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  1. Well for everyone that is planning on going to see this museum, as of Feb 4, 2019 it is closed. There are signs up on the front door in Spanish. To the best of my knowledge it said closed due to renovating. When we went to crazy burrito for lunch the owner told me it has been closed for almost a year now and he doesn't know when they plan on opening it.
  2. I read somewhere that the Museum of Cozumel was closed due to renovating the place. Does anyone know if this place is open or not?
  3. How do people check out towels? Is there a bar code or something on each towel so the employee knows that is your towel you were given? I ask this cause what will happen if someone leaves their towel on a chair for hours and I remove said towel from the chair and that person doesn't find his/her towel when she gets back? Are they out $25 ? Maybe next time they wont leave the towel unattended :-)
  4. How is it a scam? It is 15 specialty coffees for $31usd
  5. We purchased the coffee card get 15 specialty coffees for one low price 🙂 . Where on Majesty of the Seas can we use this card and where can we not use it? Thanks
  6. We will be going on our first cruise in 16 days on the Majesty of the Seas. I assume there will be lines to get into the shows on board so first question is, is it first come first serve on the seating? Second question is how early should we get in line?
  7. With the refreshment package you can get virgin cocktails. I am not a drinker so I do not know one cocktail for another, so with being said and so I don't look like an idiot when ordering, what are some cocktails that I can order that actually taste good as a virgin cocktail? Also on Royal Caribbean can I get my virgin cocktail with my package and then buy lets say a shot of rum or vodka and have the bartender mix it together?
  8. My wife and I just bought this package, what are some must try virgin cocktails we should try? With this package can we get specialty coffees and if so from where on the ship? Does this package include milk shakes as well? Any tips on getting our monies worth out of this package?
  9. We are going on our first cruise in a few weeks and needed to ask a few questions on here before hand. We have someone coming with us that uses a cpap machine while sleeping and I seen somewhere that we are not allowed to bring extension cord type cords on the ship, Will the ship prove this cord for her? How many pillows does each stateroom have? Do they have extra pillows to use or do we have to bring our own if we want more then 1 or 2? We have been watching the price of the refreshment package and right now it is $26 per day, what are the chances that it will drop back down to $20 per day before our cruise (Feb 2)? Thank you in advance for your help
  10. Hello this is going to be our first cruise, it's on Majesty of The Seas on Feb 2. I didn't realize but this is super bowl weekend, will they do something special for the game? Like some kind of game day foods. (chicken wings?). Does this ship have the soda machines so we can get our own sodas with the drink packages? Do they show a movie every night on the screen outside? Is there a way to see what movies and shows they will have on this cruise before we go on it? Anything on the ship a must do? Shows? food? tours? We would like to get the refreshment package but the day i went to buy them it went back up to $26 per day, there is 32 days left do you think it will go back down to $20 per day ? Or will they have it discounted on the ship? If not we will just get the soda package.
  11. My wife and I are taking my mother on a cruise (1st cruise for all of us) to Cozumel and Puerto Costa Maya in the beginning of February 2019. Any sights a must see at these two ports? My wife loves birds, has anyone been to Aviarius, is it worth a look? Any recommendations on restaurants to try that we can't find back in the states? Any tips that could help while at these ports would be most appreciated (best places to buy souvenirs, best photo spots, etc.) . Thanks
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