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  1. Splendor October 24 April 24. Cancelled May 14 received credit to my credit card of cruise deposit and shore excursions (minus $200 cancel fee)
  2. After reading this I decided to check on our AA flights to Venice on October 22. It was cancelled although the return flight from Rome in November is still listed. Never got an email from AA that they had cancelled. I called and was told to request refund for the round trip. We were going to wait to see if things improved and the cruise would happen but now I guess we will cancel the cruise.
  3. Thanks for doing the blog. We’re doing Venice to Rome end of October and I get to sign up for our shore excursions later tonight. We were on the Voyager in December so I can’t wait to experience the new ship. She looks beautiful.
  4. We were on the Singapore to Singapore cruise on the Voyager. Now that I am getting over my jet lag I have read the comments and reviews. We have to agree with the comments about the service problems in the restaurants.and with the bar servers. We had extremely slow service in Compass Rose. We also had times that we felt we were invisible in the Horizon Lounge when servers would offer appetizers to some and skip us. Same with the bar server in the Constellation theater who took my husband’s drink order and then ignored me. Trying to get a server’s attention to get coffee at breakfast in the
  5. We’re taking our first Regent cruise in December. Thanks for the tip 👏
  6. What about the a/c? Does that go off if the key card is removed?
  7. We are booked in Voyager Cabin 839 for our December Southeast Asia cruise. I think that is on the starboard side of the ship. Considering the heat and humidity I would rather have a balcony that is in the shade in the afternoon so the sun isn’t making the cabin warmer. For those who have done this itinerary which side of the ship should I choose? Thanks.
  8. I really enjoyed reading your pre-cruise posts and look forward to reading about the cruise.
  9. I love reading your trip report and look forward to each installment. We will be in Bangkok overnight as part of our cruise in December and will be staying at the Sheraton. I am looking forward to going across the river to Iconsiam Where did you eat dinner in the mall? We’re also taking a class at Blue Elephant cooking school Which cooking school are you going to? Bonnie
  10. This sounds like a fantastic trip. Can’t wait to read all of the reports from everyone.
  11. I received an email yesterday from Regent informing me that I could now book my shore excursions. It also mentioned The Executive Collection which offers private cars and guides and to call Regent to find out about it. I called and would be able to book a private car for Saigon. The price was around double booking a private tour on my own but I have tons of shore credits that I probably wouldn’t use so I think I can use them for this. Anyway I will call tomorrow to confirm that. It is disappointing that so many excursions that were listed on the web site as previously offered excu
  12. Just wanted to post an update. I never received the PDF. I went online at 11:00 p.m. CST and it listed every excursion as not available. I thought I would give it one more go before I went to bed so at 11:20 p.m. I went online and every excursion was available! I was able to book every excursion with no problem. There were no new excursions listed and no many choices in each port. We want to book a private car in Saigon which was an option in the what was offered on previous cruises but not offered on our cruise. I will call my travel agent to find out if it can be booked on board.
  13. Thanks Rachel. I have been looking at the web site and selected some excursions for each port. The problem is that some that were listed yesterday are not listed anymore i.e. private car, etc. The selection is a lot smaller today with fewer excursions offered in each port.The two different Regent agents told me not to go by what is offered on the web side as the PDF will have the authentic list of excursions. I guess I will see when I can select the excursions at 11 p.m. CST tonight.
  14. I am really frustrated with my first Regent cruise and the ability to select shore excursions. We can select them April 10th but I am still not able to get the PDF e-mailed to me. There are some listed on the web site with prices but others that were there yesterday are no longer showing. When I try to have the PDF mailed to me it has the message that no shore excursions are available yet. I have called Regent a few times. I was told to not go by what is on the web site and wait for the PDF. This morning I was told that the shore excursion desk is having a problem with the PDF and I "should" g
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