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  1. It's not only on Journey-- we're currently on Quest and 2 reds, 2 whites, a rosé, and a sparkling wine are available everyday.
  2. Danish viking, Thank you for your response and including the location of where we "might" find chairs. We'll take a chance that they will have restocked by the time we get there, since the Rock Festival closes out on July 2. If we are successful in getting the chairs, do you know if Tivoli would allow us to bring them in for the Friday night outdoor concert they have?
  3. Danish Viking, Thank you tremendously for all of the valuable information you have provided on Copenhagen and surrounding areas for our cruising community for the past years. My husband and I had a grand time last year for our port day in Copenhagen, based largely on your insights. We used that one port day to help us figure out where we wanted to stay this coming July pre-cruise. We are arriving into CPH airport at 11am on Friday, July 1, 2016 and we board our ship (Azamara Quest) the afternoon of Sunday, July 3. We're staying across the plaza from City Hall at the Scandic Palace. On Friday we're planning to stroll through Tivoli Gardens (not doing rides) in the late afternoon, watch/listen to the concert that night, and finish the evening taking in the fireworks. Here's my question: On Saturday, July 2, it appears that the Jazz Fest event is having a number of open-air concerts in the middle of the city, close to the University. Have you ever attended any of these free, open-air concenrts? If so, are you able to bring food and drink (including alcohol) with you to enjoy? Also, are you able to use your own chairs to sit and listen to the different artists? (In looking at pictures on the Jazz Fest site, it looks like some of the locations do allow you to bring your own chairs/blankets.) If you are able to bring your own chairs, where is the best place to purchase/rent/borrow those? (If we get chairs for Saturday, are we also able to take them into Tivoli with us on Friday afternoon for the concert?) Thank you in advance for your insight and help. If you need to chat with me directly, please feel free to email me.
  4. My experience was to purchase the liquor on the last night of the first cruise, since they let you walk out of the store with it. We took it back to the room and enjoyed it during the second leg of the b2b.
  5. If all else is equal (ports, days at sea, price), we would do the S class ship. The lawn area and the Sunset Bar are the winning factors. I've noticed that people have said the M class due to less passengers onboard-- the S class may have more passengers, but the layout of the ship/areas makes it feel less crowded IMHO.
  6. I'm sorry, but I have to disagree with your first bullet point. Camii40 did not post whether or not their booking would allow an offer to be combined. If that was part of their booking fine print (our TA and Celebrity both had that capability with the offer we originally booked in the last month), YES they will be able to add the one perk of their choosing to their reservation. They should call their TA and request this combinable perk, if applicable.
  7. Kathy, I received word from my TA today that our existing booking (August 2015 Europe 12 night) which was made during the World Tour promotion now has the 2 perks from 123Go! promotion and the Captains Club bonus points (applied after sailing). Of course, it will be up to Celebrity to actually apply those bonus points over a year from now-- we'll see if it happens. I at least have the email confirmation from my agent that says Celebrity will.
  8. It was a beautiful evening, although a little chilly. Celebrity staff (now located in the DC metro area-- one of the 10 cities that have been targeted for marketing campaigns and Captain's Club activities, according to Celebrity staff on board) had been planning this event for the last year, and came well prepared with Celebrity Excursion blankets to use for those that ventured on to the top deck or outside on the deck below that. The National Elite was the boat being used-- had a full deck enclosed, the mid deck was half enclosed, and the top deck was open. She sailed full. They had assembled one of the big "Lawn" chairs like the Solstice class lawns have as well as "grass" and bocci balls on the top deck. The wind while sailing and the chill of the evening kept this area from being used, except for the fireworks display by the Cherry Blossom Festival, but it was ready for guests with seating and blankets. A hearty few of us stayed out on the half-deck that was more open to the elements (no real walls like the other half of that deck, but enclosed by plastic wind breaking walls) since all the interior sitting space on the lower deck was claimed and never released by those cruisers. Our deck had a bar and passed hot hors d'oeuvres. It was a great night-- Celebrity can't be held responsible for the cherry blossoms not being out, although by the time we would have reached that area on the river it was already well beyond sunset and you wouldn't have been able to see them anyway. Open bar, great people, and swag bags at the end. They cobranded this event with Emirates, so there was some mention of the Dubai sailings in the remarks that were made. Since those remarks were made on the lower deck, and piped over the speaker system on the rest of the boat, I didn't catch all that was said. I'm sure others may post as to what went wrong (like trying to find the parking garage we were given access to for free), but this was a great first event for CC members I feel.
  9. We were on the Constellation this past February with the Premium wine packages. Cellar Masters has been our "go to" place for great wines by the glass. Let the staff there know that you're on the premium package and your tastes in wine the first day-- I promise they will make your trip one to remember. They have a Super Tuscan that is on the package, if you're a red wine drinker. And, of course, they serve everything in the proper glass. Cheers, Pam
  10. If it's going to be a cruise that all we want to do is relax on, we choose Aqua due to the anytime dining feature in Blu and the free use of the Persian Garden space. One thing that hasn't been mentioned on this thread yet is that Blu is considered a Specialty restaurant--- which for us means better wine choices and better wine glasses. (We've done the Reidel workshop years ago-- changed how we drink wine at home and while on travel). Now to answer your question about the special occasion dinner-- I vote highly for Tuscan. Great food, great service, and a more diverse menu. Cheers, Pam
  11. The Renaissance is a great location right in the heart of the Inner Harbor in Baltimore. We've stayed here many times, and I've even held events there. It appears the closest Wal-Mart is outside of the city center-- 2701 Port Covington Dr, Baltimore, MD 21230. However, there is a CVS a block behind the hotel - 31 Light Street. They should have everything you listed, probably even including a hair dryer should there not be one on the ship. We've not sailed the Mercury, but have a Thanksgiving cruise scheduled on her this year. Cheers, Pam
  12. On the same deck as the pool AND poolside while in port--- depends on how many people plan to do the same thing as you. Our cruise in April on the Solstice provided a chair on port days just about anywhere we wanted to be @ 10 am. And the temps were in the 90s. One of the best design features of the Solstice class ships are the built in shade towers by the pool. We always found two chairs in the shade or sun on the deck above the pool area on port and at-sea days, no matter what time we went up. We got more breezes up there as well. (Don't tell anyone-- but the Solstice Deck forward was one of the best kept secrets until much later in the cruise. We always found sun or shade there.) Cheers, Pam
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