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  1. Well for $40.00 total per person I would have taken it but not per day
  2. Well now don't I feel stupid 🙂 Thank you
  3. I am looking at my cruise information online and the Premier Pass is $39.99 person. This cant be the regular price can it (It doesn't have a discount attached to it)? What is the normal price?Unlimited internet for 2, lunch with a crew member, the inside tour, food and wine tasting, and a bottle at my cabin for only $39.99? If this isnt the normal price and I can actually prebook this for this price will they honor it?
  4. My wife and I just bought this package, what are some must try virgin cocktails we should try? With this package can we get specialty coffees and if so from where on the ship? Does this package include milk shakes as well? Any tips on getting our monies worth out of this package?
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