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  1. I just returned from a 7 day cruise in Cabin 811. With the exception of a neighbor on one side who had long, loud phone conversations with her kids every day we were in port, while sitting on her veranda, the room was also "exceedingly quiet". No ship noise whatsoever, and no noise from above. On our last cruise we were in 727, and we heard noise from the tenders being lowered, as well as the pool deck chairs being moved every morning/evening. Not terribly loud, but if you are sensitive to noise, stay clear of the tenders.
  2. MrRandal


    It is officially illegal to chum for sharks in Moorea, although many vendors continue the practice. Since this was a whale watching trip, I'm pretty certain there was no chum, just a bizarre, freak accident. We were in the lagoon with black tips just a couple of weeks after this happened, and we had vendors who were using chum.
  3. We just flew AF PE round trip LAX to PPT, and while we were able to get a great price, we were not at all impressed with the actual seats, the food or the service. We took the PG air credit of $1700 and for an additional $200 each we were able to book PE on Air France. We purchased at an opportune time, as PE seats were selling for considerably more a month later. The seats supposedly give you an extra 40% room, so I can only cringe at what the seating is in economy. The seats are within a plastic shell, and they "slide down" to give you the illusion of a recline, but in fact they do not recline. There are pull down foot rests, and they fit my wife, at 5'2" perfectly. At 5'11" I found them useless. The positive is that the seat in from of you does not recline into your space. They were hard, very uncomfortable, even for my 5'2" wife. The food was barely passable, on par with what US airlines were offering in economy before they quit offering food at all. Our restroom choice was to head to the back of the plane and que up for an economy toilet, we were not allowed to use business class facilities, and we had no special PE facilities. We did get priority boarding, 1 piece of extra checked luggage each, and the entertainment system and choices were excellent. For the price, it certainly beat basic economy on either AF or ATN, but not the experience we were hoping for.
  4. I'm pretty certain it is only for hotel guests, but you could always inquire.
  5. You can go to the marina at the ICH Moorea and for $16 each they will take you out to a great snorkeling spot about a 5-10 minute boat ride away, between 2 motus, one with "restrooms". You just need to tell them how long you want to stay and they'll come back and pick you up. This spot is a popular stop for many of the tour operators, you get it for a fraction of the cost of an excursion.
  6. The drift snorkel, I'm going to guess, is a little over 100 yards long, you walk up to the start, change from water shoes to fins get in the water and drift. They bring your shoes down to the finish. They make 3 trips, walk up, drift back. Some in our group were done after one trip, some after 2 trips and about half of us made all 3. My wife and I walk 3 miles every day, and swim for an hour 2-3 times a week, so we stay in relatively good condition. If you have never done an excursion with Pure Snorkel in Bora Bora, one of their stops is an absolutely amazing coral garden with no current. Very easy snorkeling, and breathtaking beauty.
  7. By PG's description of the excursion it is for "experienced snorkelers who are extremely comfortable in the water". My wife and I, who are in our mid 60's, fit into that category. While you are drifting with the current, there are areas where the coral is very close to the surface, and you must swim around it or be pushed into it. On occasion, it takes some pretty strong kicking, for a short period, to stay on the "trail" that the guide is following. I've described it as exhilarating, because of the sheer beauty of what you are seeing, combined with the fact that there is a small element of "danger". It's not death defying, but coral cuts can be nasty. There are plenty of other coral gardens in FP that you can see that don't include the drift factor.
  8. I'm not certain you can get a day room after a non PG Hotel post stay. We stayed at the ICH Thallasso after our last cruise, and PG handled everything, transfers from hotel to Bora Bora airport, flight, pick up at airport Day room at the ICH Tahiti until we were transferred to airport. And we were able to do so using non PG booked air. However, for our trip this Oct, we are staying at the Hilton Moorea post cruise, and we are making all of our transfer arrangements ourselves.
  9. Consider the PG Drift Snorkel on Taha'a, it was one of the highlights of our cruise. Exhilarating, beautiful experience. Starts early, 8-8:30, the vendor then drops you back at Motu Mahana in time for lunch, with plenty of time afterwards to enjoy the Motu.
  10. Pure Snorkel is an amazing excursion, in my opinion, well worth the time and money. As far as the PG private Motu in Bora Bora, 2 hours was plenty for us. It's not Motu Mahana.
  11. And I highly recommend Pure Snorkel in Bora Bora, we went last year and they were amazing. We have booked them for this year as well as Marc's tour through Huahine Nautique in Huahine.
  12. Lovestx we will be disembarking the day you embark, as we are on the Oct 26 cruise! When we booked our last cruise excursions with PG (Our 1st PG Cruise) we were surprised at how many excursions had sold out or were very limited by the time we got online, we're Pacific time. Most of the sold out excursions were SCUBA, although there were others. For our upcoming cruise, I actually emailed PGCruises, and their response was the excursions go up on the site between 55-60 days before your cruise, and there is no specific day or time they could tell me when they would be posted. I'm not even certain exactly how they count back to get to 60 days. Is embarkation day, Oct 26, Day 1, or is it day 0 and the day before Oct 25 Day 1?
  13. Be careful with the metal straws, a woman in England was killed when she tripped holding a glass with a metal straw in it. The straw impaled her in the eye when she fell.
  14. Sorry, my answer was not clear. We do not have a "Day Room", we have a Pre Cruise package with "One night with morning arrival". We get in on AF at 5:25 am, we will be picked up "meet and greet" at the airport and transferred to the IC. We have immediate access to our room, which we will keep until check out the following day. We will then be transported to the PG. Sorry for the confusion.
  15. But you can book a day room at the IC through PG, even if you book your own air. And that includes the meet and greet and transfers. We're flying Premium Economy on Air France for about $1800 less than what PE on ATN would have been. That's not an everyday fare, but was available on certain dates when we booked.
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