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  1. Thanks all for your answers. My wife gets an exemption (hope this is the right word) from her work yesterday. We now can go with the Norwegian cruise as booked. 😃🤩🛳️
  2. Hi from Germany, first of all I hope that everyone is feeling good and safe. As you might now I have booked the Norwegian Cruise from Hamburg to Hamburg in July 2021 for my 50th birthday. My wife is working in the health system and due to Corona the vacation times for each person were limited. So we can not go with this cruise. I hope not not to cancel at all so I have found another cruise which would be very interesting for us (and we all hope that we could travel again worldwide in July 2021). The Queen Mary 2 will do a Transatlantic trip on our days from
  3. I´ve just booked two cabins #6145 Sheltered Balcony #6147 Atrium Thanks all for your help and in these hard times I am so happy about it. 🙂
  4. Thanks for your help. I do not concern that Cunard will choose the dinning times for us when booking the "Early Saver" price. Beside this I am afraid that our two cabins will be too far away from each other. Here is my plan for the moment due to your answers: I will book a sheltered balcony cabins ( Midship #5119) and an Atrium cabin (Midship #5117). They lie opposite from each other and the inside cabin has some kind of window and light. My kids could come to your cabin when they want to stay on a balcony. This option would safe us nearly 1.000
  5. Hello from Germany, in these hard times we all need something to look for. My 50th birthday will be in June 2021 and we did a QM2 cruise last year for the 50th birthday of my wife. So I guess now it will be my time. I want to celebrate with my family on the Fjords Cruise (M122) from Hamburg to Hamburg from July 15th until July 22th 2021. We had a inside stateroom last time but at this cruise we want to test a sheltered balcony cabin. I have some questions (again): 1. We will travel with 4 persons. 3 adults and one "child"
  6. For me it is this: Cunard against this AIDA It is the elegance. It is the style. It is the legend. I still remember standing on deck the QM2 for the first time last year going out the Hamburg harbour. I will never forget that. You may not compare both ships but Cunard is the way to travel in style not the party, fun and all inclusive ships of today. where you need 3 water slides and a rollercoaster on deck. I hate this way to travel.
  7. Sounds good but I guess a world cruise for two would be cheaper than this option. If I would choose the transatlantic cruise I guess I would think about some extra days in New York with Cunard and fly home. I hate this but it would be a dream. On the other hand it is true that a cruise with some days at land and on sea would be great again too.
  8. Thanks all for your opinions. My planning for the New York cruise would be staying in NY for some days but I really do not want to fly back home. I hate this😨. Is there a chance to do a transatlantic cruise with a loger stop in NY and then go back via ship?
  9. Hello from Germany, it is one year ago since we did your first QM2 trip and we are still talking about it. It was an awesome journey. I know it is a bittle early but my planning has to start soon. My 50th birthday will be in June 2021 and we would like to make another Cunard travel. I was always dreaming to travel with the QM2 across the Atlantic and to sail into the habour of New York on the QM2. On the other hand I love Norway and to see the fjords would be great too. Both journeys would be available in 2021 from Hamburg, Germany. I
  10. Thank you very much for all of the feedback. I m still in the "Cunard Blues" and feel a little bit homesick not to be on board again. Watching all these videos on youtube makes me feel to book again. One question: I grabed an issue of "The Queens" magazine on board and it is very interesting to read. How can I receive or buy it for future issues? - Thorsten
  11. We are back from our first ever cruise with the QM2 from Hamburg to Zeebrugge/Brugge, St.Peter Port and then back to Hamburg. I will try to write down some of my impressions and thoughts about it and please sorry for my horrible English. First of all the ship is awesome. I have read a lot of her in the internet and watched a lot of YouTube films but nothing can beat the original. Our cabin: We had an inside cabin (5082) which was ok for us for 5 days. Our cabin steward was great and the cabin was very clean. But I have to say that we would book an outside cabin for
  12. I have booked us a privare transfer to Brugge and back and I hope that everything will be ok. By the way: The Cunard excursions for the other port (St.Peters Port) are online fully booked. But I plan to go there by myself anyway. Any tips for doing it? Another question: We will be at the port in Hamburg at 12 am but our boarding time will be 3 pm. I gues that means that we can "check-in" ony at 3 pm. Am I right? Any tips for getting an upgrade?
  13. Thanks for your help. I will preorder the privat transfer but when can I leave the ship and have to come back? The Cunard excursion will begin at 9.00 am so I guess this will be the time for me too. I guess the ship will leave at 5.00 pm so going back at 3.30 or 4 pm would be ok. Am I right?
  14. Hi again, it is only one week to go until our first cruise and we are counting the days until leaving. I will post some questions over the week until leaving here and hope that you can help me with your experience. Our first harbour will be Zeebrugge and we want to see Brugge. The Cunard shore excursion will be a bus transfer and then a 20 minute walk into the city. It will cost us $128. I have seen that there are privat shuttles available to book from the harbour to the city of Brugge. I have contact one of them and they would bring is to the ci
  15. How about this one from my wife for our first cruise
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