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  1. Have a wonderful time. So glad to follow you along before ours in 4 weeks! MorganClark, thanks for sharing your PCR test experience. I posted it on other groups, but I don’t think people believe me. Of course, that’s because the info is WRONG in RC materials. Pleasant sailing ahead! Have a blast!
  2. I got out my luggage tag holders today. I’m way too excited.
  3. She just moved from a balcony to a spacious balcony. That’s what we got for our August sailings. The only reg balconies were guarantee rates when we booked Monday.
  4. Shawn McDuff is the current Allure captain. This comes from Marc Walker, CD on Allure now. Take Care! So glad to see this page filling up again!
  5. Michael Lindberg is on Independence now. He’s still listed as being the Captain onboard Vision (his last ship). Hasn’t been on Vision for a year.
  6. Thank you for all the photos and info. I’m happy for all that are onboard, but I sure wish we were there!
  7. Allure's TA on October 30 and her Galveston cruises are now available for purchase!
  8. Interested in this TA and the 7 night before. Wondering when the TAs will show up? Hope it’s Galveston bound.
  9. Call back and just ask to apply it. If they say no, ask for an exception. If that doesn’t work, ask for resolutions. Worked for family members.
  10. There is a current Celebrity offer on my everyday blue card. Celebrity is part of RC Group.
  11. I didn’t know there were any RC cancellations where you couldn’t get a refund. We had one cancelled in the very first round, 13 days before we were to sail in March. I know FCC or moving a cruise were the only options for those who needed to cancel ahead of RCs cancellation of a cruise.
  12. We only took one FCC for a canceled cruise. The rest we had refunded. The only reason I took a FCC on that one was that it was tied to an initial spend limit on a new CC that got me 100K airline miles. Had I taken a refund, I would have lost my miles. The amount of my one FCC is more than any current Cruise I have booked. So, this is very good news.
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