on boat over, I gave my oldest Dramamine and he was fine. It was 20 minutes I think, I just remember saying to myself I can handle 20 min of motion sickness! I would not let that deter from such a great adventure. You wear wetsuits and mining helmets w lights. You travel through bumpy areas and hip deep water. There is a Mayan ritual before u ent
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