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  1. Perhaps the suites should be given a special area in Windjammer, put the Diamond Lounge in Dazzles, and rename CK and SL to Pinnacle Kitchen and Pinnacle Lounge or allow only Pinnacles in the deck 17 rooms. After all, a couple spends a quarter of a million to get to Pinnacle so why waste the deck 17 to those that are not invested? There are two edges to a sword.


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    Oh I don't like that suggestion at all. LOL


    I can share my personal experience of how RC was able to get me to grossly overpay for a Suite. I wanted to try a mega ship, my husband absolutely did not. My strategy was to book a Suite (yes agree overpriced) so that if the crowds got to him we would have other options to avoid the crowds. That's what I call a win/win! Now if this turns out to be a success for our first cruise on RC, no doubt we will rebook our suite experience each year, thus RC is certainly getting a good return on their investment in this family. :) No CK/SL included, I would not be willing to pay a suite rate.

  2. I pretty much ignore the foolish ads..... my focus is on the actual price. I booked a 4/19 Symphony months ago and bought in at 53 (that’s pretax) because I read on the boards it could go up. Sure enough it has to 56. I still check a few times a week if not daily. I’m hoping for the Black Friday sale.

  3. I check every day. On my cruise it has only went up :( From 53.00 per day to 56.00

    Same exact experience for me. I bought in at the 53 but have been checking everyday for it to go down NOT GO UP! It is 56 now. I’m hoping the Black Friday sale that others have seen happens this year. I’d like to pay less than the 53.

  4. We used it last year and it was excellent! There are 5 of us and we've used many ways to the port from MCO over the last 6 years. We either had private car service or rental car from MCO Hyatt to port, or we've taken Disney Bus from MCO to port. The latter was much more expensive than the 'Go Port Canaveral'. Ironically, the bus is just like the Disney minus Mickey movies and it departs right next to the Disney bus at MCO at a much better pricetag! This year we are out of Miami but if we go out of Port Canaveral again, I would definitely use the 'Go Port Canaveral' service! Last year we also chose to not pay the high rate at Hyatt because we were not coming in late night so we stayed at the Hampton Inn & Suites Orlando Airport at Gateway village (included shuttle to airport). We were pleasantly surprised with the size of our 2 queen suite room and the buffet breakfast, all much less expensive than Hyatt rates at that time. Would recommend the Hampton as well. Though Hyatt is always great for flying in late with kids the night before a cruise.

  5. Sort of an FYI related to this topic.



    My other half and I always have the Deluxe Bev package. We also both often take the others card and will order two drinks at once. Never a problem with both cards in hand. On the Freedom sailing I was just on last week, I went to the R-Bar, ordered two drinks as usual, handed both cards and a $1 bill (my usual practice for mixed drinks), and walked away with both drinks in hand. The next day upon review of my onboard account on the TV, I saw a single drink charge from the R-Bar. I went to guest services and they pulled up the receipt in question. On this particular instance, the bar server had rung up both drinks on one card - so the second drink was charged. It was easy to get fixed/removed after showing guest services that we both had the beverage packages, so no harm no foul, but a good reminder to keep an eye on your onboard account.





    Thanks for sharing that experience. I would think that it is quite frequent that an 'other half' picks up the drinks while the 'better half' ;) stays sitting at the pool. We will be sure to check our onboard account each day for this issue.

  6. Well I just had a really good laugh that I must share with all of my new friends here at CC. As I said I would, I just called RC to ask 2 questions........1- Is CK open for wine/beer/water/soda from 11-11,,,,,I've been told by many many CC experts that it is (and please don't be mad that I doubted you Bob!) however the website actually says *beverages not included. 2 - I asked are teenaged kids welcome in the CK without adults to pick up their soda's and waters.


    Ready for the answer...............1 - I don't know let me check with my supervisor...........2 - After 5-10 min's on hold, Sorry we don't have any information on this. ..........I politely said, you do work for RC correct? 3 - She answered yes I apologize that I am unable to answer your question. I said that's ok thank you and have a good day...........4 - Would you like to hang on for a brief survey? I said, sorry I don't have time today .......... I hung up and boy did I let out a hysterical laugh that my co-workers are now laughing with me! Moral of the story, don't doubt my CC experts again!

  7. What great advice I am getting from you all on this topic. Totally agree, we would do just fine with the CK deal and just pay for my poolside Pina Colada(s) while DH and kids get in their 'steps' going back and forth to CK. Although when I mentioned to my DH that we could probably carry our cocktails to dinner (outside of CK)...he pointed out that his would be empty by the time we got to the dinner location! LOL We have BOGO for first two nights. Remember this is our first ever experience on RC never mind the fact that we are going on a mega ship....so we have lots of ship sightseeing to do. I'm thinking I don't want to be tied to CK.


    I wonder if anyone could post drink menus from CK.


    In Boston we call that cranberry and vodka mix a CAPE CODDAH! Outside of Boston I make sure I say Titos and Cranberry;)

  8. Very good points! Our plan is about $125 per day.........the only thing that makes that even slightly worth it for us is that we generally do get a bottle of wine with dinner so that is where we can see the benefit of the pkg. So now we would just be getting glasses of wine for dinner, and if DH wants red with meat and I want white with fish,,,,it's a win/win, no compromising necessary. However if we end up eating in CK a few nights for dinner, which people on the boards seem to say it is excellent, we wouldn't need the drink pkg and our wine would be free!! Thanks everyone.....I am enjoying seeing peoples perspectives and taking it all in to assist in our decision.

  9. This! I pay as I go when I’m sky class. Never come close to having a tab as big as the drinking package costs. I wouldnt call myself a light drinker either.



    This is what I was originally thinking when I asked the question. At this time we are sort of light drinkers (age and just busy working parents), but given the cost of the drinking pkg., I've joked that we are having bloody Mary's with breakfast, Martini's with lunch, frozen drinks by the pool, wine with dinner and not going to bed until we've had many nightcaps!!! LOL. When ordinarily we would just have beers / frozen drinks by the pool on sea days and wine at dinner. Well I have 7 mths to decide our approach....appreciate this additional insight from other sky class experiences. Thanks.

  10. The boys will be 15, 11 for the April cruise so they don't need me walking them to get their beverages (our first cruise without our now 18 year old in school--very different trip for our usual party of 5). On Disney their soda's/lemonades were free on the pool deck so they are used to traveling for their beverages the only difference being that their beverages were also included in the dining rooms. However, I am nervous about their reaction to the size of this ship so I'm just keeping the pkg's. Feeling extra pressure this trip, first mega ship, first non-Disney (myself and DH so excited!!), first without the oldest brother (sad!)............I know it's the beginning of many new ships as our family definitely loves cruising together! I'm reading away on these boards to learn all the tips! Thanks!!

  11. Whatever the servers are carrying around as the special drink of the day..... it’s like I am not fully on holiday until I have my fruity drink with an umbrella on the pool deck!!! All my stress disappears at that moment...... for 7 days!!!!!! Pina coladas for the rest of the week, wine at dinner, Tito’s and cranberry late night.

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