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  1. one if the excurions in Belize is a beach cabana. When you go to book it the time it gives you is 8:01am. I am curious that since you are booking it for the day do you need to go at 8:01am or can ypu go later. 10:00am for example?
  2. I have an upcoming cruise in February 2021 and when i made the reservation my girlfriend said she couldn't go. (i am taking my dad and his girlfriend on this cruise) So I went and booked this cruise as a single for my room. Now she is saying that she can go. Is it possible to add a 2nd person to my room? I am in a balcony so there is room, and I have until October 2020 to make the final payment. Just wondering what the process is and if it can be done. Thanks
  3. I have called back since and been disconnected 2 times, I have never received answers to emails I sent, and am thoroughly discouraged.
  4. They said they would send it to me, but that was 6 weeks ago.
  5. I have called, emailed, and sent Mr Bailey (ceo) an email and nothing.
  6. We had booked a cruise leaving San Juan on November 14, 2020. One of our family members didn't feel good about traveling at that time so we called and cancelled. We were told at the time (it has been 6 weeks) that we would be receiving a Future Cruise Credit Certificate that we can use. To date we have not received the credit and we ended up booking on another line because of it. Has anyone else been having problems receiving their credits? We would love to book another cruise on RC but not if we are going to have to pay for something we already paid for.
  7. We have an uocoming cruise to the Caribbean and i was wondering if there are rules about fishing from your balcony or flying kites off your balcony. I figured our aft syite would be perfect for that.
  8. They have gold balls that turn into fish food in water. I don't see why that is not an option.
  9. It was on the Getaway (sister Ship) out of New Orleans, during Mardi Gras. Interesting times.
  10. I have seen some good and some bad shows. Best was "Million Dollar Quartet". Worse case there is always the casino at night.
  11. It is the Enchantment of the Seas in Mid November
  12. I am curious about activities while onboarding during sea days. Are there rules against fishing from your balcony or going to the back of the ship and flying a kite? Also is there any way to see what the stage shows are for certain cruises?
  13. Called RCCL and spoke to a wonderful young lady. She took care of it and changed our price. Nice saving almost $1000. Now I can buy the drink packages.
  14. I was looking at the cruises and found out ours has dropped in price. Any idea or ways to get the new rate, can I just call them and have them change it?
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