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  1. Wow, crazy that you know that!? As you can see, I'm new to this so thank you for sharing this, very cool! I will be downloading it this weekend! Thank you everyone for feedback very helpful!
  2. Wow, thank you all for the quick replies! I'm feeling much better, thank you! Don't get me wrong, I know they'll see stuff and I can't keep them in a bubble nor do I want to, but not sure I want to have the birds and the bees talk on my vacation! 😄 Someone mentioned the "compass", I am assuming that is the agenda of activities correct? Good to know they label those activities, we'll just be sure to avoid those. Or put the kids in the kids club and go ourselves.... J/K. Can't wait for the vacation to start!
  3. So we leave for our first cruise in 8 days with our two kids (8 and 11)! Super excited! However, I just had lunch with a co-worker who was telling me stories about crazy pool parties/contests where people are stuffing items in their swimsuit or that there is a nude deck. She has cruised a handful of times and swears it was on a Royal Caribbean but I have never heard anything like this. I booked Royal Caribbean as it was ranked as the best cruise ship for families but now I'm a little nervous! Anyone know if this is real? Do these things happen? Is there a nude deck? I'm assuming if there are parties like this, it is posted in their itinerary/agenda and we just make sure to avoid that area but didn't think this was happening on this line?? TIA!
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