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  1. Sorry, but you need to re-read that post. Daniel has taken over as acting CD. Has not been named as permanent.
  2. I’ve never sailed with him, but with 3 Liberty cruises booked maybe I will. What’s the correct spelling of his surname? I love Captain James, too. He was wonderful during Hurricane Harvey.
  3. If you have an AmEx card, check your offers. It’s been several years, but RC statement credit is showing in my everyday blue AmEx offers (no annual fee card). I will surely use it! $350 credit when you spend $1000 at RC. We have a Delta AmEx and the offer isn’t on that one, but someone else I know has a regular Platinum AmEx, abd had $500 credit on a $1500 spend with RC. Anyway, check it out and read the fine print if you see the offer on your AmEx card.
  4. Captain Gus took over on the September 19th cruise. We had Captain Michael on our September 12 cruise, and Captain Gus was the master from September 19 forward. We got off the ship this past Friday after being onboard Indy for three sailings.
  5. Captain James was at the helm on the test cruise in late September so Bardsnes (Bardsnes) took over this last week or so. Bardsnes is at the helm for a Liberty’s first revenue sailing today as confirmed on our page by a cruiser onboard.
  6. As per him sharing with me, Captain Michael Lindberg is staying an additional week. He will sign off on September 19, instead of 9/12. I’m glad because we get to sail a week with him! We are staying on for the two cruises after that week, with Captain Gus from 9/19 forward.
  7. Today is a sea day, and tomorrow back to Cococay since Grace is headed toward Cozumel. We are off the coast of FL TODAY, the folks getting tested day 5, if you depart Saturday. B2b cruisers are tested on Friday. We also have champagne toast and then a lobster lunch I’m told for DP340 guests. No officer at the table. I’m sure we will be distanced and that’s fine with me. Two pics today. One of the beautiful sea and sky from our balcony. The other of the mocha lattes we got with one of our D+ Drinks. More later.
  8. B2b cruisers are tested on Friday. We also have champagne toast and then a lobster lunch I’m told for DP340 guests. No officer at the table. I’m sure we will be distanced and that’s fine with me.
  9. What is your real name. Cannot place you. We allowed for the block. First one I had since 2019.
  10. We’ve had a great cruise so far. Waited on hand and foot. People are good about masking and protocols. Here’s a few pictures from the last day or so. The one is masked dancers at Boleros tonight. Others are random. Some at Oasis Lagoon. Also, Macarons substituted for loyalty fruit ganache truffles. The chicken sandwich, funnel cake, and chocolate brownie came from Snack Shack at Oasis lagoon - Cococay.
  11. They are also out of Adventure blocks. We are due one on the Aug 21 sailing. A 490 milestone block. They say it will be shipped to my house.
  12. We currently have 1274. I requested to move to another one that’s showing open. When we get moved over, I’ll hang our Karen and Bill sign on the door. 1274 is fine though. Not an adjoiner. Excited about the room. It was the only cabin I bid on on this b2b.
  13. I think it’s due to several things. When they changed to require more masking onboard and the shortened time to get an acceptable covid test, we were offered a refund instead of FCC, if we wanted to cancel. Some canceled then. We likely had sone cancel and choose a Florida or Texas sailing because of less hoops to jump through. Also, for anyone with heightened fear of increased covid numbers, you had an out, with money refunded. That’s my opinion anyway.
  14. We bid on a Grand Suite for the August 21 sailing and got email Tuesday evening that our bid up from a balcony cabin to a GS was accepted! We bid just a tad over the minimum bid of $200 a head. We will have a GS for less than half of its current cost! excited!! Way under 2K.
  15. The current passenger count is 727 for this cruise. There are more crew than passengers on this August 14 sailing. I’ve been told by both the concierge and the Loyalty Ambassador that our passenger count will be between 500-600 for the August 21 sailing, and we are b2b so we will experience even less passengers than this week.
  16. I’d be ok with Cococay, but we are there on Thursday.with Freedom. Aren’t they still allowing unvaxxed adults on that ship? In FL, aren’t they not allowed to ask for your vax card but just treat you as unvaxxed if you don’t offer to show it? For that reason, and hopefully it has changed, I’m not wild about a third day there. We will just stay onboard, I guess Anyway, we want to be safe. Allure was due at Coz Thursday as well. They are staying at Roátan longer. And then heading back to FL. .
  17. Yes, if you have unvaxxed members in your party, your dining is on deck 4, end in the theatre you must sit on deck 4 upper tier. The vaccinated all have a purple paper bracelet, and I noticed that some people people had a rubber one. I asked for one abs was told no. They did say when you are a b2ber you get a rubber bracelet on turn around say. We shall see.
  18. IMG_3535.MOV Day 2. Had a wonderful day. This evening we went to Giovanni’s for dinner, went to see the headliner, a singer with the RC orchestra playing, and I had forgotten how much I love live entertainment. 18 months without being onboard. Then we went to the ice show. RC is the only line that does it. It’s awesome. I added a clip of one of the 10 ice show cast. Not one slip or fall the whole show. I don’t own the rights to the music, so it may get partially muted. Very talented cast. We were wow’ed. You can see how distanced we are in the theater. They are adhering to the protocols. Masks at the ice show. Today, Day 3, is our first of two days at Cococay, RC’s private island. Having a blast but with much distancing And masks many places inside. Unvaccinated kids under 12 along with their families have a different story of the theater, and dining room for meals. Enjoy!
  19. Official count onboard from DudleyJean, Concierge: Total onboard: 727 upper tier:
  20. Our ship is here! August 14 sailing! Very excited. Link to PTZtv webcam: https://www.portnassauwebcam.com/
  21. We had a great day making it to Nassau! We flew from Little Rock on Delta to Atlanta and on to Nassau. We arrived here about 1:30, headed through immigration and showed our Bahamian visa, passport, and vaccine card. We did check in before the PCR test was required, but had ours in hand, just in case. IRS very important to have everything in hand and ready when you arrive. Everyone from this point forward has to have the PCR test and upload it to get the visa. The way the Bahamians get it up, it will be harder to get inky one test that will count for both Bahamian and RC guidelines. We had our PCR test Wednesday with 24 hour turnaround, and had results Thursday morning. Our results three days before meant one test sufficed for both requirements. The walk was long in both airports in Atlanta and Nassau, but there were folks who helped us (I have a gimpy knee) and we had lots of $5 to tip with. We are spending the night at the British Colonial Hilton, the hotel where we will check in for the cruise tomorrow. We arrived at 2 pm. Cab fare was $39 snd we tipped some. It’s an old, grand hotel with the beautiful aqua ocean out behind the hotel. You can see the ships docked from the beach out back, and the lighthouse at the tip of the point we pass sailing out. We ate appetizers at the beach, conch fritters and calamari. We were full! We came back and rested (we left our house at 445 am CDT). Then Bill just went across the street and got McDonalds across the street. They have no dining inside, so he had to go through the drive through as if he were in a car. The hotel has lush landscaping. Just gorgeous. We are so excited about getting on a ship tomorrow. Today made 18 months since we have sailed, and 20 months since we had flown. A great, seamless travel experience so far. Feel free to ask questions. Here’s a few pictures from today.
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