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  1. We had a Chill Island cabana which was great for our group of 5 adults (one in wheelchair) and two children. The water was calm, warm, and clear. Plenty of clean sand and easy access. Easy to swim and snorkel from that area. Our cabana attendant got lunch and drinks for us and also brought extras like cookies, funnel cake, and fruit kabobs. We did not use the water park or the pool since we enjoyed the beach. The children had fun on the pirate ship play area for no extra charge. The only negative for the day was difficult access for the wheelchair. We did get a beach wheelchair with no trouble but it would be nice if more areas were paved since the beach wheelchairs are a bit hard to push.
  2. We never asked for the drinks to be covered, we just noticed we did not get a seperate bill for drinks most of the time and assumed they put the charge on the card with the drink package. It was usually only three extra drinks and not at all the restaurants every night. One night at 150 Central Park we were not charged for the specialty martini and one night we were. Perhaps the servers just charged them to the card with the drink package or maybe just neglected to generate a separate bill.
  3. We were just on Harmony Oct. 20 with a western sailing and UDP and party of 7. We made all our reservations for the week shortly after we boarded and had no issues getting exactly what we wanted. We changed a couple of our reservations later in the week with no issues. Only restaurant that seemed to be pretty much booked was Chops but we still got in one night.
  4. We had the full menu with all the steak offerings. One person got a 6 oz filet but could have gotten two other sizes, another in our group had the strip steak with a couple different size offerings available.
  5. We had to go directly to Izumi to make our reservation but were told right away it was included in the UDP. When we were seated they told us what was covered by the UDP (one protein) and if we wanted to add anything it would be an additional $4. We chose that because an additional $4 for lobster and scallops was well worth it.
  6. We just got off Harmony from the October 20 sailing and also had the Unlimited Dining with a party of 7, including two children. We had lunch at Sabor's on embarkation day with no waiting for a table. Service was a little slow but I think this was due more to the fact that it was very early (around 1130). We made our reservations for dinners for the rest of the week while we were at Sabor. The gentleman taking the reserations just wrote everything on a piece of paper so we were a bit concerned that it would not get entered correctly, but we got everything we wanted with no issues. It took an hour or so for the reservations to show up on the Royal app. It did not seem to have any reservations already booked for us. We did need to go directly to Izumi to book the hibachi grill but they were able to accommodate all 7 of us the first night with no problem. Wonderland was interesting and the food was good, our only complaint was the print on the menu was very small and the lighting was dim so it was a bit difficult to read the menu. As others have said we just told our server what we liked and did not like to eat and let him choose our appetizers. We ate at Chops once and Jaimies and 150 Central Park twice. All were excellent although we enjoyed Jaimies the most. Our server brought us almost all the appetizers to share as well as almost all the pastas to share in addition to our entrees. Our second night at Jaimies was lobster night in the MDR and our server brought lobster tails for our entire party in addition to our entrees. We did not make reservations for lunch on our two sea days but had no problem getting into Sabor both days. One thing we found most nights at all the restaurants was one member of our group had the drink package and the servers usually put all of our dinner cocktails and wine on that package so none of us paid extra for the drinks except on night. Overall a great experience and definately worth the price.
  7. We just got off Harmony and ate twice at Jamie's. We were a party of five adults, two children. Entrees were all great - my husband had the lasagne both nights and really enjoyed it. They also brought us a couple of almost every appetizer and pastas on the menu set up on planks for sharing. Great food and great service!
  8. This shows that it is good to review the ship well prior to booking. By looking at what is offered on the Oasis class ships they are clearly geared for families. A ship that features a childrens water play area, merry go round, climbing areas, many sports areas, kids club, etc. will be more attractive to families with children. WeT will be sailing on Harmony next week with our children and grandchildren and specifically chose this class of ship because of the actiivities offered for different age groups. There certainly must be other ships or even cruise lines that attract an older, more sedate crowd. I for one am 65 years young and much prefer the activities offered on the bigger ships. The last time we cruised it was on Oasis of the Seas and there were a lot of children onboard. The children didn't bother me nearly as much as the rude, older people making nasty comments about everything. To each his own.
  9. My daughter, son in law, and grandchildren lives in North Carolina and they have a year round school schedule with periodic 3 week breaks throughout the year. My grandson will be on one of those breaks after October 18 and they are all joining us on our Harmony cruise starting the 20th. Seems like many schools are doing alternative schedules so there aren't a lot of times when there won't be many children on board.
  10. We bought the UDP for our upcoming Harmony cruise. Prior to purchasing I called and inquired about the need to purchase for children. I was told there was no need to purchase a package for any children they would just be charged the $10 fee each timed they dined with the rest of the party in a specialty restaurant.
  11. Does anyone know when Harmony of the Seas will be decorated for Halloween? We are sailing on October 20 and my grandson wants to know if the ship will be decorated. Thanks!
  12. We are sailing with other family members so we are planning on all meeting in my daughter's suite, popping a bottle of champagne, and hanging out on their balcony with the grandchildren.
  13. Does the ship you are sailing on have an escape room? That might be a fun activity for all family members?
  14. My husband is quadriplegic and wheelchair dependant. Trust me, if he didn't need a wheelchair I am sure he would love more than anything to get rid of it. I do know there are many people who abuse the disability system and resources but please don't make fun of people you see in a wheelchair. You don't know their circumstances.
  15. We will be on Harmony in October with the UDP and eat mainly vegetarian (on occasion will eat seafood) so I appreciate the information in this thread. I have found at other restaurants that if I don't see anything that meets my needs I will ask if anything can be done to make something vegetarian. Most are able to easily make changes even if it is just not including the meat, etc that is in the original dish. I have also had the waiters tell me they will speak to the chef and have had some great meals as a result. One of the best meals we had was at Boma at Disney World. Tlhe chef actually came out and talked to us to see what we liked and didn't like and what we could and could not eat. He then made this amazing tower of vegetables that was incredible. We were the envy of the other diners in the restaurant. He even made us a special dessert (at no charge). I apologized for making a special request but he said he actually enjoys doing special meals since he can be creative and gets a bit bored making the same things every night. Bottom line is just ask if you don't find something you like.
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