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  1. cruz_newbie

    Carnival Secrets they usually don't tell you about

    Hey Andrew - I just got back from the Glory last week. I recommend going the first evening to the "secret" deck on the front of the ship. Bring a sweatshirt, as it gets pretty windy. Go to deck 6, and go all the way to the front. On either side, you'll find a door that leads out to the deck. It's only a secret because not many people know about it - you're allowed to go there. If you're feeling adventurous, take the "crew only" stairs down to deck 5, and then another set of stairs to deck 4. This is the very front of the ship - as far forward as you can get. I say do this on the first day because most of the crew will be busy and not be out there. If you have any other questions about the Glory, feel free to ask - and congrats on the wedding!
  2. cruz_newbie

    Carnival Secrets they usually don't tell you about

    hey all - cruisin the Glory on saturday and will let you know of any good tips i can come up with. the ones on this board were great, and even though this is my first cruise, i already feel like a pro! p.s. tinmanswife: i tried to IM you a couple times but never heard anything back. i graduated from villa in '01 though, to answer your question!
  3. cruz_newbie

    Carnival Secrets they usually don't tell you about

    Like many other newbies on the board, I've enjoyed this thread immensely and have learned so much. Thanks to everyone for your cruise wisdom. I'm beyond ecstatic for my first cruise next week, and just thought that a reposting of the following tip, courtesy of Roboat, was in order. After reading all of the reviews, both negative and postive, I thought this was the best thing to keep in mind: "-For first time cruisers, here's the best tip i've ever received and I'll pass it along: there will be some things that don't meet your expectations, and some things that surpass them. Someone will get a better deal than you did, someone will not follow the guidelines, somebody will cut in front of you, someone will let their kid be unruly - ....BUT... someone will show you an unexpected kindness, some shore excursion or shipboard event will be much better than you expected, and some moments will really hit the spot. This is probably not the only chance you will ever have to cruise, so don't go expecting perfection; instead, just expect a very nice time overall. " --Thanks Roboat! p.s. tinmanswife - i went to highschool in malvern! (villa)