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  1. Last week we were told it was cancelled then, the next day told that they had postponed the cancelation. So we are on our way from New Zealand today to Bucharest to join the cruise. If you are there now and heard nothing more about the cancellation, maybe it is still on, I did call uniworld this morning and they advised it was still sailing.
  2. We are on the same cruise as you and also from NZ! What did you do instead of the cruise? As I understand it, if we cancel there is no refund, but if they cancel there is a refund. So, right now, we are still heading to London tonight and Bucharest as planned. Fingers crossed it still goes ahead.
  3. we are meant to be sailing next week from Bucharest to Budapest on uniworld. Has anyone had experience with how uniworld cope and assist when they have to change itinerary or cancel?
  4. What was the plan b? We are travelling to Bucharest next week and suspect it may not sail. So what did they do when that happened for you?
  5. I am travelling to Bucharest to Budapest next week. Are the river levels high enough for a river Cruise? I am booked on uniworld
  6. Can anyone give me some insight at to the later levels for river cruises from Bucharest to Budapest. I am booked on Uniworld for week after next and I hear the water levels are very low and making it hard to sail. Does anyone know the status please?
  7. Can any one tell me what the river levels are from Bucharest to Budapest as I am on a Riverboat with Uniworld next week and hear the levels are so low they may not go ahead. Anyone got any ideas please.
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