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  1. A couple that we were supposed to cruise with in late August just received their refund from Uniworld. Since they cancelled on their own, I believe they received a 60% refund and credit for the remainder. It took about 4 months to process and several follow ups but they seem satisfied. We rescheduled our cruise for 2021.
  2. Are you sure Uniworld does not allow teens on all their cruises? They have a generations program on some cruises targeting families but they may allow your grandchildren on regular itinerary cruises.
  3. Found my itinerary. The day before disembarkment was a full day in Paris. Included was a Paris city tour (bus), Do as the Locals Do - Ile de la Cite and Latin Quarter, or Seine bike ride. The masterpiece Collection options included: Parisian Gourmet tour 75 euros pp, Orsay Museum, 57 euros pp, Retro Sidecar Montmartre 91 pp euros during the day, 124 euros pp at night, and an evening at the Moulin Rouge, 203 euros pp. The Mont Saint Michel trip earlier in the week cost 244 euros pp.
  4. My husband and I took this trip in 2019, basically the same week that you will. On the last day, we took the motorcycle side car to Montmartre. You only have a few minutes to walk around once you are there, but it was a highlight, and great way to see the city. The same night, we went to Moulin Rouge, and it was also very entertaining. I originally didn't want to go but was glad that I did. The trip to Mont Saint Michel was another Masterpiece trip and also amazing. Uniworld did not offer the dinner at the Eiffel Tower but we made a reservation online at Le Jules Verne on the second platf
  5. FYI - Uniworld's current promotion of up to 30% off supposedly runs until January 3.
  6. My husband I I traveled on Uniworld's Joie de Vivre from Paris to Normandy in September. He is 6'2'' and had no complaints about the beds (queen size), shower or chairs. It was a wonderful trip! Portugal is on our list as well.
  7. Hi, I took advantage of the 10% if paid in full so I was concerned when I saw this new promotion. I did the math and I'm paying about the same amount with both promotions. It says up to 30% so my sailing date, which is in September, probably doesn't have as great a discount as other dates. Still, happy for those who can take advantage of this.
  8. Hi Lois, I agree pricing for singles on the Paris to Normandy cruise on Uniworld seems really high. I was almost wondering if it was a mistake! My point in the price comparison (those were per person prices based on double occupancy) above with Uniworld, Ama and Viking was just to point out that Uniworld can still be competitive, depending on the river and discounts. More importantly, it illustrates with real numbers how it is important look at what several lines are offering. I was leaning towards trying Ama for the Danube but with the discounts, and our satisfaction with Uniworld on pre
  9. I agree that you should look at a few cruise lines, their itineraries, costs and what is included. Uniworld, while by no means a bargain, seemed to be competitive on the Danube for the time period we were looking at using our pay in full discount of 10% and our River Heritage credit. We were looking for above "aquarium level." We only looked at Uniworld and Amawaterways. Crystal was more expensive than both these lines but looked very nice. AMACerta - Danube Vilshofen to /Budapest $5600 Room Class BB 210 sq ft per person with port charges (slightly bigger room) Tips
  10. notamermaid - It seems as if low water problems for river cruising on the Danube are more of an issue north of Passau. We are traveling Passau to Budapest next September. Is this area less prone to navigation concerns due lack of rain? Thanks for all your posts!
  11. Lois, we just came back from a wonderful trip on Uniworld's Joie de Vivre on the Seine and also had a great first river cruise last year on Uniworld's S.S.Antoinette on the Rhine. We are considering booking them again or a cruise on the Danube next year since we have been pleased with their product and they offer a 10% discount if you pay in full by the end of the month. I have found them to be very responsive to any minimal suggestions that we have made on mid itinerary surveys. I'm sure you will have a wonderful trip if the Danube cooperates. Having said this, we will still li
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