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  1. Can you post pics of the JR's Omelets? Thanks. 😉
  2. Following along Dale! Love pineapples, unicorns and martinis too!
  3. Sugar*Magnolia

    "Post Revolution" Deck Plans

    I suspect M class, but on a webinar last week they didn't exactly say. They just said Deck 12 forward. That is all. Yes, it is puzzling.
  4. Sugar*Magnolia

    "Post Revolution" Deck Plans

    The Retreat will be on Deck 12 forward. You're right, Deck 18 is incorrect. :)
  5. Sugar*Magnolia

    Passengers killed in bus accident

    Devastating....all are in my thoughts and prayers...
  6. This is beyond horrifying. Prayers to EVERYONE...the families of the victims whose loved ones are gone, the crew on board Equinox....the crew we are friends with on Equinox.....:ship: Things like this should just never happen. I am beyond sad and will keep all in my prayers...
  7. All caught up, and happy to follow along! Equinox is next up for us! :ship::ship::ship:~CruiseDivaNJ
  8. Excited and look forward to your posts! :):)
  9. Sugar*Magnolia

    Anthem eliminates Dynamic Dining

    That is what Dynamic Classic 1 And Classic 2 are (were).
  10. Sugar*Magnolia

    Anthem eliminates Dynamic Dining

    You know I really enjoyed Dynamic dining! :)
  11. Great scoping of your JS! Thanks so much for taking the time and enjoy your cruise! :)
  12. I vote for a Celebrity ship full time out of Bayonne too. Not that my vote counts to Celebrity, lol! I would double check the info that Rhapsody is sailing out of NJ summer 2017. I see summer 2017 Rhapsody itineraries out of Venice (there was a switch around JUNE 1, 2016). Vision is doing a couple CA/NE out of NJ in Sept 2017.
  13. Good Morning Chris!! Finally made it over to CC to follow along!! I look forward to your posts and your periscoping!! You're the best! Thanks for doing this, we don't cruise for another few months, so I appreciate you giving me my cruise-fix!
  14. Sugar*Magnolia

    Grandeur 7655/7155

    We are looking for the same info. I am told the bed is on the side wall when you walk in, instead of being straight ahead. And, while maybe it is not 'much' larger, again I'm being told that it actually is somewhat larger. I think instead of a chair, there is a couch (and room for it, opposed to the standard K cabins). Anyone?