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  1. There are still agents telling people they can’t move to other ships, believe it or not. I just told a person they need a new TA, who insists it can’t be done price protected today, even after being sent the email those of us who booked direct received yesterday. will things ever be normal again?
  2. Hmm, that agent could be calling RC back and reinstating your booking. Their mistake not yours. It’s worth a bit of time to do if you want to move to another ship then. Our move to Symphony for the b2b was a good deal For us. Glad they offered more options.
  3. There’s no secret. Just call and request resolutions if someone can’t make it happen. My name isn’t that, but I did respond. Just keep calling until you get someone who knows it CAN BE done.
  4. No secret. Ask for resolutions if the next person tells you that. Use the number for RC given in your cancellation email.
  5. If you were booked on ALLURE and thought your options were limited to Liberty, That has changed TODAY. You can now: (1) Still move to Liberty, (2) Move to ANY other ship on a Caribbean cruise with your 7 night- price protected, or (3) get a refund of your deposit. We moved to Symphony, for the two weeks, in January 2022..Mine is done! Call RC if you want to make changes. Your move is still covered by Cruise with Confidence.We did have to pay a small difference in port fees. We are done and have new confirmations.
  6. The 100 days is listed as one of three options, whichever of the three happens FIRST...or that’s how it reads. https://www.cdc.gov/quarantine/cruise/index.html
  7. I thought this topic was RC stock. Am I wrong?
  8. Captain Per was our captain on Majesty Feb 8-15. Not sure if he left yet but he was onboard at least until Feb 15.
  9. Thanks for the complete review. Regarding the lack of the Diamond Happy Hour, Did you go to Captain’s Corner where it was discussed? Somewhere I read people would ask about it and responses were cut short. We were on Majesty Last May. Happy Hour was so nice. I really hate that they have removed this event. It changes something I had looked forward to. We sail in two weeks.
  10. Brian Leavitt leaves Liberty this week and Cory Rogers comes onboard this week as a 2020 permanent assignment. He’s there from January 14th to May 17th then July 12th to November 22nd. Brian Leavitt goes on vacation and will be on Between Symphony and Harmony for 2020.
  11. Yes, I shared that with Carol from folks who boarded yesterday. Do you have other questions you’d like asked since they are sailing from NO now? We are on the page on social media but also sail on 2/8. So glad it’s there like what we had last May!
  12. Where did you see this for jewel to Galveston for winter 2020? Am I the only one seeing one letter rows I can’t read? please tell us where this information is.
  13. Cruisers...Sail with CELEBRITY cruises? Friends who cruise...Check out your AMEX offers. My Blue card has this offer. Spend $500 with Celebrity, get $150 of statement credit. Accept the offer on the AmEx website then pay $500 on a Celebrity and get $150 credit on your statement! Tgrgh 12/31/19
  14. From Marc Walker (Bing Bong) Cruise Director BingBong Schedule just in : staying on Harmony 😉 Sept 29, 2019 - March 15, 2020 May 3-Sept 13, 2020 Nov 15-March 7, 2021 Feel free to share to a gazillion people
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