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  1. Thank you Greg! I’m a bit late updating this post. I went ahead and purchased the A6400 from B&H. I used payboo after all, was credited an amount equivalent to sales tax immediately, and transaction was swift and smooth. Camera arrived via FedEx the NEXT DAY. Too soon almost, as my DH was suspicious I’d ordered the camera in advance of asking his approval. A+ experience with B&H.
  2. This is exactly what I'm wanting to figure out. I really wish to do the NPS transit to EielsonVC, but not at all sure how to get to transit system from our Princess hotel. Can you advise?
  3. AK - I'd like to follow your advice for our upcoming Princess Cruisetour in early September. Can you tell me how I might get from our Princess hotel to the NPS Denali transit?
  4. Thanks to this board, I have been able to narrow down my camera choice to the Sony A6400. Looking for advice on where to purchase. There is not a camera shop nearby, so BestBuy is my only local option. I could always purchase from Amazon, but I suspect I may find more support from a retailer that specializes in photography equipment. Can anyone recommend a good online source? Thanks!
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