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  1. Hi, i tried to search for this specific info. Can anyone tell me if the haven courtyard penthouse suites have electric outlets near the nightstands ? Thanks. If you have any info on the total outlets in the room also that would be appreciated too. Oh yeah, referring to the Getaway.
  2. Is the beach area available to all haven guests or just ones that rent a cabana? Thx
  3. Well, since I only joined a month ago, I dont really know what I’m doing, but your tone makes it seem that you are annoyed that I commented? Am I misreading you?
  4. I already tipped 20%. If you want more, earn it! Then, gladly I will throw another 5% for outstanding service.
  5. Oh yeah, I booked through NCL website
  6. Yeah, what laslo said is spot on. We got an email quite early. I watched what was still available. I noticed a lot of haven courtyards still available. I originally bid on a haven spa suite, but they sold out. I noticed a lot of courtyards still available and the cruise then sold out due to lifeboat capacity. So I bid there on the very low end, but just high enough to outbid low ballers. Hope this info helps.
  7. First time cruiser. Never, ever thought about missing a stop. Good thing I didn’t rent a cabana or something. Does the cruise line compensate you in anyway for a missed port?
  8. Wow, going in April to Bahamas and GSC. Does this happen often?
  9. Does anyone know, if 1 person gets the internet package can others piggy back off the phone if it’s set as a hot spot?
  10. Ok, got upgraded to the haven. I’m a first time cruiser. I know zero. What do I do first? Any advice is helpful. On the getaway to fla and Bahamas. Do I sit back and go with the flow or plan like a manic?
  11. Thanks! Getaway to fla &bahamas
  12. Just got an upgrade to a Haven courtyard suite from a mini suite w/ large balcony. 400 was min so I bid 460. Going to miss the big balcony, but hoping the haven perks make up for that. First cruise ever for us. Psyched!!!
  13. Hi folks. First post and first cruise. I am booked on ncl getaway on a mini suite with big balcony and received an upgrade offer for haven suites. I bid very low on a haven spa suite, but the balcony seems small. I dont even know if ill use the balcony. If anyone would give me their thoughts on which is a better room, i would appreciate it. I just have zero idea.
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