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  1. Thank you very much for all of the feedback. I m still in the "Cunard Blues" and feel a little bit homesick not to be on board again. Watching all these videos on youtube makes me feel to book again. One question: I grabed an issue of "The Queens" magazine on board and it is very interesting to read. How can I receive or buy it for future issues? - Thorsten
  2. We are back from our first ever cruise with the QM2 from Hamburg to Zeebrugge/Brugge, St.Peter Port and then back to Hamburg. I will try to write down some of my impressions and thoughts about it and please sorry for my horrible English. First of all the ship is awesome. I have read a lot of her in the internet and watched a lot of YouTube films but nothing can beat the original. Our cabin: We had an inside cabin (5082) which was ok for us for 5 days. Our cabin steward was great and the cabin was very clean. But I have to say that we would book an outside cabin for a longer cruise. We separated the beds so the inside cabin was spacy enough for us but fresh air on longer trips could be the better option. The food: We have had the last sitting at the Britannia restaurant and the waiters were great. The quality of the food was very good in our opinion and each night there were enough to choose from. A great plus was the option to buy a bottle of wine and split it over two days. So we ordered a bottle of wine, drink some glasses and the rest will be stored for you for the next day. A great service! We did not choose any drinking package and ended up cheaper to pay them as they come. The ship: Awesome! We loved the British atmosphere and I did not find any spot which was dirty or in a bad constitution. We did a celebration cruise for 15 years of Queen Mary 2 in Hamburg and to sail away with all the other boats around you and the people waving to you from the land was a dream. The thing I was aware the most of became my absolute favor….the dressing code in the evening. It was so much fun to dress up and we always loved the atmosphere when everyone was dressed up too. Great! The entertainment: The Royal Court Theatre shows were different each night and something for everybody. We always have fun watching it and the performers really know to perform a great show. Afternoon tea is a must but it was way too busy for us so we did it just once. We liked it but it was very crowded. The shore excursion: We have had only two days on shore and we did everything by ourselves. In Zeebrugge I have ordered a private shuttle in advance and he brought us safe and fast to the city of Brugge and back. Much faster than the Cunard option. In St.Peter Port we did a walking tour of our own and this was ok too. I was a little bit afraid of the tender boats but I have to say that I really liked it. By the way: There was a magical moment when we did the tender back from St.Peter Port to the QM2. On that day there was another cruise ship stopping for St.Peter Port and they stopped right in front of the QM2 so we could not see her from land or from the tender boat bringing us back. But just in the moment when we were on the tender boat the other cruise ship leaves the harbor. Everyone on that ship was on deck to watch the QM2 and suddenly we could see the QM2 there alone. Our tender boat was getting closer very slowly and it was so impressed seeing her in her full that I´ve cried. I always dreamed to be on that ship and this moment was too much for me. The only bad thing I can remember is not a fault by Cunard and I have to say that this has to be some other guests on board and mainly German guest. I am German too but some of my fellow German people behave badly. For example they could not stay in line or put too way much food on plate at Kings Court. I felt so ashamed for them and I have met some very nice British and US people on board…and some nice people from Germany too. My dream came true. It was a fantastic experience and it will not be the last cruise with Cunard. Perhaps we will do a world cruise when I retired in 2036 (😁) but as you know…You have to have a dream. Greetings from Germany Thorsten
  3. I have booked us a privare transfer to Brugge and back and I hope that everything will be ok. By the way: The Cunard excursions for the other port (St.Peters Port) are online fully booked. But I plan to go there by myself anyway. Any tips for doing it? Another question: We will be at the port in Hamburg at 12 am but our boarding time will be 3 pm. I gues that means that we can "check-in" ony at 3 pm. Am I right? Any tips for getting an upgrade?
  4. Thanks for your help. I will preorder the privat transfer but when can I leave the ship and have to come back? The Cunard excursion will begin at 9.00 am so I guess this will be the time for me too. I guess the ship will leave at 5.00 pm so going back at 3.30 or 4 pm would be ok. Am I right?
  5. Hi again, it is only one week to go until our first cruise and we are counting the days until leaving. I will post some questions over the week until leaving here and hope that you can help me with your experience. Our first harbour will be Zeebrugge and we want to see Brugge. The Cunard shore excursion will be a bus transfer and then a 20 minute walk into the city. It will cost us $128. I have seen that there are privat shuttles available to book from the harbour to the city of Brugge. I have contact one of them and they would bring is to the city and back for 100 Euros. I do not know what to do. Going with Cunard for a little bit more and I know what do expect or using the privat transfer and hope that the driver will there on time. What would you do or what are your´re experience at Zeebrugge. Sorry for my horrible English!
  6. How about this one from my wife for our first cruise
  7. Everything is ok and thank you for your answers. I am so glad to be on that ship and my cabin is very good in my opinion. Counting the days.
  8. Hello again from Germany, I am so excited...my E-Ticket is available for our first ever QM2 cruise in June and I can not wait to use it. It is a 50th aniversary birthday present for my wife and myself will celebrate my own birthday on board. Will there be any chance of a room update due to this all or will it be the final room number now. Not that I would be unhappy with my choosen room but this would be a special suprise. Thanks all for your help. - Thorsten
  9. Thanks again for all of your help. @SolentRichard: This is very interesting...thanks for posting.
  10. Thanks all for your help. I guess I will book a excursion for Brugge now and discover St. Peter Port on my own or perhaps wait and see what will be available later on board for this town. By the way: Cunard showed the Guest Speakers and/or Entertainemnt events for some routes on their old website. I can not find something similar on the new website. Am I right?
  11. Hello from Germany, as you might know, we will do our first trip with the QM2 in June. We have two ports with the city of Brugge and St.Peter Port. From today on I can book several shore excursions on the "My Cunard" site and I have some questions about it: 1. Will it be better to book these excursions right now or on board? 2. Will there be any transport from the harbours into the town for those who will not book a Cunard shore excursion? 3. Please tell me your thought about these excursion: Private or book with Cunard? Thanks for your help. Greetings from Germany Thorsten
  12. Happy New Year from Germany I wish you all a happy, healthy and peacefull 2019. It will be our first cruise on the QM2 in June and I am counting the days already.
  13. Thanks all for your reply. Today Cunard announced that my cruise will be a special celebration cruise. Due to the 15th anniversary of Queen Mary 2 and Hamburg as a port they will be celebrating special events on that cruise. There will be a special sail away party and a special celebration dinner with Thomas Martin (2 star chef) and Klaus Kremer. It become better and better for our first cruise on the QM2.🤩
  14. Hi from Germany! As you might now we will do our very first trip with the QM2 in summer next year. I am so excited and counting the days until leaving. We will stay at an inside cabin and I am thinking about using 2 single beds instead of an double. The cabin size looks a little bit spacier for me with two single beds. What do you think? We will do a 5 day cruise (M917) from Hamburg to Hamburg. Any chance of special entertainment (guest speakers or something like that) on that cruise or will there be special guests only on cruises crossing the Atlantic? Thanks for your help!
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