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  1. Enjoy! I enjoyed reading your posts... we are headed on the ship when you get off.. Our first on RCL. Very excited. Looking forward to reading your thoughts. We have different itinerarys (I believe St. Maarten was the only one in common and I am quite sure it is cancelled for us as well) Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!
  2. First time on RCL-is there really only one specialty restaurant? I was looking at this package as well. We are more experienced on NCL and we usually eat in specialty restaurants 5 out of 7 nights.
  3. mkad1109

    How is the teen program on Epic?

    In 2012 we had four teens in our group. They all had an AMAZING time. Best out of all the ships is what they said. They made a lot of friends and I liked that because it was easy to spot them as the group was massive! I am quite sure your daughter will have a blast.
  4. My husband and I were in Le Bistro for our 20th anniversary. He had arranged with Maitre D for us to have the corner table and gave her a BEAUTIFUL diamond anniversary ring which she brought to the table with two glasses of champagne. As I looked up at her, my husband got down on one knee and asked if I would marry him again. All VERY romantic. and yes everyone in the room clapped even though we were in the corner (it was cute trying to explain it wasn't a marriage proposal but in fact we had been married for awhile and had 4 children) Furthering the surpise it turns out the big table next to us was the band at one of the venues and asked my husband what our wedding song was. After dinner we went there and all of a sudden they dedicate the song to us...I was shocked. All very romantic and a time I will never forget. Best of luck whatever you do!!:)
  5. mkad1109

    any type of Easter servive?

    Only time I was on during a holiday was Easter 2012 on the epic. They had a large mass. It was non denominational Christian so I as a catholic did not receive communion but other folks did. I thought it was done very nicely.
  6. My experience too! When we went on the Epic I booked Blue Man group and Cirque de Soleil in advance. That was IT for our party of 9. We went to Moderna, Le Bistro, Sushi place (chose not to do Teppanyaki as we feel we have over done it by now). All this talk was making me nervous about our upcoming trip. I plan on figuring out what I want to do when I want. Glad to see some folks believe this to still be possible.
  7. mkad1109

    Epic or Pearl

    This completely sums it up. Epic was non stop action, we used the waterslides, climbing wall casino and the shows were just amazing and plentiful. Lots to do on the Pearl as well, but somehow that one just seemed more relaxing. Can't go wrong on either..:)
  8. mkad1109

    NCL we had to leave you

    YES YES YES and how about Aruba Bonaire and Curacao. I am bored stiff and only on my 7th cruise. But I love how we are treated! (platinum as well....long story!) :rolleyes:
  9. Thank you for your detailed review. The Dawn was our very first cruise in 2005 and we are going next February ten years later...Really enjoy your perspective on the ship even though we are in a lowly mini suite! Only once were we able to enjoy the wonder of a suite to the upsell fairy!:)
  10. mkad1109

    Earliest flight from NOLA- NCL Dawn

    Thanks to both of you for your advice...
  11. mkad1109

    Gold lattitude perk???

    It's a capacity thing. There is simply no space large enough for all latitudes members on the larger ships. The get together for gold and above was held on the Epic and frankly was the nicest get together I have ever been to. So fret not! Susan
  12. Hi I hope you kind folks can help me. We are on NCL Dawn next February and our flight options are 11 and 4... For obvious reasons I would prefer 11 but don't want to be an idiot! Ship is due to dock at 8 am and we have priority disembarkation and will carry our suitcases off.. can I book the 11 without too much concern or am I being the idiot! Susan
  13. mkad1109

    NCL Pearl Crew member killed in Roatan?

    Have been to Roatan twice and hopefully a third time next February. It is both my children and my favorite place to go. The people are so warm and accommodating. So sad that a few bad apples may spoil tourism for the majority. But I must say I agree with those posting that it is NOT the cruiselines responsibility to fix Honduras' problems. Come on. They are doing their part by bringing folks who bring money who will spend it.
  14. mkad1109

    On Board Credit as a gift

    Thanks for the number and Idea!! You guys are great!
  15. Hi folks As you can see from my signature I have been on mostly NCL and know how to do it there. My daughter is going on Independence of the Seas in March. I would like to give her an on board credit as one of her Xmas gifts but couldn't find out how to do so on the RCL website. Can this be done and if so how ? I am also going to send flowers and strawberries that I found on the site, but would like to have a credit she can use towards her other expenses. Thanks for all your help.. Susan