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  1. Hi np! I bid the max which was 600/1200 per room/2 adults. My thought process was that covered our adult bev pkgs, our children’s refreshment pkgs, and our Bogo! Win/win! i promise you.... you will love it! Go for it!!!
  2. Thank you! It’s such a great suite! The deck is truly amazing. I thought we would spend more time on the private ocean side,,,, but we so enjoyed watching shows, the performers rehearsals, and movies and the aft facing view was heavenly! Best wishes to you for a wonderful Cruise!!!
  3. Thanks! Cruising definitely works for our family because everyone’s own agenda needs are met! We often joke using the term FFF....FORCED FAMILY FUN. That term is never used when we are cruising! 😁
  4. Thanks and between you and me...I still have that giddy feeling!!! 😁.
  5. I’m not familiar with the NCL haven but I’m glad you had that great emotional experience too. It’s really hard to explain... I mean it’s just a room... but I will always remember our initial reaction! Especially next year when when we are not in that room 😢
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