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  1. Hi - I cancelled my March 22 sailing right before RC cancelled, so under the Cruise with Confidence. I received FCC at 100%. Question is - do I have to SAIL by 12/31/21 or book? I see the 125% have to book by 12/31/21 and sail by 4/22, but no mention of the people who cancelled and received the 100%. Are they the same? Sorry if it's been covered before, there are so many emails with FCC as the topic!!
  2. Nothing here - not even cruise planner items. It's been one month exactly since it was cancelled. This is so frustrating.
  3. Ha ha! Cancelled on the 13th. I have received zero back so far - not even cruise planner items, although I did get the same email (a month ago). It's frustrating.
  4. doesn't read that way to me. I assume you had to elect the FCC in order for this to apply? https://www.royalcaribbean.com/cruise-ships/itinerary-updates
  5. On Royal's site: If you purchased Cruise Planner Items: • You can opt-in to receive an Onboard Credit in the value of 125% of the total Cruise Planner purchases on your reservation. ◦ Click here to request your higher value credit. You can only take advantage of this offer through April 8th, 2020. I received an email on 3/13 about cruise planner items being automatically refunded, yet it still has to post to my CC. I wonder if it will happen after the 8th now. Anyone notice this??
  6. I received an email notice that my cruise planner items would be automatically refunded to my CC. This was March 13. I still don't have the refund. I called and they said 7-10 business days on cruise planner items. Today is 10 days. I'm not expecting the refund from the cruise to happen until mid-April. Our cruise was supposed to happen March 22.
  7. So I followed the link in the email to refund my kids' itinerary. Gonna wait for the 125% for hubs and me and rebook just the two of us.
  8. I cancelled my 3/22 sailing last night. Asked for a confirmation # but she said it had to go through a supervisor and would be processed. Confirmed my email address. Said the refund would be 7-10 business days and the cruise credit would be issued in 5. We'll see. My reservation is still active online.
  9. I'll be on Freedom in a few weeks and just downloaded the app - my cruise is on there!
  10. My boarding pass for Freedom says boarding is up until 7pm
  11. Thank you - didn't know this!! I've been checking every day since 90 days out.
  12. Hi all - I'm 64 days out from cruising on the Freedom. There's absolutely no entertainment listed to book. Typical? My friend is cruising Royal on a different ship, but leaves a day before me and they booked their entertainment in November.
  13. Haven't sailed RCL in a while - do they make anything particularly outstanding that I shouldn't miss, not in a specialty restaurant? For instance, I love Carnival's lava cakes.
  14. The waves are pretty gentle - they are present, but you don't see boogie boards or anything. This is just beaches I've been to (Barbados, St. Maarten, St. Lucia, St. Kitts, St. Thomas) headed to ABC island in two months so I can't speak to them.- there may be places on each island that gets bigger waves. My daughter (now 16) loves the beaches in the Southern Caribbean - once I tear her away from the teen club on the ship that is!
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