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  1. From the way they talk about the ship on their website "Carrying only 312 guests, Star Breeze still tucks into small ports like Le Lavandou and Wrangell or narrow waterways like the Corinth and Keil Canal" it doesn't appear she will take up permanent residence in FP. Such a shame, as she is the perfect size boat to take the place for the many cruisers Ponant and Paul Gauguin have run off. I'll be watching closely to see how many cruises they end up booking out of Papeete, and their price structure for those cabins. My guess is they will sell out very quickly if priced right.
  2. There are 2020 cruises yet to sail and 2021 cruises before 2021 dry dock. No idea what PG is doing with 767 or the 4 other aft cabins and the people they bumped to a B Cabin on those cruises. Will PG make the changes in 2021 dry dock? Not sure we know an answer. My Cabin for my Sept 2021 Cooks Cruise is still listed as 8006 in "Manage my Trip" New Ponant Explorer class ships being built, plus a Windstar powered vessel, the Star Breeze, after a $250 million refurb is due to hit FP in the fall of 2021. The Star Breeze might have everything most people who previously sailed the PG look for in a ship to sail FP, minus the horrible corporate policies of Ponant and the French Government that allowed Ponant to break contracts that they had signed with passengers, and are now refusing to honor, costing many people thousands of dollars, and creating horrific dilemmas and headaches for hundreds of their previous loyal customers, many I'm certain they have lost forever. Cruises that the cruise line cancelled, and they refuse to refund passengers money. It's disgraceful, and should be criminal. I can't think of any cruise line, airline or hotel line that has treated their loyal customers with more disdain than Ponant and Paul Gauguin, and that's saying something considering the times we're in. It seems to be typical French arrogance, "Let them eat cake". I don't know that much about the Star Breeze, but size, cabins, shallow draft, all point to the perfect replacement for passengers who have been so mistreated by PG that they will never sail her again, but love FP enough to want to return and cruise the waters again. If she stayed in FP year round, I imagine she could easily take a over a huge portion of PG's market. If Ponant decides they don't want to spend a ton of money refurbishing PG, as I suspect, she has little life left, a few years at most. The Star Breeze will be in San Diego at the end of next summer, I may try and arrange a visit, if nothing else drive down to the docks and take a look.
  3. I'm curious, where did you read that private excursions were no longer allowed? We have an 11 days Cooks cruise scheduled in Sept 2021, our 3rd PG Cruise, and haven't read this anywhere.
  4. How is your favorite cruise line treating its employees? https://www.miamiherald.com/news/business/tourism-cruises/article242565281.html
  5. I would hope so too. We have an 11 day Cooks Cruise scheduled with them in Sept of 2021, they have $3600 of our money. We would very much like to take the cruise. It's possible that Ponant could make it through the COVID shutdown, but not be able to fill their ships and become insolvent because of all of the bad will they have generated with the treatment of their booked passengers.
  6. WE cancelled our Sept 2020 Viking 13 Med cruise on March 31, we had all of the money we paid Viking, $18,000+, back on our AMEX card on April 2. It seems there are some inconsistencies in Viking's refund policies.
  7. Dolebludger, please understand that Ponant has acquired the Paul Gauguin, and is now steering her down this reckless path. This is the same ship and, same crew as she was in the past, only with a new, mean, ugly stepmother controlling her. You can find similar disdain over on the Ponant Board.
  8. To the best of my knowledge, the only place you can find the terms that apply if the cruise line cancels is contained in the "Passenger Ticket Contract". The Passenger Ticket Contract states in Sec 9 (b) "Company may for any reason whatsoever cancel any sailing or terminate the Ticket/Contract at any time prior to departure of the Ship, and in such event, Company's only liability will be to refund to the Passenger the amount it has received for the Ticket/Contract." This information does not appear to have changed when they changed their cancellation policy. They are simply not following it.
  9. You don't need to have a printed copy of the webpage with the cancellation policies when you booked. You can simply go to the Wayback Machine at archive.org. Put in PGCruises.com, scroll to the date you booked, and go to About us, then FAQ, then Reservation Information, Cancellation Policy. This has been their standard cancellation policy for a number of years, at least it was when I booked my last three cruises with them, including a September 2021, 11 night Cook Island cruise.
  10. Both Paul Gauguin and Ponant have offices in the U.S., Paul Gauguin in Bellevue, WA, and Ponant has an office in Miami, FL. Ponant sails from both the East and West coast of the U.S.
  11. With the way Ponant is mistreating its customers, as well as the customers of The Paul Gauguin, which Ponant recently acquired, they seem to be totally lacking any semblance of a marketing strategy. They are driving customers away by the droves, with their refusal to honor the terms and conditions of the contracts they entered into with their customers when they accepted their customers money. Their arrogance, and complete and utter lack of honesty, will cost them dearly when this virus is over. Even if they survive intact, their brand will be tainted forever. Perhaps their French clientele will be more forgiving, but most Americans expect the companies they do business with to honor the contracts both parties agreed to at the time of sale.
  12. One thing is obvious, at least to me, Ponant will fight us to keep our money. Wow, $355,000 in airfare, and I thought Business Class on ATN was too expensive.
  13. I'm just curious if your Passenger contract states that it is governed by the laws of the United States, or of France. I paid my deposit in U.S. dollars to Paul Gauguin Cruises of Bellevue, Washington, US headquarters for Paul Gauguin Cruises, although I'm not certain at this point if they are incorporated in the U.S., but my passenger contract states it is governed by French law, and any legal issues are to be argued in French Polynesian courts.
  14. Passenger Contract, Section 18 (b) Any dispute arising out of or in connection with this Ticket/Contract shall be litigated and determined, if at all, before a court of competent jurisdiction in FRENCH POLYNESIA to the exclusion of the courts of any other city, state or country. All such claims arising shall be decided according to the Convention and the applicable general maritime laws of France, with reference to which this Ticket/Contract is made.
  15. Passenger Contract, Section 9 (b) Company may for any reason whatsoever cancel any sailing or terminate the Ticket/Contract at any time before departure of the Ship, and in such event, Company’s only liability will be to refund to the Passenger the amount it has received for the Ticket/Contract. Any such changes are for Passenger’s safety and beyond Company’s control.
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