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  1. If in any doubt just move it to a later cruise. My understanding is that you can keep moving for now.
  2. And what about any poor people that have this happen to them on a Christmas Cruise? If you get taken off late December then it's bad enough being isolated over Christmas / New Year but the staffing levels in hotels and flights back would be more difficult I imagine. People would have paid up in full for Christmas trips now with no chance of getting their money back and many would have been thinking that they would be holed up in a quarantine cabin as a worse case scenario and not left overseas.
  3. I obviously didn't and these poor people are very likely holed up in a spanish hotel with a mild dose of Covid worrying about the costs and if they have to pay them.
  4. The end result is no matter how many jabs you have you can still catch the damn thing but hopefully it should be mild symptoms. The game changer here is not the quarantine on the ship - which we all knew about and many accepted as an acceptable risk when going ahead with these cruises - but the fact you could be taken off the ship completely. Never even thought this would occur and this is one risk too far for me now. I know loads of people have said that masks and tests etc... were enough to make it not worth it at all but I had done seacations and thought they were done very well & safe so was all for continuing but not now. Could this lead to another pause?
  5. 6PM!!! Barely time to have let afternoon tea digest🤣
  6. looking at the pictures shown regarding the deck 8 & 9 balconies, they could be used for sports games - easy to drop a ball or even a drink down below. Maybe they will be shown as a different type of connecting room in future🤣
  7. Just off Britannia (1st time onboard) and although Aurora has been our favourite this has been our best ship cruise so far (ignoring ports and focusing on just ship facilities). This was mainly due to lucky circumstances of good weather; lots of great entertainment and facilities but with low passenger numbers so you could guarantee to get in and do almost whatever you fancied. There were a few things that you couldn't do do to COVID rules but the extra space on board made up for that this week. Would love to go back on board but am sure will be disappointed as it will be completely different with regular numbers (based on comments I have read about trying to access areas like live lounge and limelight club etc...) but will probably give it a try anyway as loved the ship (except those middle lifts). Either way, can always go back to Aurora that we know and love even when full. Still 1 Britannia seacation left I believe and I would urge anyone still deliberating to go for it.
  8. Just got off Britannia today and the only things we needed to book in advance were Theatre Shows (choice of 3 and numbers were small onboard that was not an issue to turn up to); Archery - this went very quickly; Afternoon tea (both MDR & Epicurean) - MDR went in a few days for the whole week. Everything else was turn up on 1st come 1st serve and the MDR evening meal was either virtual queue or grab a pager and they were very quick this week.
  9. I think they are offering probability cruises already. You may get to go to the port you booked; you may be able to get off; you may not go to the port scheduled but another instead; you may not get into the port scheduled and just have another day at sea. 😁 In all seriousness, in these times, they could not guarantee anything due to all countries making last minute changes.
  10. Not really as not allowed off unless you do a P&O tour. Think I will stay onboard😆
  11. We are off to Liverpool so not sure how much of a detour to France we will take.
  12. We are due to be onboard too and as the weather seems to be turning I suspect the interior to be packed even at half full. Still it is a break so we make the most of it.
  13. Don't you have 90 days to change to another cruise with no loss? Admittedly it is only a week extra. Ideally you could move to next year's identical cruise or 2023 one which should be released in September/October. I was looking at the cruise you are on and the one next year and unless P&O change their policy to independent shore excursions then the trip on the christmassy ship on its own is not enough for me so 2022 is more likely.
  14. Hi, we have done a few cruises but never a Christmas Market one and P&O are advertising a couple that look interesting. However, in my view, Christmas markets really come into their own at night and some do not even open until late afternoon. Unless it is an overnight stay in port how does it work with cruise timetables? Most of the time you have to be back on board by 4-5pm so wouldn't you miss the market? Would be grateful if anyone that has been on one of these cruises could respond with their experiences. Also, are the ships decorated in December even if the cruise is not over the actual Christmas holiday period?
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