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  1. Thank you. Appreciate that you shared your experience.
  2. It states: A multiple entry visa will be required if a non-Schengen country is visited between visits to Schengen countries (Example:depart from Italy, visit Turkey, arrive in Greece). Montenegro is a non-Schengen country.
  3. I am Canadian with a Canadian passport. First our cruise starts in Rome, the countries are Italy, Montenegro and Greece. I understand I do not require a tourist visa for Schengen countries (Italy and Greece). The Montenegro consulate also does not require a visa. However I recieved this notice from Princess... As a reminder, you will be visiting countries which are member of the Schengen Agreement. Schengen Agreement countries require passport holders from various countries to obtain a visa in advance. This requirement does not apply to Australian, Canadian, New Zealand, UK, or
  4. Checkout the agent site for princess. No login required for some info. See right navigation column. https://book.princess.com/BookingSystem/login.page
  5. First time attaching a file. Hope this works.
  6. Deposit requirements will change effective December 9, 2019 for Princess cruises. The deposit structure will be tiered based on cruise duration and cabin type. Book now to avoid potentially higher deposits.
  7. Should have mentioned the Alaskan Wildlife Center between Whittier and Anchorage. It was so educational and a great walk through to see native wildlife . It is not a zoo but a wildlife refuge for injured or orphaned animals. If you book with a transfer bus, most just drive through. We took our time, many photo ops and enjoyed viewing dozens of species.
  8. We did the NB out of Vancouver July 2020. Our first port was ICY STRAIT POINT, where we booked Hoonah Whale tours. Amazing, small boat tour. They only book upto 6 persons per tour. Find them by googling or through trip Advisor. We saw 3 pods of Orcas, dozens of humpback whales, sea otters and eagles, not to mention great views. At Skagway we rented a car and drove up the klondike hwy to Whitehorse Yukon, Yukon, Canada. Mant beautiful stops along the highway including g Whitepass, Carcross desert, Yukon suspension bridge, emerald lake, Tutushi lake, Spirit lodge for lunch etc. We took our time
  9. Thanks for your reply. Makes sense to me. I too only drink decaf in PM.
  10. Good day, Loved my first cruise with Princess to Alaska so much, I booked a 2nd cruise with Princess - Mediterranean and Aegean cruise. When leaving the ship in Alaska, we could not take our coffees or other foods unless it was water or prepackaged foods, off the ship. As our Mediterranean cruise is in the EU, are the rules the same? If so and as this is port intensive, I may cancel my coffee package. TIA.
  11. Thank you for the info. Its these kind of posts I love. On the recent 3FF sale with a 72hr Air Sale on cruises in Europe, we got $910Cdn off on airfares pp plus 3FF perks on a Mediterranean cruise. Couldn't turn it down. Gotta love it.
  12. Refared to 3FF last year for our Alaska cruise with great savings. This year booked a Mediterranean and Aegean Sea cruise, not only got 3FF but $910C credit on airfare for each passenger. Got to love these finds. Thanks for the heads up op.
  13. I planned to purchase FCDs on our Alaskan cruise last week. I got so caught up in the cruise (and sick), that I left without purchasing them. Is it too late? I thought you had a grace period after the cruise? I contacted my TA she says because I have a cruise booked for Geb, that I can't purchase the FCDs for any future booking. Your thought and experience appreciated. TIA
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