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  1. Sail away rate on the inclusive sailings on the Sun include alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages, soda included. It doesn’t include things like energy drinks, specialty coffees, high end liquor, and bottled water. There are some other restrictions-look at the NCL website for all of them when you are able. Virgin and regular strawberry daiquiris are included. All the soda you want is also included (fountain). Several wines are also included. They have a wine list at dinner for upcharge wines. However, they always have several in the MDR that are included. Just ask your server what they have that day (there won’t be a list).
  2. I did not take the perk, since it wasn't available at the time of sailing. I just booked a sailaway inside rate. Surprisingly I was assigned a decent cabin on deck 8. I mean, I didn't order any shots. But the big group at the bar in front of me was pretty disappointed when the bartender told them they weren't included. I think a lot of people are used to the UBP but the open bar setup on these ships isn't the UBP as far as the T&Cs go.
  3. Mine just showed up as well. I'm happy with it - I was assigned a midship picture window instead of a porthole window, and on deck 5 instead of deck 4. I'm still hoping for an upgrade via the bidding process to a balcony (never sailed with a balcony before). I can't complain though when I was given a slight upgrade for free!
  4. I am on this sailing and booked as an OF GTY (not sailaway) back in January. I also have no assigned cabin yet. I did bid on upgrade to a balcony. Every other time I've booked a GTY cabin, I have recieved a cabin number by now. Needless to say I am also anxious.
  5. Most colleges have spring break in March...late April is when they begin prep for finals. That being said, I was on the Sky in December. There were certainly many young adults on the ship because alcohol is included. There were also several teens on the ship with their parents. I think it really depends on your parenting style and what you deem acceptable/your comfort level.
  6. Cocoa Beach is a wonderful beach day. If you are wanting to go to the beach, head to the pier. The have chairs and umbrellas available for rental. On either side of the pier there are stations to wash off sand. The pier has several restraunts and bars. The best bar is Rikki Tiki Tavern. It is at the very end of the pier and the views of the ocean from there are amazing. I think you have to give them $2 in cash to to out to the bar, but they give you a token for $2 off your bill. Ron Jon's is across the street. Lots of shopping right there. Starbucks and free Wi-Fi inside the hotel. Fishlips is over by the port and has the best food in the area. Fun atmosphere, and very nice staff. If you like craft beer there is Coasters Taphouse. Their selection is amazing and the food is much better than Ale House.
  7. Unfortunately not. They will have them posted outside the MDRs well before dinner though! The menu in both is the same. Crossings (aft) is only open for dinner - they will have the new menu up not too long after they close for that day's dinner. Or, on embarkation day it will be posted already. Palace (mid) is open for breakfast and lunch. As soon as they close for one meal they will post the next meal's menu. You can find the menus next to the entrances of all the dining venues.
  8. You absolutely don't need an MDR reservation on the Sky unless you have a really large group (8+). You can just show up and they will seat you. There may be a short wait when it is really busy, like 5 minutes or so. Technically there are no required formal nights on NCL. They have a "Dress Up or Not" night. You will see anything from ballgowns to jeans. You just have to keep in mind the dress code. On the Sky the aft MDR requires long pants for men. The Palace (midship MDR) does not. Hopefully this helps!
  9. I cruise on 3/16. Thanks for the info! I'll have to check out other roll calls as well to get some more ideas for our cruise.
  10. I was contemplating purchasing the spa pass. However, I have seen people report higher prices on here. Currently. On My NCL it is showing a cost of $139/pp. We are on the 7 night Mexican Riveria cruise with 3.5 sea days. Has anyone purchased this on this Iteneray and is the cost worth it? Thanks!
  11. I don't remember exactly how deep, unfortunately. But there are two pools on the main deck. The family pool and the adults only pool. The family pool has the two sets of steps down from the side closest to the 4 hot tubs. It is fairly shallow here, no higher than around waist deep (I'm 5' 8"). This gets deeper the further toward the far side you go. I believe a max of about 6 feet. The adult pool is the same height across the whole pool, and always deeper than 7 feet. I want to say 7' 8", but I'm not 100% sure. Ther ed are several ladders in this pool. I like this one for when I've been sitting in the hot tub too long and need to cool off. 🙂 There are 4 hot tubs in between the two pools. Two of the hot tubs are more like lukewarm and two are actually hot. Also, two of the hot tubs are considered family and two are adults only (these are labeled). There is also a "kids pool" and "kids hot tub" on the next deck up at the far forward section of the ship. These are hardly ever used. No staff is watching them. The kids pool is very small and extremely shallow. When I was on the sun hardly any children were in board - this was an included bar cruise. The children that were on board never used this pool. It's a good place to go if you want a quieter area to be and still be in a hot tub or pool (less crowded too!). Hopefully this gives you a better idea of what is on board! *Not there are no water slides on this ship. Also, the children's pool is extremely small and doesn't have a play are for kids like some of the bigger ships.
  12. No problem, it happens! Look at the ship's pages here on CC. They generally have great photos of the pool areas!
  13. Yes. The "free open bar" on the Sun(select shorter cruises) and Sky are different than the regular UBP. The Sun & Sky have the free open bar included in the fare no matter what - even if you book the sailaway rate. It is more restrictive than the traditional UBP but doesn't require you to present your freestyle card etc. All other sailings and ships will just be the standard UBP.
  14. I'm not sure about Royal Caribbean since I've not sailed them. However, the Norwegian Sun and Norwegian Sky both have the "walk-in" family pools as well. These are the only two ships I've sailed so that is the only input I can offer.
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