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  1. Would greatly appreciate if anyone could post a Symphony Compass for the Eastern - St. Kitts, St Thomas and Nassau Itinerary. I've not been able to find this one on these boards. Thank you!
  2. Add a mini fan to your fancy cup holder and you can charge $20 like Disney World!
  3. Great thanks! 15 yr old is very excited for the variety of flavors so he can figure out how he wants to carry his cup around. 11 yr will get water from bars.
  4. Curious how teens handle the drink pkgs...... on Disney there are free drink stations w disposable cups and the boys were constantly grabbing a drink. My 15 and 11 year old won’t always be w us so I wonder if teens just carry the cups around?
  5. If you are willing and can remember.....Please post your opinion and comparison after your beach break excursion. I’ll be there in April and looking for a beach .....my 2 boys love water sports and snorkeling. My husband and l love buckets of beer 😉
  6. Thank you for this posting! This will be our first cruise on Royal in April and I must say that during our last 6 cruises we never had to think about things like this, we would be told by the ship announcements to change our clocks as well as the notice in the daily navigators each night. From reading RC postings over the last year I became aware that RC does not follow local time and I've been very stressed about it. LOL Similar to the postings on here, my husband thought this was absolutely crazy and didn't believe me that the ship doesn't follow local time. My approach will be to purchase a water proof cheap watch that I will wear on our non-RC excursions so that I make sure we are on ship time and not being laughed at as pier runners!!! 🤣
  7. When I saw these on other posts I thought tacky vs classy.... but I am middle aged now and although I try to still be cool mom and wife... my husband and I often joke that we are no longer the target audience 😂
  8. Today I am thankful for cruise critic message boards...............LOL I just canceled refreshment pkgs for the kids at $26 per day and rebooked @ $17 per day. Not the same luck with my deluxe drink pkg. Well ironically it is $52 and I had paid $53, it must have come down without me noticing one day this past year.....I will wait until Friday to see if it comes down more before cancelling for the difference. As of now it does not indicate that it is a sale like the refreshment pkg did. This is for Symphony April 2019 booking. Happy savings everyone!
  9. Perfect thank you ‘ reallyitsmema’ and ‘biker 19’!
  10. Ok here goes .... my experience on my last 6 cruises in as many years has been.... onshore 2 adults bring license and ship card and 3 kids just bring ship card. And yes we left all 5 passports locked up in our room safes. That is what was advised. The major difference here was that our ship pass had our pictures on it. So if RC does not have picture on sea pass.... what type of picture ID do people bring ashore for kids? on a separate note...does the sea pass link to a computerized picture when making a purchase on board....?
  11. Yes makes sense. I’ll just keep it. I like the day and time I picked. Thanks!
  12. I checked my contract and it is a special Bonus offer. It appears to be jointly from RC and TA for being a first timer to the TA. So as folks have indicated, the credit that has appeared on my account was indeed from RC and is netting against purchases. But the other larger Bonus credit will not appear until embarkation day and HAS NO CASH VALUE AND IS NOT TRANSFERABLE. I've got a question out to my TA to confirm that I can apply towards tips and arcade etc. There is no way I'm not using that bonus! But I really want to net against my OOP! Just makes it feel like a better deal!
  13. I just signed up for this the other day for our April cruise. We are not vegetarians (but we love sushi!) and I had read about this class on the boards recently. I recall that the author had indicated that they do cater to vegetarians and made sure that they had separate tools etc. I think it sounds great. SMC99 - I wonder if I should cancel and wait to sign up...do they generally discount it during the cruise vs. pre-planning purchase?
  14. Interesting I’ll recheck the contract. I did go thru TA but I thought it was a RC special back when I booked. I did get other OBC that I did net against kids drink pkg but I thought that was from TA. Regardless, glad I can use for tips. Gives me the feeling I got something for free vs looking for something to spend it on. Mind games 😉
  15. Oh I know how to spend it..... I’m just trying not too!!!!! 😂 just thought of another thing.....arcade for the kids? Just feels better knowing that the credit is going towards a true expense that we would have vs splurging. The suite is a splurge for us and pkgs I’ve purchased.....but yes you are correct I’ve been studying all the ways I can spend money on this amazing ship!
  16. Perfect......that will still leave a bit more credit but I feel better and can justify a spa activity without pre planning. Thank you!
  17. This credit has small print ‘not avail until sail date’. Happy to have it but c’mon.....what a strategy..... of course I’m going to pre plan everything for the annual family vacation....so I’ll end up having to spend more just to use the credit 😡
  18. I was fortunate to get a nice onboard credit w my booking on symphony next April. On another cruise line I have always selected all of my excursions and packages prior to the cruise date and the fee would get netted against my onboard credits and the balance would just go on my onboard account. It looks like w RC the fee is charged at point of sale. I pre-plan to ensure we get everything we want but that’s going to leave me w a pretty big onboard credit that I will lose. I hoped to net against my drink pkg but I already purchased because the boards warned of rate hikes. I’ve also booked bogo and some activities and I now want to book some excursions. There will be nothing to net against by the time we board. Perhaps I will use for tips if that is allowed? ( 4 in suite for 7 days).....How does that work w onboard credit.
  19. Hello, I am specifically interested in hearing from RC folks that may have done the Snuba excursion in St. Kitts. We've done it in Cozumel Mexico and loved it but because it was a short early morning excursion, I did research and we took a cab from the Snuba sight to a close by beach resort for the remainder of the day and cabbed back to the ship. The RC Snuba seems to just be for a couple of hours and it does include a short time at a beach but it doesn't say what beach. I'm wondering is St. Kitts the type of place like Cozumel where we could just stay at the beach after the excursion leaves or even cab to a different beach and stay longer so we have a full day on the island. Thanks!
  20. But now instead of being at atlantis for a full day....10-4:30 ish wont it be more like 10- 2:30ish due to all aboard at 4? I’m not happy about that. But I promised the kids so we r going regardless.
  21. I’m on your cruise and I got the email weeks ago and it stated the new times... 7-4. I’m not happy about it either. I was trying to save money and purchased tkts for the Atlantis water park ( not thru RC) and it doesn’t even open until 10! Short time for the $ 😡
  22. I think RC should hire you to do this type of review for every ship! I’m sold and going on symphony in April.... I’ll be looking for this same type of review to book our next cruise!! 😉 Thank you so much for all of the details and amazing pictures.
  23. How does one find this information out. I have no opinion on this topic however logically I’m hearing if a high volume of P’s, CK/SL may be a bit more crowded. Being my first RC I’d like to know for planning purposes. Thanks.
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