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  1. Hi All We are in a deck D Balcony cabin on Arcadia for the 2020 world cruise and have just watched a youtube video of the cabins. A bit disappointed as it looks as though the lifeboat just below deck D might get in the way of a nice view when sitting on the balcony Anyone confirm this or otherwise?
  2. you fund it mate and i'll give it a right good go!😵....
  3. We're on the 99 day world cruise in 2020.....that's £7,920! (+ wine) ....that's a no go from me then !
  4. Hi All Looking for some help please We are ready to put down a 15% deposit (£5k) on P&O Arcadia world cruise 2020 and need help/advice with Insurance. We have pre-existing conditions (nothing major & under control), and I have never tried to organise insurance which covers this year (deposit), next year (balance) and cruise period (year after next) It seems to me i can:- arrange cover for the whole period (to cover deposit, balance & cruise) but am worried that if we insure now and we have to visit doctors in future, this may affect policy. arrange insurance when final payment is made, leaving deposit uninsured any other options? Could someone please explain what impact the 'lookback period' could have on my choices And could you give some rough idea of what good total insurance costs could be for this once in a lifetime trip. We want to be well covered and not miss out on anything important. Any other advice would be gratefully received Thank you all so much in advance Dave
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