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  1. Thank you for sharing that. I recently had gotten upgraded to star and had no idea what to tip my genie. I think I undertipped, I thought I had read 100 per person... I must have ignored the per day 🤪.... I gave 400 for the 4 of us on a 7 day. Oh well I’ll know better next time! It was unique because it was such a last minute upgrade, the concierge had actually booked all our dinners for us via our emails....then he emailed us he was no longer our concierge due to genie... it was bittersweet he broke up with us! So we gave him $50 for our short term relationship. It was a wonderful and very unexpected experience being in Star class!
  2. Just wanted to repost my experience for folks. I agree that the Genie's can take care of things so if you get upgraded to STAR, no worries. We got upgraded from Sky to STAR (Symphony) in April. It came through Thurs morning and we were cruising Sat. I was super worried that I would not get refunded for my 2 adult drink pkg, 2 childrens bev pkg, and BOGO. I did not want it to be an OBC because I already had a good credit from our TA and all of our excursions were booked privately. I canceled in the planner and received a refund on my credit card. As folks mentioned, Genie could definitely take care of it for you if you upgrade to STAR but I hadn't known that so processed it myself. Just another option for those of us with slight 'control' issues.
  3. I hoped you would get it! I totally know how you are feeling, I was giddy like a child when I received the same upgrade. Like others have said, the 2 bedroom ATS is amazing! Enjoy it and do take some time on that deck to appreciate it..... I feel like it just went by to quickly 😭
  4. We r doing our first family med next summer.... more please! Lol Excursion advice was excellent! Thank you!
  5. I am so happy for you and what a wonderful anniversary celebration!!!!
  6. My fingers are crossed for you! Either way you are cruising!!! Enjoy!
  7. Sure it was highest at 600 so 1200 for me and hubby. I justified it by the star class gain... I was able to cancel our 2 adult drink pkgs, 2 kids refreshment pkgs, and our BOGO Dinner. It pretty much was a break even and sooooooo worth it!
  8. I was in 1 bedroom ATS... I had bid for the 2 bedroom ATS... I watched it disappear as an option on the booking sites a couple weeks before and assumed it was gone and mentally thought oh well no biggie. Which is why when my bid was accepted Th morning for Sat departure I was in shock!! You never know......good luck! Ps our ship the symphony was also full that week.
  9. Thank you for a great review! I’m actually in post Symphony depression.....and unlike you, I have a whole year to wait to be on our next.... but fortunately it is on Allure so I truly appreciated your review.
  10. Glad you had a wonderful time. I see you’re a DCL fan. Will you be cruising on another oasis class? We definitely are, we loved all of the activities. If my kids were still small I would go back, but with older kids this will be a good fit for awhile.
  11. Thanks, it was not a typical review.... just sort of blurted out the unique experiences hoping to help others. I learn so much on these boards so wanted to provide some insight where I could.
  12. Good deal for you! We did Uber.... $70 each way. We flew Boston to FLL.... We always stick with JetBlue for Florida and one of us usually can fly on points using last years vaca points..... I was unpleasantly surprised to find out JetBlue does not fly into Miami when I had booked Symphony. Had no idea! After the shock, it was no biggie, that was our only negative on the trip! Enjoy,,,,, I’m on week 4 of being back, sunburn gone and in a state of depression..... Symphony was amazing! As I’m sure you know, and I actually forgot to do this trip..... don’t forget to sit back and take it all in...... there is so much to do on these mega ships that it literally flew by....😭. Enjoy!!!
  13. Yes I wish you luck! It was an amazing experience. Ours was 1bedroom ATS to 2bedroom ATS. So we were right where we wanted to be but even better! Have fun!
  14. Very sorry for your experience and I agree with everyone’s advice to stick w the smaller / mid ships since you had such a wonderful time in the past. We were scared to try Symphony due to crowds but we ended up loving it. Did you get to experience Central Park? I know the boards suggest avoiding certain things if you don’t like crowds but u can’t avoid everything ! 🤪. Sometimes it’s also just a bad karma cruise... years ago we did Disney’s Fantasy (which was their mega ship 🤣).... and we kept running into big parties of people that all seemed to know each other and always got to ‘that seat’ just before us! It was really weird .... anyway we wrote it off to we didn’t like the larger ship so we went back to their smaller ships.... then a few years later we gave it another try due to limitations w vaca schedule .... surprisingly we had a wonderful experience that year.... not at all like before yet still school vaca time. Soooo sometimes it’s just bad crowd Karma! Go back to your fav ships and try oasis class again in the future.. once you’ve had a few more positive cruises.
  15. I’m laughing because we too just had aft on symphony and on our 2nd day the chairs were neatly covered with pool towels and I though how thoughtful of our room attendant..... now I get it! Our deck was washed a few times too. It was always when we were out. I would not let this negatively impact ones decision to book aft. I would on the other hand be sure to bring towels to sit at the aqua theatre show. Good advice 😀
  16. We were in the same boat! (pun intended). We had only done the Disney Cruise Ships which are in no way Mega Ships. We made the transition and we just got off the Symphony 2 weeks ago. It's funny how many different responses you will receive. I don't mind crowds but my husband was very against the mega ship. I booked it last year and just spent the last year convincing him otherwise. We were pleasantly surprised that the folks on the boards were indeed telling the truth. You actually walk through Central Park and it is not crowded. There are empty benches and musicians playing soft music. Boardwalk is a bit more lively but still not overcrowded. The separate neighborhoods really seem to work and the enormous amount of activities provided at different locations of the ship are surely part of the strategy to keep overcrowding in order. I will add that on Disney, which has forward/mid/aft elevators, we NEVER could get an elevator, we always just took the stairs and were fine with it. On Symphony, we actually did very well on the elevators. We noticed that although only 2 locations (sort of Mid and Forward) (I think).... there were many more elevators offered at those locations. Not sure if it was lucky timing but we did ok with elevators. As others mentioned, avoiding the crowds in buffet etc. is strongly advised. We got seats on the 2nd level pool deck and though you are sitting close to people, everyone was in good spirits and partook in just the right level or socializing....the convenient ice cold bar cart that was being rolled around was a nice touch! I do agree that you can't walk around the outside of the ship like other ships. But central park and boardwalk are really great and you can go to the top deck for your ocean time.
  17. We did this about 7 years ago and we had small children. We did the self guided,,,,go at our own pace...short attention spans! I recall the tkts being expensive and after we went I saw on the Disney Boards that some people check in with their local congresspersons and sometimes get free tkts. Not sure if times have changed.....but wanted to throw it out there if you wanted to try. Have fun.
  18. Yes we are on that end and have been doing snuba while we wait for our youngest to turn 12 next yr..... we can then learn and try scuba 😀
  19. I’m thinking yours is more $ due to Med. I really hope you get it! You will need to lay out on that deck after those long port days!!!! Good luck! We are trying Med next yr and my challenge will be finding tours appropriate for kids short attention spans but still educational and amazing! I’ll read up on these boards.
  20. Agree we are ruined! I got us a 2 bedroom grand suite for next year because I don’t want to go back to 5 in one room!!! I couldn’t swing STAR level! The boys said they are bringing their STAR card with them next yr but I’m sure it will get confiscated!!!! 🤣
  21. We’ve done this many times if we had a later flight. Some family members napped and others continued the fun on the roof deck pool.😀
  22. I understand your feelings. We felt the same way about Disney after only 6 cruises (they only have 4 ships). We just started w RC so we have more variety of ships to try out before we have the ‘same old same old’ feeling again.
  23. I will add that when we first arrived the tv said ‘welcome xx family’ ..,another families name.... we never said anything but noticed it said our name when we got home that same night. We also noticed on the second night that our original 1 Bdrm Aqua theatre suite was occupied .... so the bidding system seemed to be working or maybe someone was just upgraded.
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