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  1. We dock at 1pm and leave at 3pm the next day. We've decided to take the ferry over to St. George's on day 1 and go to the Crystal Cave if we can get there before they close...if not we'll just explore St. George's on our on...day 2 we will have a five hour tour around the entire island. I have a feeling I am going to want to go back. I read that the casino and bars are open from 9pm until 5am. I am really looking forward to spending time in Bermuda.
  2. Sorry, I didn't clarify that...we are actually doing a 7 day out of Charleston on Carnival Sunshine. We were just fitting in a quick get away before an 11 day cruise later this year. We will drive to port, no hotels, no airfare and we don't have to use any extra vacation days for travel. The week we could get away was limited because of the availability of our trusted house/dog sitter. I'm not thrilled about the limited time we will have in Bermuda so I guess I'll just have to plan another trip there so I can see and do more. 🙂
  3. CruisinCrow, I'm pretty sure we are going to copy you for day one and possibly day 2 (waiting to hear back about that one). Looks like I will also be making a list for the next visit. HA HA Thanks for the suggestions!
  4. Certainly does look like there is a lot to do there. I guess I need to prioritize. CruisinCrow, thanks for suggestion for the two days.
  5. I am considering a cruise to Bermuda. We would port in Bermuda at 1PM, stay overnight and leave the next day at 3PM. I want to see the caves and a few other sights. I would love opinions...do we have enough time to see the highlights of Bermuda in this time? Or should I book a different cruise? I've looked on-line and seems like Bermuda has some awesome sights. I don't want to miss any! Help! LOL
  6. We are booked on the 12pm - 4pm Woodwind Snorkel excursion in December. This will be our first time in Bonaire so we'd also like to see some of the island. Any suggestions for an early morning tour that would have us (4 adults) back to the port by 11:30ish? We will dock around 8AM so could do an 8:30-11:30 island tour. Any recommendations?
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