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  1. Nope. When considering the loss of 3for free perks, price is actually higher.
  2. On the Island princess to Alaska in July. Would love to have medallion.net. if not will go without.
  3. My cruise on the Sky Princess still shows the same purchase minutes- internet packages on the Personalizer.
  4. I see the promo for my Feb 2020 cruise. The banner is there. The price has dropped about $90pp, free upgrade and I loose the specialty dining (not a big deal) and OBC is the same. Not a big savings overall.
  5. Check different sail dates.zThere are 2 different deals in March. Some have price reductions some have sale with perks.
  6. More detail re Air Canada Military baggage benefit: Eligible active and retired members of the Canadian and U.S. military are now entitled to check up to three pieces of checked baggage, each weighing up to 32 kg (70 lb) each. The allowance is applicable to the member of the military and is valid for both personal and duty travel.
  7. Air Canada has free baggage upto 3 bagged 70lbs each for retired or active military.
  8. Well note a great incentive. Shareholder OBC are better, quicker with less upfront cash.
  9. What is the loyalty credit? How many cruises to qualify?
  10. I refared and my TA was able to keep my flights and price under Ezair.
  11. Bubbs33


    Which princess ships if any have golf ranges, golf greens or golf simulators? Need to keep DH happy on a cruise 😉
  12. A gimmick that can work. My DH has never had an interest in cruising. Actually hated the idea. Last summer agreed to a try a cruise if we would go to alaska, so we booked for July 2019. Since then I have been following the boards and when the $1 sale came, suggested we book Caribbean for 2020 on proviso that if he hates the Alaskan cruise we can cancel. Well its booked and I see some excitement. I got til final payment to work on it.
  13. Thanks for the chuckle. 😁
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