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  1. Door County will be happy to have you once the world re-opens!!
  2. HA! It isn't, but now I'm curious where you're referring to? I'm in Door County..
  3. This. Furthermore, a lot of athletes could be considered "obese" by simply looking at a BMI
  4. Just skimming the article, why hasn't some of this stuff always been done anyways...not saying it hasn't, but then again...🤔
  5. RCCL has extended the "Cruise with Confidence" program, not actual cruises through Sept 1. I did see Carnival Radiance has suspended through Nov 1 though.
  6. The saga continues, haha...called today to change my flights as they were cheaper...and no ad that there is a "sale" going on 😲For sure the best thing about booking via Celebrity...pay later and change all you want until final payment.
  7. I preferred Glory over Freedom...but I'm not incredibly picky either, ha! Both are nice ships, and as stated above, I think the itineraries would be my deciding factor. Although I'd much rather sail out of NO than Galveston. I know, that probably wasn't much help 😂
  8. Same here...although it's claims "20% off" my flights are about $100 more pp than when I originally booked them 😐
  9. Sighhhhhh...love sea days. Reading, relaxing, maybe working out (maybe not), sometimes (usually) a cocktail in hand by 9am. It's vacation after all. Sitting on the balcony, falling asleep and getting a crick in my neck, ha! Nothing a cocktail won't fix 😂😉
  10. You're very welcome!! You'll have fun no matter what (well, maybe not your son 😉). Let me know afterward which you decided to do. Good luck! Yes, we've actually starting planning our cruises around not having Nassau as a stop, haha!
  11. Yes, an hour from Poly to DS. Again, probably not that long, but to be safe it's best to plan for an hour. It's easy peasy...there is a TON of signage and there is a sidewalk all the way, no crossing busy roads or anything. There is a dedicated Disney bus transportation pick up area at Poly, again loads of signs and people are always around to help. All that being said, I TOTALLY get not knowing Disney, it can be very overwhelming. Are you still going to be dropped at the TTC if you do the Outlets/DS that you have planned now or is directly dropped off at DS? If so, I'
  12. So I poked around a bit for you. You would need to walk to Poly, (like 5-10 min walk), from TTC. There are no longer buses from TTC to DS. If you're set on DS, I'd start there first. Again, loads to see and do. Lots of good places to eat and shop. Then, depending on the time, bus to the Grand Floridan and start on the monorail "tour". Take the loop with stops at Contemporary and then end at Poly. Probably plan at least an hour r/t on the bus...probably not than long, but plan it that way. About 45 mins to an hour from port to Disney property, again, maybe not that long, but we ALWAYS plan an h
  13. Orlando Outlets sounds dreadful, haha!! Just kidding...I'm a huge Disney fan, so I'd totally do the Disney transportation. Funny all teenagers think they'll be bored 😂All the monorail resorts have plenty to see and do.
  14. While I've not specifically done this, to answer your question, plenty of time to do DS and maybe do a monorail "resort crawl" for fun. You should also be able to take a bus to DS from TTC, unless you wanted to walk over to Poly to walk around there.
  15. Great post! Few adds specifically for the bathroom...a little magnetic basket, a motion activated nightlight, and Unicorn Gold, aka Squatty Potty spray. The basket was the perfect size for the Unicorn Gold 😀😂
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