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  1. Thank you for your insight! Do you remember how long it took for the credit to be applied? Want to make sure I pick a cruise far enough in advance.
  2. I had a cruise booked for my now ex-boyfriend and I for a December 2018 sailing. I cancelled it but since I had purchased the travel protection, I received 75% in future cruise credits. I got two letters in the mail - one with future cruise credit under my name and one with future cruise credit under my ex’s name. I called and was told he had to be on the sailing in order for his credit to be used. I argued that I had paid for the entire cruise but they didn’t budge. Has anyone been able to get around this. Do you think I could book a cruise under his name but change it afterwards? I really appreciate any help anyone can offer! I’d hate for the credit under his name to go to waste...
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