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  1. 1) the boss (me) breakes the power socket in pieces. 🙄 2) the electrician brings an mounts a double socket, because there are always not enough sockets. The building is from the 1960th.... . Brave man! 👍 3) an employee of mine (happy that the socket is fixed) connects the extension cord (see pictue). 🙈
  2. .... already answered, here is a picture, just to remember good times. 🤩 (Brilliance otS, 2018)
  3. 2016 this was funny 😅, now it's craving 😯. Hopefully not nostalgia 😱.
  4. It just means, that you have to find the cap 710...😳
  5. Not really a question, but an advice for really hard times: "Never leave the ship, until the ship leaves you!" 😱😖
  6. 1. Celebrity Apex in June 21 👍 2. see No.1 😎 3. The past Anthem TA NY-STH in April 20, meant to be the cruise, where I wanted to ask her THE Question💍 .... now it was the breakfast table with PJs in lockdown 😲. (But she said YES ✔ nevertheless! 😍😊)
  7. ....ever thought about a "bathroom tablet"? 😉 Just leave it there and wash your hands afterwards.... if you don't wash, everything is meaningless 😲😳😱
  8. Well, I'm not an expert, but this seems unlikely to me. 🤔
  9. Imho a muster drill is absolutely necessary on any cruise ship. It brings you some routine for the case, that hopefully never will happen. And noone should say, that they have it done sooooo many times, that they don't need it. 🤐 Studies had shown, that even experienced flyers in a real emergency, forget how to open their seat buckle on a flight.😲 On the other side Color Line "cruises" has its drill only virtuell on the TV screen in your stateroom, when entering. I believe, that even though this "cruise" from Kiel to Oslo takes 20 hours oneway, it is only a ferryboat. A
  10. ..... and if we hit the iceberg, or even the rock in front of Giglio, we go to the airconditioned theater and take our spaced seat to spread times.... 😳 🤪
  11. Seeing this foto a few pages ago, felt like "coming home". 😎 Not only the interior of the cabin and the uniform of the flight attendent, but the simple possibilities of answers. "Yes or no" 🤔. Sometimes the decision between "sweet or salty snack".... 🧐 this was my home airline. 🤠 Can anybody name this airline? Two hints: They flew me home out of MIA after my TA. And: it doesn't exsist anymore. Maybe a consequence of "yes or no". 😆 Stay safe and healthy! 😷
  12. Hi Wolfcathorse! Oasis seems to be a little bit difficult. As LTyler and I wrote, Capt Claus Andersen was Master in mid of September. LTyler wrote for "the last to weeks" on Sept 13th. I sailed with Capt Claus on the last cruise before dry dock (Sept 15-22) and spoke to him at Captains corner. He said, he will be in charge for the dry dock in Cadiz. I missed to ask, if it means, that he will be on her for the WHOLE time, stupid me! Of corse, Claus couldn't have been on Oasis since May... Capt Göran might have been on Oasis sometime in between.
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