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  1. Great review from both of you. I couldn’t agree more on the Lack of time on Nassau. We had owed my youngest a redo because the last time at Atlantis he was too small for many of the slides and had to sit out while his 2 big brothers did the crazy slides. It killed me this year to pay so much for a couple of hours but I promised. We did our own excursion and taxi so we got there as early as we could and headed back at 2:00....we actually ran out of time so didn’t do the lazy river due to long lines for the slides but he got to do the slides and that was the goal! Now we NEVER have to go back again! Honestly I recall going super early and staying late years ago on our Disney Cruise.. it’s Not worth it to go now with this 3:30 deadline!
  2. I never got the letter from my genie because we were not originally Star. We were sky class so I received the letter from concierge a week before and concierge booked all my dinners. Then the day before my cruise I received my bid upgrade to star. I never actually heard from genie until I met her at the port.
  3. We had free movies on Symphony star class this past week.
  4. Thank you I was thinking 200 too. Thanks for the feedback. Filling the envelopes now... deeply depressed it’s over 😢
  5. We were fortunate to receive upgrade to Star and I have no idea what to tip because I never researched tips for Genie or the state room attendant. Both were amazing! I think I have read st least 100 per person for genie but what amount for room attendant who was always stocking the room with cocktails and treats. Thanks
  6. We are on Symphony and our Genie is Alina Levchenko.
  7. I got my Royal Up upgrade email this morning!!!! Hooray!!! We are cruising on Symphony Sat. I made the offer on Mar 2nd. Status change from Sky to Star so I think a great deal, but my 'nothing in life is free' radar is on and wondering if I had originally overpaid! LOL We were in 1 bedroom Aquatheatre and got upgraded to 2 bedroom - $600 per / total $1200. I canc our adult drinks pkg and my 2 kids refreshment pkg and my 2 night BOGO this morning and come out even! Hope this info helps others.
  8. Very interesting.... I leave sat on Symphony and am sky class yet I do not have access to reserve coastal kitchen in my planner. Fortunately I was able to make reservations there with our suite concierge via email that I received on Friday. This is our first RC Cruise so perhaps lack of having any ‘status’ is the reason we did not have that option in our planner.
  9. That’s what my teenage sons refer to as a ‘heavy pour’ 🤣
  10. Hello, I am in a sky suite on Symphony and leaving in 2 weeks however Coastal Kitchen is not offered in my cruise planner as a choice for dining reservations. I think I read somewhere that the concierge contacts us prior to the cruise for such reservations but if not, I'll just head there when I board. (If I can find it..........first mega ship!!!)
  11. Thank you both for being very helpful!
  12. Thank you... that would be great to have her all ‘amped’ as they reference! I think that is great news for a late June cruise. My only concern is if it got delayed ... I read an old post where people had such an experience and had to rebook on another ship ... we are an easy going family but unfortunately our schedules are not real flexible so having to change last minute would be torture.
  13. Does anyone know when she is going into dry dock? I’m looking at her for med cruise in June 2020.
  14. This is just so aggravating. I booked BOGO for my upcoming Symphony cruise in a Sky suite a year ago. I think there is a bit of doublespeak and interpretation involved now that I have gone back to look at the fine print. I am thankful to OP and these boards because now I will be prepared with a back up plan to avoid drama and disappointment. My husband and boys love steak houses! Our original plan was for Chops and Wonderland. Wish us luck! It looks like it will be up to my specific sailing mgmt.'s mood/rules or perhaps concierge? So does BOGO = Dine Drink and Discover (NO CHOPS) OR Specialty Dining Pkg (NO CHEF'S TABLE /WINE PAIRINGS)? Or does NO RESTRICTIONS ACTUALLY MEAN NO RESTRICTIONS? COMMENT 1 Restrictions none COMMENT 2 Dine, Drink, Discover promotion cannot be redeemed in Chops Grille. Offer is subject to availability and change without notice and may be withdrawn at any time. COMMENT 3 *Specialty Dining Packages must be booked at least two days prior to boarding and may not be available for every sail date. Each reservation must be used on the first and second nights of the sailing respectively. Packages include service charge and food portion only for dinner. Beverages not included. For venues with a la carte pricing, package includes a $30 food credit. Participating venues and cover charge prices vary by ship; additional charges may apply for food selections. Not available on holiday sailings. Not valid for premium experiences including Chef's Table and wine pairings dinners.
  15. Thank you for the great review! Welcome back to reality ☹️
  16. This is what I had raised earlier... so if sky class suite wins a star class suite, I assume that would include drink pkg? But I already purchased drink pkg at a tiny Black Friday discount. So I will assume that I won’t get upgrade bid ... but oh if I do, my drink pkg was a waste of money because u have to cancel earlier than the bid notifications. 🤔
  17. Has anyone been upgraded from Sky to Star and if so, did you cancel your drink pkg. I’m thinking we won’t get upgrade but if we did, I would want to return drink pkgs.
  18. This made me laugh and scared me at the same time!!! My first is coming up....great post and I've taken it all in....Thanks!
  19. We (Husband and Wife and ACTIVE TEENAGE BOYS) will be in St. Kitts for the first time in April. I had booked all the other island excursions right away but St. Kitts was my last because I was struggling with the same thoughts,,,,,beaches, snorkeling and excursions are not geared towards active teens like I have found on other islands (Western Carib more so). That picture of people laying out on the catamaran looks heavenly to me,,,,but my boys would hate it! LOL. Last week I finally booked Carambola Beach and Parasailing which is right there on the pier. The boys will also love snorkeling (with water shoes due to the sea urchins) right off the beach. I did my homework on Tripadvisor to come up with this plan. Our boys ages are 18/15/11. In the past on other islands we've done jetski/snorkeling a few times and for something different I was looking at the speed boats/snorkeling excursion on St. Kitts. But the youngest was too young for Parasailing when we did it years ago, so that is what ultimately helped me with my decision. Good luck!!!
  20. Wow, I had to shout out....fond childhood memories of Kelly's in Southie. Not many people even know it was there! I'm looking for a hotel to stay the night before which is why I am on this board .......now I will have to try this Kelly's Landing!
  21. Thanks! Funny I saw this one but it is different Itinerary ....but prob very similar activities/times?
  22. Thank you. Yes agree, it is a cool app. however I don't think it is completely updated for my cruise yet. I'll keep looking but would love to see a compass.
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