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  1. Well done to @bluemarblefor both the port identification and an original photo contribution, and to @Palmeatfor the ship ID.. The historical photo is of course Belfast, and the centre building is the Harbour Commissioners Office, built in 1847. The ground floor of the building is currently used as office accommodation, and the upper floors for business meetings, including the Commissioners’ monthly board meetings. An excellent PDF with pictures and descriptions of the various rooms can be downloaded at their web site: https://www.belfast-harbour.co.uk/search/?s=harbour+commission
  2. As we are temporarily out of new port photos, how about another historical picture. These nautical-themed buildings are still with us today.
  3. Nor I.... I think our alphabetical sequence has ended with Madagascar. 🙂
  4. That WA driving trip was way back in 1996, so I imagine the towns have changed a bit over the years, but we remember it as a fun interesting drive. We only had a week, with work being a lot busier back then. We flew into Perth on a Saturday arriving midday, hired the car, and returned the following Sunday, for about eight days all up. Your thought of 10 days would probably be better. The circular drive is around 2,000km in total, although you make good time in between the widely spaced towns, especially on the outback desert stretches between Esperance and Kalgoorlie, and Kalgoorlie and Pe
  5. Alphabetical challenge posed by @Palmeat... Challenge accepted! ... 😎 Challenge solved! Correct @bluemarble. I've been to PNG once on business, but only to Port Moresby. Madang is on the opposite northern coast, and no roads connect the two locations. The mountainous interior of the country has very thick impenetrable jungles.
  6. Taking a break for a moment from old driving adventures, here's a public domain photo from a port in a country I've been to once for work, but not on holiday and not on a cruise, Cunard or otherwise. I found this photo a "challenge".
  7. Yes, I wasn't sure if the CruiseCritic board would reduce the resolution of the sign on the side of the building in the first photo. The van parked on the street also has a WA state registration plate, although the car behind it has a NSW plate.
  8. Yes, it is Albany, Western Australia. Mrs. sfred and I were there many years ago on a WA driving trip from Perth to the Margaret River area, Albany, Esperance, Kalgoorlie, and back to Perth. The ship in the photo is a replica of the brig Amity, on display at the WA Museum in Albany.
  9. Here's a Cunard port from another ages-ago driving trip, before the era of camera phones. Lacking photos of my own, these are public domain images from wikimedia commons. Both are of the same port, and I've verified both photos in google street view. If a hint is desired. the port is not in NY.
  10. Hi @carlmm. Good to see you back. This is Mossel Bay, South Africa. The white roofed building is the Pavilion Restaurant / Jackal on the Beach, and the beach itself is the Santosstrand. It appeared to me that the van driving up the inclined street at the left of the photo was driving on the left side of the road, so I tried some likely countries that drive on the left and found this location.
  11. This brings back memories of the "what is the closest Cunard port to the equator" game from back in October 2020. Some of the ports discussed back then have already been seen, like Manta Equador. A really good candate for @Palmeat's latest photos might be Macapa, Brazil, which is consistent with the three clues provided. A road into Macapa originates in neighbouring French Guiana, and @Colin_Cameron's post 1309 said that ships often stop at Macapa to pick up or drop off an Amazon river pilot. I'm afraid I don't know the ship.
  12. It is indeed Eden. Well done to both. Mrs sfred and I were there many years ago, on a driving trip through country NSW. It is a charming town. The public domain photo has the Eden slipway in the foreground, the piers for pleasure, fishing, and tug boats in the centre, and the cruise ship pier further out by the harbour breakwater. I think QE is scheduled to make several calls at Eden over the next several summer seasons, if she ever makes it back to this part of the world. Some fun facts: Eden isn't named for the biblical garden, but instead was named in 1842 for George Eden, 1st E
  13. Is this Playa Blanca, Lanzarote, Canary Islands? I think I found a match to the lighthouse, the Faro de Punta Pechiguera, to the west of the port as you indicated.
  14. I tried looking for the cranes too, but the closest I could find were in Sanya, China. The Sanya port did not match, however, and the Sanya cranes were just slightly different.
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