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  1. Disembarkation: We may be in a different situation than most cruising out of Long Beach? We flew in, and our flight was out of LAX at 3:00pm. We were not looking to leave the ship quickly! The day before, we were able to choose our disembarkation zones. We purposely chose one of the very last zones. We got mostly packed on Friday late afternoon. I really thought about being productive and doing laundry before going home. I checked out the laundry room. There were three washers and four dryers. One of the washers had an 'out of order' sign on it. The rest of the machines were full.
  2. So I thought I'd jot down some notes/info about things our kids were most interested in! We chose not to utilize the kids clubs/camps, fyi- so no info about that. Hub app- This was SO much easier than using a highlighter and paper copy of the Fun Times. Not only do you see show times, etc, but menus- helpful for indecisive children who take thirty minutes to decide! Arcade- my son took full advantage of the ship's arcade Power Hours. A few times during the cruise, they offered a Power Hour- where the games were half price. Seuss Parade- very sweet. My d
  3. Splendor food continued- Please forgive the randomness of this post- lots of misc food stuff! Room Service- We ordered room service a couple times. Someone in another post mentioned that when they came back from a long port day, they immediately ordered room service to have a few things for the kids to munch on while everyone was showering, etc. We did this after Cabo and it was lovely. We ordered a BLT and a grilled cheese- split among us. Just the perfect size snack to hold everyone over till dinner. We also ordered dessert once. The room service chocolat
  4. Splendor food continued- Main Dining Room Dinners: We chose Anytime Dining. My theory was that we would likely eat earlier on nights that we were at Sea, and later on port days. That ended up being pretty accurate. We were very please with service in the MDR. On the last formal night, we were handed a pager, but as we walked away, it buzzed. So we never ended up waiting for a table. We didn't specifically ask to stay in a certain waiter's section, so we hopped around. Overall, service was great. Appetizers- Some of our favorites included: stuffed mus
  5. Splendor food continued- Lunch: Off the Grill- This is the little poolside burger place. Burgers, fries, chips, cheese, etc. My 13 year old lived here. It was totally fine, but nothing special. Burrito Bar- Offered as part of the Lido buffet, sort of a wanna-be Chipotle. Line moves slowly, but overall good food. My daughter stuck with chicken, but the shrimp looked well seasoned. Pizza Pirate- For what it is- really pretty good pizza. Lunch was hopping, but later in the day it was super quiet. I enjoyed the margherita pizza. Crust was yummy.
  6. Lee was FANTASTIC! Could not imagine a better Cruise Director! We visited with several other guests at dinner one evening who have much more experience cruising than we do, and they felt like Lee is the best they’ve seen.
  7. So let’s talk food! The Splendor doesn’t have Guy’s or Blue Iguana- so do keep that in mind. Breakfast: Sea Day Brunch: We enjoyed this very much! In the Gold Pearl Dining Room. Had very good omelettes, crispy bacon upon request. Also enjoyed steak and eggs. The kids raved about the chocolate chip pancakes with chocolate sauce. The service here was always very, very good. Never a wait. Port Day breakfast: also in the Gold Pearl. Slightly different menu, no lunch items. Waffles were good, and I think only on this menu, not the brunch menu. Again, no wait.
  8. Puerto Vallarta- We absolutely love this city! We went to some of our very favorite places, sort of did a highlight reel of our previous trips! We stepped outside of the port area and arranged for an Uber to take us to Lolita’s for some fresh squeezed orange juice. We enjoyed our drinks and walked the Malecon towards Los Muertos beach. We visited with some friends and eventually made our way to Langastino’s. We enjoyed drinks here and the kids loved mangoes on a stick from a vendor. There is something about Los Muertos to me... it just feels like home. My happy place, I think!
  9. Mazatlan- TIme zone is Mountain Time- fyi, in case you're booking excursions. We're not typically large tour/excursion people. We love exploring, visiting the more historical parts of cities, and meeting locals. I was SO excited when we decided on an itinerary that included Mazatlan. It's always appealed to me the way Puerto Vallarta does. We decided to split our day into two sections. First we followed the 'blue line' into Centro. We went to the Malecon, we saw cliff divers, visited the cathedral/church, and explored the market. So the blue line, from my understandin
  10. Cabo- So let's start off by talking about ship time vs port time. For the love of everything good, this was SO difficult for me to get a straight answer on! Here's what we experienced. In Cabo, our ship time stayed the same (Pacific Time) and Cabo is in Mountain Time- so plan accordingly. Cabo is a tender port. Tender tickets are available on the Splendor near the coffee shop on Sunday around noon-12:30pm. Guest services told me there is sometimes a crazy long line, starting around 9:30am. We didn't worry about the line- honestly, our planned excursion wasn't u
  11. We flew into LAX the day before our trip. Grabbed an Uber and headed to Hotel Current in Long Beach. I've read extensively about all the options for hotels in LB. We chose Hotel Current based on price ($139nt) and walkability. For what we needed, it was PERFECT. Older motel property, but updated and restored very well. Modern rooms and bathrooms, decor was lovely. Beautiful pool and grounds, although we were all so tired after a full day of travel, we didn't swim. We grabbed dinner at a nearby restaurant and stopped by RiteAid for soda and wine. We had thought about the Queen Mary, bu
  12. So let me quickly introduce our family- we are parents (mid-30's), Son (13) and Daughter (8). Parents have cruised once before to the Caribbean, but it's been 8 years. We most often have annual vacations to Puerto Vallarta or Disney. The kids were allowed to choose this year's vacation, and they chose a cruise to the Mexican Rivera. We sailed the Carnival Splendor out of Long Beach to Cabo, Mazatlan, and Puerto Vallarta. We flew in a day early- I'll be sure to give brief details about that too, in case anyone is interested in hotel options. Overall, I'm a pretty Polly Positive personalit
  13. We are sailing on the Splendor in a few weeks. Our return flight home is at 3pm at LAX. Anyone have any advice as to what we can do between debarkation and our flight? Family of 4, including 2 kids ages 8 and 13. We don’t necessarily have plans to rent a car... unless we really need to.
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