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  1. Wow, crazy that you know that!? As you can see, I'm new to this so thank you for sharing this, very cool! I will be downloading it this weekend! Thank you everyone for feedback very helpful!
  2. Wow, thank you all for the quick replies! I'm feeling much better, thank you! Don't get me wrong, I know they'll see stuff and I can't keep them in a bubble nor do I want to, but not sure I want to have the birds and the bees talk on my vacation! 😄 Someone mentioned the "compass", I am assuming that is the agenda of activities correct? Good to know they label those activities, we'll just be sure to avoid those. Or put the kids in the kids club and go ourselves.... J/K. Can't wait for the vacation to start!
  3. So we leave for our first cruise in 8 days with our two kids (8 and 11)! Super excited! However, I just had lunch with a co-worker who was telling me stories about crazy pool parties/contests where people are stuffing items in their swimsuit or that there is a nude deck. She has cruised a handful of times and swears it was on a Royal Caribbean but I have never heard anything like this. I booked Royal Caribbean as it was ranked as the best cruise ship for families but now I'm a little nervous! Anyone know if this is real? Do these things happen? Is there a nude deck? I'm assuming if there are parties like this, it is posted in their itinerary/agenda and we just make sure to avoid that area but didn't think this was happening on this line?? TIA!
  4. Thank you so much everyone for all of the great advice! I know (ok, really hope) that we will have a great time. I mean come on, we are in the Caribbean in January and we live in WI! That alone is worth it! I tend to get overwhelmed with all of the information and details but I'm trying to pull what I can from these boards and then we just have to choose to make it fun and relax! Again, GREAT advice from so many, thank you!! We are already counting down!
  5. Woops, my bad. We do have a room with a balcony. Just double checked!
  6. Oh good, thank you so much for clarifying! I was starting to wonder why we pay the gratuities and then have to tip above and beyond. This helps me feel better about not tipping everywhere!
  7. I did read it was a bit of a drive, about an hour and 1/2 which is what is really making me not like it. But, not sure what else to do with two kids either. Dunns Falls looked very touristy to be honest and we have done a lot of waterfalls in our area, and the tubing seemed a bit too much for our 8 year old. The Blue Hole got great reviews and I like that you can opt out of any jumps if you want (for kids sake) and seemed a bit less touristy. Keeping our fingers crossed!!
  8. Very helpful, thank you! Again, never would have thought of bringing so much for tips with the built in gratuity charge but glad I know now. Also good point on the card as well, my hubby is very anxious about fraud as well. Thank you again!
  9. So reservations a must for us, thank you! We did book an oceanview room so that is great to hear! Mostly as my daughter/husband sometimes get overwhelmed with crowds so I thought this would be a nice way to just get away from a bit but still get fresh air/and beautiful views!
  10. So you can order a bottle of something to be delivered to your room and then buy soda as well on board and mix that and drink? I like rum/coke so thinking if we bring a cup that would work but don't want to break any rules either. Interesting how many people seem to tip with cash over the automatic gratuities charge. Never would have thought of that...Just assume if you are paying gratuities you are good already. As for itinerary.... none booked yet but hoping to soon. Jamaica - Blue Hole and beach/lunch; Labadee - beach day and maybe renting one of those covered bed things/cabana; Cozumel - jeep tour where we can snorkel, visit some sort of Mayan thing, and lunch. Thank you!!
  11. Great advice! Sounds like from a couple of threads that getting the kids to the kids club that first night is key. I always feel guilty even thinking about having them do a kids club but I know that they may love it more than hanging out with us on some of the cruise days. Good to know on shows too. I'll need to put reminders on my calendar. Thank you!
  12. This website and the posts are amazing and so helpful, thank you everyone for your insight! So, we are doing our first family cruise in January on the Oasis. Very excited and a bit nervous. I've been reading and copying posts and links like crazy it feel like, a bit overwhelming! Couple of questions... Don't plan on drinking really a lot at all with kiddos (8 and 11) so not interested in the beverage package. However, was looking at the soda package. I think my kids, particularly my 11 yr old would like it. We don't normally do soda a lot at all but would be a nice vacation treat for him. However, curious if we get one for him and one for one of us adults, can we buy booze on a ship store (do they even have stores?) and then mix drinks for ourselves in cups we bring? So, it seems that all purchases are on a "sign and sail" card. Assuming this is our card for the week that is attached to our credit card, like the wrist bands at Disney? If so, do we even bring cash for on ship stuff or just enough for the ports/excursions/taxis? How much do you recommend? Everyone says to book any/all shows you want to see. I can't seem to do that yet on my "cruise planner"? Is that because I'm too far out from our sail date? When can you start booking? Should we also book any specialty dining we want to do, say maybe a date nigh with kids in the kids club? Any other tips with two kiddos greatly appreciated! Sorry for so many questions in one post! Thank you in advance!! Alicia
  13. Thank you for sharing, that is helpful to know. She is not one to try something new without her big brother, guess it's a second kid thing, always having a built in playmate. And to be honest, I always have mom guilt of not having them with us every minute of the day on a vacation. But it sounds like the programs are really good so hopefully they will like it.
  14. I like the idea of going on the 1st night so they can get a feel for it and see what it is all about. And the fact that everyone else is new too. Great idea, thank you!
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