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  1. I planned to purchase FCDs on our Alaskan cruise last week. I got so caught up in the cruise (and sick), that I left without purchasing them. Is it too late? I thought you had a grace period after the cruise? I contacted my TA she says because I have a cruise booked for Geb, that I can't purchase the FCDs for any future booking. Your thought and experience appreciated. TIA
  2. We have booked our 1st Caribbean cruise. Our flight is 2 nights before departure from Ft. Lauderdale. I'm looking at the Princess precruise option of B Ocean Resort (formerly Sheraton Ft. Lauderdale Beach Hotel). I'm wondering if any one had any experience. Is the transfer process effective and timely? How's the beach, rooms and facilities? TIA
  3. Just got off an Alaskan cruise last week. Contacted my TA to purchase FCD. She advised that because we have a cruise booked for next winter, policy doesn't allow us to purchase FCD. Is this correct? Seeking advice. Thx.
  4. Told DH and friends about the volcano on our cruise last week. They loved it. Thank you Also DH got it a second night but replaced the strawberry sauce with caramel. Yummy.
  5. This is our first cruise for DH and I. We are travelling with another couple who cruise often but this is their first cruise with Princess. We boarded Westjet at Toronto and flew to Vancouver on the morning of July 16. Processing and baggage at both ends was quick and simple. There was no lineup for taxis. We landed at 9;15 and were checked on at the hotel and in our rooms by 10:45am. Hotel I changed our reservation 2 weeks before travelling. Originally booked at the Residence Inn for a good price I switched to the Fairmont Pacific Rim to be closer to the port and reduce taxi costs. It was a great decision. Upon arrival, the front desk staff offered us all water while we waited for her to confirm our reservation. We recieved a great overview of the hotel and amenities. Advised they had guest services cars available if we need to go anywhere at no cost. Our room was city view and stunning. A piano player in the lobby was classic. Every detail was tended to. We bought tickets to Grouse Mountain from concierge services, got directions to the free shuttle at Canada Place. Will add more about Grouse Mountain and embarkation soon.
  6. S&S no bargain. Currently have a 10 day cruise for two for $3954 including $550 OBC. To refare to S&S would be $6314 and only 250 OBC (200 military and 50 TA). No thanks.
  7. Does anyone know if this book is available onboard for purchase or only pre-cruise? Also, ate such gifts delivered to the room or only a gift certificate? TIA.
  8. Thank you all for your insights. Booked the Balcony breakfast for Glacier Bay. We are travelling with friends who will be in adjoining cabin so will share.
  9. Good day Our first cruise ever, will be on Princess Northbound Glacier to Alaska in July. We are interested in booking a balcony breakfast. We ate considering two options: 1- first sea day out of Vacouver. It may be warm and calm seas and hence a good time. 2- day in Glacier Bay, this would be after 3 long port days. Might bel a good way to relax and enjoy the start of what we hope will be a spectacular day. Our cabin will be mid-aft starboard, if that makes a difference. Your thoughts are welcome. What would you do?
  10. Only the single device package is available in our cruise Personalizer.
  11. We had booked Feb 2nd cruise about a year ago. Changed to a layer date this winter when we realised it coincided with Superbowl.
  12. I understand Island Princess has recently been outfitted with Medallion Net. How is the service on the Alaskan Cruisrs?
  13. What if any ate the restrictions for bringing purchases onboard a princess ship in each port? Travelling Vancouver to Whittier if that makes a difference.
  14. Im the OP. We dont really drink alot of soda/pop. And are casual drinkers (vacations and holidays). But had thought of getting the original package as a treat and for convenience. Actually had it in my basket to pay for when pension came in at end of May. Went to pay for it and it was no longer available. So our plan is to buy 3 cases of water and take some flavour packets with us. Will buy a few drinks as the cruise goes. Not a big deal. Probably what we should have done anyway. We all have choices and that is great.
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