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  1. Need to know how fast the wind will be blowing to adequately answer this. How fast will the windspeed be?
  2. But only a couple, maybe less, who feel that they have to post what they are going to wear over and over in the same thread.
  3. You will have plenty of tome. No need to worry about it on your cruise
  4. If they have a suite, they already have Club Class dining at no additional charge.
  5. That would be a change. Last year's Sip N Sail included the next summer's cruises. We booked out June 5, 2019 cruise under the SNS last July.
  6. Bloody Caesar (Bloody Mary w/ Clam Juice)
  7. It's not. It's just one of those things that is not discussed.
  8. Correct. Nor is Princess interested in going around rousting people who are in someone else's cabin.
  9. Will you ever come back and answer questions?
  10. You don't get double PBP during Sip N Sail so that you can have 30 alcoholic beverages a day. 😉
  11. I just looked up the price of a trip I have been monitoring for weeks. It falls under this promo. Price completely unbudged. I think Princess just lies about things like 2-1 savings..........
  12. I'm not nearly paranoid enough to care whether Princess knows where I am onboard.
  13. You are going to touch 800,000 things that other people have touched during your cruise. The napkin is not a big worry comparatively.
  14. You two are both right. Really. Now one of you should walk away.
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